Forget Evil, the Problem Is Depravity

Posted on July 7, 2022 by Howard Roark


On the heels of Buffalo and Uvalde, the Hyde Park massacre should not have surprised anyone.  The fact is that mass shootings have come to be expected and are not likely to decrease in number anytime soon.

Both common sense and statistics make it clear that these mass shootings are not a gun problem, as the left would like us to believe.  Rather, they are a moral problem, a result of cultural rot.  It’s not at all complicated:  When a society has lost its spiritual moorings, what was once unthinkable becomes acceptable.

Television commentators repeatedly tell us that the mass shooters who perpetrate unspeakable carnage are evil, which only deflects attention from the real problem.  Calling a mentally disturbed 18 or 20-year-old evil is nothing more than a copout, a way to avoid serious thought and serious discussion.

The focus should be on the obvious fact that anyone who commits mass murder is, almost by definition, mentally ill.  In a majority of cases, the shooter is a young man who has been bullied throughout his school years and sees himself as an outcast.  As a result, he is overcome by anger, and when that anger boils over, he starts thinking about harming others in the belief that it will alleviate his pain.

The reason violence is so out of control in America today, whether it be a mass shooting or just a normal weekend in Chicago, Philadelphia, or Baltimore, is that society is being ripped apart by unhappy adults, mostly on the left, who are obsessed with destroying everything that everyday people have always considered to be normal, starting with the nuclear family.

This destruction is evident in every facet of society, from tens of millions of babies being legally slaughtered in the womb to men claiming they are women and women claiming they are men … from teaching young children the joys of transgenderism to rioters trying to burn down cities … from violent criminals being let out of jail to promoting the lie that structural racism is inherent in American culture.

When kids grow up in this kind of negative environment, why in the world would we expect them to be civilized?  Going through puberty and beyond is difficult even for a reasonably well-adjusted child, but when you fill children’s minds with perverse and depraved thoughts — with the notion that right and wrong are relative — it should not be a surprise when they develop serious mental problems.

The decay we witness every day in the United States has been accelerating over the past fifty years and is now so entrenched that it will take decades to repair under the best of circumstances.  America is spiritually sick, and unless rational people of goodwill are prepared to do whatever is necessary to heal it — family by family, neighborhood by neighborhood, school board by school board, election by election, law by law — angry, unbalanced young men will continue to take out their rage on innocent people.

One more point:  You can kill or prosecute the young men who perpetrate human carnage, but before it gets to that point we should be prosecuting the people who actively promote the desecration of American life — starting with the politicians and bureaucrats in Washington.  An insurrection against a civilized way of life is far more egregious than an insurrection against the government.