Loving Enslavement

Posted on March 18, 2019 by Robert Ringer


Once America made the crossover to a post-racial era, I never thought I’d still be hearing the constant drumbeat of racism being systemic in our country, but here we are again.  LeBron James says that the NFL is run by “old white men” with a “slave mentality” toward players.  Joe Biden warns black audiences that Republicans “want to put ya’ll back in chains.”  And, on a daily basis, the mainstream media hammers home the notion that racism is still institutionalized in America.

Now for a little perspective:  The reality is that slavery has been around since the beginning of recorded history.  Do you think the Great Pyramid of Giza was built by union labor?  Later, the Greeks, then the Romans, saw slaveholding as a perfectly natural way of life.  And today there are probably more slaves worldwide than at any other time in human history.

That said, there has been no black slavery in the United States for more than 150 years, at least not the manual kind of slavery that existed in antebellum America.  All people, regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity, are free to pursue their dreams so long as they do so without violating the rights of others.

Nevertheless, many people today want to erase America’s founding, which they insist was illegitimate because of Native American subjugation and black slavery.  After all, many of the Founding Fathers were slave owners, most notably George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.  So, when Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence, what was he thinking when he wrote that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness?”

It makes one wonder how many times throughout human history generations of people have suffered because men in power — even good men — were not willing, for myriad reasons, to step up to the plate and insist on justice for all.  In the case of the Founding Fathers, nearly a century of suffering for African-Americans could have been avoided had they been willing to do so.  But, alas, the Founders were imperfect.

I said that manual slavery no longer exists in America, but another kind of slavery, insidious in nature, has taken its place.  Slavery in 21st century America is quite different from the 18th century variety in that actual chains and whips are no longer used — or needed.  Today’s rulers are much more subtle and infinitely more clever.

Democracy has proven to be a far more effective tool for controlling people — of all colors — than iron chains and brute force.  The chains that now bind us are referred to as “entitlements,” and they’re one of the main reasons we so love our enslavement.  And so long as our brains remain in hibernation mode, our entitlement chains are guaranteed to remain in place.

Unfortunately, the something-for-nothing urge in most people makes them easy prey when it comes to an addiction to entitlements.  The government makes entitlements so enticing that a majority of Americans simply cannot resist them.  Thus, today it’s not so much that evil triumphs because good men do nothing; rather, evil triumphs because evil or misguided men and women do too much.

The purported purpose of the U.S. Constitution is to protect American citizens by placing limits on the government.  Which sounds fine, but for the fact that the government keeps growing, becoming more intrusive, and committing evermore aggression against its citizens.

The reason such aggression gets worse with each passing year is primarily because politicians refuse to abide by the Constitution.  In recent years, they have ramped up their zeal to steal our wealth, spy on us, and harass us at every turn.  And in our state of waking dreams, we make it easy for them to get away with it, because we have fully embraced George Orwell’s doublethink:  “War is peace; freedom is slavery; ignorance is strength.”

From time to time, I hear purist civil libertarians argue that people don’t need government at all, and while I may agree with their viewpoint in theory, the reality is that it’s a near- impossible sell in today’s victimhood environment.  After all, victims are not strong enough to make it on their own, so they need help from the government — not to protect their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but to act as an enforcer to redistribute OPM to them.

Would that Washington, Jefferson, and the rest of the white-wigged crowd could return and explain to the populace what they had in mind when they started their unique experiment in representative government.  Notwithstanding their failure to address the issue of black slavery, they put into place a Constitution that was intended to protect citizens from the evildoers in Washington.

Clearly, they were concerned that elected officials, government bureaucrats, and judges would not protect and defend our Constitution.  Today, at a minimum, all three branches of government simply ignore the Constitution; at worst, they pervert its meaning.  And many, particularly on the left, resent the constraints it places on their desires and want to get rid of it entirely.

Even worse, in direct violation of the United States Constitution, they have somehow managed to turn everything on its head and given themselves the power to grant rights to citizens — and noncitizens! — of their choosing.  Enter slavery:  If government has the power to grant rights to individuals and groups, we are, by definition, slaves.

So, yes, today we are enslaved not by iron chains, but entitlement chains.  The latter are chains by choice.  If Americans are serious about ending their self-imposed slavery, their focus must be on fighting the ruling class — Democrats and Republicans — and demanding an end to government aggression.  The key that keeps our prison doors tightly locked is our reliance on government interference to correct what each of us subjectively perceives to be wrongs.

As Russian philosopher P.D. Ouspensky put it in quoting his mentor, G.I. Gurdjieff:

If a man in prison was at any time to have a chance to escape, then he must first of all realize that he is in prison.  So long as he fails to realize this, so long as he thinks he is free, he has no chance whatever.  No one can help or liberate him by force, against his will, in opposition to his wishes.  If liberation is possible, it is possible only as a result of great labor and great efforts, and, above all, of conscious efforts, towards a definite aim.

Until Americans become fully woke to the reality that they are in prison — until they begin focusing on destroying the system that manufactures the elected officials, government bureaucrats, and judges who rule them — there is no chance for them to escape.  And only by escaping can they hope to begin the arduous task of rebuilding America from the ground up by fundamentally transforming it from the soft-socialist oligarchy it has become to a constitutional republic once again.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

17 responses to “Loving Enslavement”

  1. Bill Thomas says:

    Excellent column. Have we passed the point where more people in this country love their enslavement than freedom? Sadly, I would say by the evidence of the mis-educated youth embracing Socialism, I fear we have.

    • Jean says:

      Those mis-educated youth have been educated to fail in a free society. Imagine being 26 years old and allowed to stay on your parents' health insurance plan because working a job that offers benefits and / or working a job without bennies and buying your own are too much responsibility! And I understand that the latest trend among the 20-somethings is to drag a parent along with them when they go on a job interview, so that Mom or Dad can negotiate salary, perks, vacation, working hours, etc. These are children who are playing adult but who haven't got the life skills or judgment to make life decisions. They already are living a socialist lifestyle, with Mom and Dad footing the bills while they play video games, have out of wedlock kids (that we all pay for) and pretend to be grown ups. Why wouldn't their view of socialism be positive?

  2. Sanna Teer says:

    Excellent article.

  3. larajf says:

    There's a joke that if you want free food and shelter, you'll find it at your local prison. Sadly, people don't realize how much of a joke it isn't with the Democrat's plan for enslaving all of us and targeted eugenics.

  4. Rick G says:

    I had a thought coming into my mind as I began reading this article. I began thinking about being a slave in this system by being taxed……against my will. The system says I am free, but I am not free. The government keeps me down and in line by its system of taxation. And if certain individuals were to have their way, as in the upcoming crop of far left Dirty Dems, among them Problem Child AOC and Three Homes Millionaire Bernie just to cite a few, it will only get far worst than what it is now. Their cavalier attitude is that people love paying higher taxes, which to me means, people love less freedom and more slavery. This makes no sense to me at all. Have people lost their minds? Back in 1984, Vice President Walter Mondale running for president said he would raise taxes, and lost 49 states in the end, at least in part because of that comment. Vice President George H.W.Bush's statement of "Read my lips……." only resulted in an increase in taxes, which contributed, at least in part to his re-election defeat in 1992. Nowadays, it seems to be more acceptable and fashionable to advocate tax increases, because people do not seem to be against it as much as they once were. Time for us taxation slaves to wake up!

  5. Keith says:

    We are not born equal. Look around you. There is no equality of ability on any spiritual, religious, philosophical, political, physical, mental, idealogical human level whatsoever amongst your family members, friends, colleagues, fellow or world citizens. Equality is a lie, innocently meant or not. All we can do is enshrine in our constitutions the principle of EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL. "Born equal" is a mischievious, evil social ignorance.

    • noah300g says:

      Indeed. People are born with different capacities. Those who are FREE will not be 'equal', and if the government forces everyone to be 'equal', they they will not be free.

    • Jean says:

      The "equality" of which Jefferson spoke had to do with spiritual equality – we are all of equal value in God's eyes, so natural rights (life, liberty, pursuit of happiness) are accorded to us all. What we do with those rights and the choices we make determine our ultimate outcomes, so no, there will never be equality of outcome as long as people are free to make choices.

      • Keith says:

        Absolutely true, Jean. Well put! I never thought of this perspective. Now the only remaining cavil I have with Jefferson is his urging us to "happiness". Happiness comes and goes as a product of our lust, greed, anger, attachments and ego. CONTENTMENT is from a profounder place and is a much more lasting, stable a foundation IMHO.

        • patg2 says:

          He specified the PURSUIT of happiness, which apparently in those days was considered the result of virtue. What I find most troubling is the omission of the right to property lawfully acquired. Had this been included, the government would not be able legally to take our property to give to other people under any circumstances. Property tax would be unthinkable. Income taxes would be used ONLY to pay for CONSTITUTIONAL government activity.

  6. smucko says:

    RJR, thanks for the Reality Check, especially the last paragraph. My guess is that almost all of the people in this 50/50 country agree that our Constitutional Republic is gone, and the only difference between the two groups is whether they are happy or sad about it.

    My question is "Which side keeps the Stars and Stripes as their banner?".
    Our Plead of Allegiance currently states "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all".

    A few thoughts on that:
    * the flag stands for the Republic;
    * the Republic stands under God, and Freedom and Justice for all;
    So, since the Republic no longer exists, what does the flag represent? How should we look at the flag?
    Colin Kaepernick said the he couldn't stand for a flag that represented Unequal Justice.
    A 159 years ago, the South said that it represented a lack of freedom, and formed their own Confederate
    flag, and flew that flag in a declaration of separation. They wanted to escape, but President Lincoln wouldn't let them. Civil War resulted', with the death of 600K Americans.

    Both views were true then and now, with our two-tiered justice system and lack of freedom and privacy. Today, we are like the frog sitting in the pot of water with a fire under it, enjoying the warmth and remaining unaware of the threat. The threat is the ever-tightening of the noose around our neck by the government officials who are sworn to to protect us. Will we wait too late before we finally respond to this threat? What side will the Police State take? Will they continue the oppression, or become Freedom Fighters?

    For the shrinking number of religious people among us, the Bible says that God sanctions all governments, and that you should "render to Caesar what is Caesar's", and be the best slave that you can. So, that begs the question, "Did God approve our Revolutionary War, our Civil War, and the one that is brewing now?".
    I don't know, but would like to hear your feelings on this.

    Back to the flag situation. As we recreate the Russian Revolution in 1917, which side will fly under the Stars and Stripes, and which side will be under the White, Red, reincarnated Confederate flag, or something brand new? Do I stand for the Stars and Stripes that now represent a repressive, secular government, or do I earnestly wave that same Stars and Stripes for the Republic that we once had? (Dr Zhivago is a great movie to show you how this will probably play out).

    Ahhh, we live in interesting times, do we not? As RJR used to say, "Sleep well, Des Moines"

    • patg2 says:

      Rendering unto Caesar does NOT include what isn't Caesar's! And our God-given right to life, liberty, and property lawfully acquired do not belong to Caesar.

      Most people don't realize that the Bible stands squarely for private ownership of property, from the time God gave each Israelite family a plot of land and told them to mark the corners with cairns of stone, to Jesus' statement that the owner has the right to do with his own property as he wishes. And it includes the statement made to Ananias and Sapphira about their right to sell, donate or keep their land (but not to lie to the Holy Spirit by claiming differently about what they donated and what they kept.)

  7. Ivan says:

    It seems to be all about the laws of supply and demand. As long as big government supplies the entitlements, society will provide the demand. Spoiling kids today by irresponsible parents will always create a demand, resulting in more enslavement and less freedom.

  8. Lance_Del says:

    Slavery was not unique to the U.S during that time period. Black Africans practiced slavery and were complicit in the slave trade, selling their black slaves to Europeans as part of the rum, cotton' slave trade. North African Muslims (The Barbary Coast Pirates) captured and enslaved an estimated 1.5 million white Europeans. The Arabs were prolific slavers and out slaved the West when it came to black African slaves. The American Indians (Native Americans) enslaved each other and their white captives. They also enslaved blacks. The five tribes of Oklahoma did want to join the Union because they did not want to give up their black slaves. An estimated ,2,000 freed black U.S. slaves owned approximately 10,000 black slaves here in the U.S. One of the largest plantations in Louisiana was operated by a freed black man. The Central and South American native tribes also practiced slavery. Of the slaves that came to the New World, only approximately 7% came to what is now known as the U.S. The vast majority went to the Caribbean and South America. Slavery isn't just a stain on the history of white people and the U.S., but on all races and nations.

  9. Jacquelyn Lynn says:

    Thought-provoking article and comments. Slavery will likely always be part of the human condition because we are flawed beings, but it's heartbreaking that so many slaves are willing to settle for that existence because they don't realize they're slaves.

  10. patg2 says:

    One form of entitlement everyone seems to overlook is the public school system. Even political conservatives seek out this particular entitlement. And it is being used to indoctrinate the children into the welfare system. It is paid for by a system that totally destroys property rights: property tax. You don't own your home. Government does. If you don't pay your "rent", the government will take your home from you without compensation and kick you out into the street. This is especially heinous when the home is a generational home said to be owned by an elderly widow on social security. (Social security is not an entitlement because we pay for it ourselves, but it is FORCED payment. So, though not an entitlement in the strictest sense, it is still part of the picture. We don't get to choose how we provide for our senior years.) But inasmuch as even political conservatives seek to obtain EDUCATIONAL WELFARE, we are all enslaved. Except for the few who send their children to private schools or homeschool. And even they are enslaved to the property tax system.