AOC’s Success Formula: GND = SOC

Posted on February 11, 2019 by Robert Ringer


By now, you know all about AOC’s Green New Deal and have probably been splitting your sides laughing.  But I once again caution you not to brush her off lightly.  The reality is that this enthusiastic little bimbo is probably going to be around for another 50 years or more, so it would be wise to take her seriously.

That’s right, I said 50 years.  We know from experience that any Radical Left congressperson who comes from a Radical Left district has a lifetime job.  Exhibits #1, 2, and 3 are Granny Pelosi, Dickie Durbin, and Chuckie Schumer, none of whom ever have to worry about being reelected.

So, while I don’t want to give AOC too much of my writing time, her meteoric rise to fame makes it unwise to completely ignore her.  Of course, I have to be careful what I write, because I don’t want to be accused of child abuse.

That said, let’s all swallow our pride and take a cursory look at AOC’s latest SNL skit — the Green New Deal.  The formula is simple:  GND = SOC.  SOC, of course, is an acronym for Same Old Crap, which is exactly what the Green New Deal is.

That’s right, none of the ideas in the GND manifesto are new.  It’s the same old crap (i.e., wish list) that the Radical Left has been spewing out for at least two hundred years — at least since the heyday of that drunken old lunatic, Karl Marx, and his wealthy sidekick, Friedrich Engels.

In other words, the Radical Left plays the long game.  And make no mistake about it, the long game has always been about bringing Marxism to America and exterminating those immoral folks who stubbornly cling to their outdated beliefs in capitalism and individual sovereignty.

Which brings us to another Green New Deal formula:  GND = RI.  No, the “RI” doesn’t stand for Rhode Island.  You guessed it, it’s Runaway Inflation.  As anyone who isn’t handicapped by an economics degree from Boston University knows, no matter much you raise taxes, you will never bring in enough money to pay for everything for everybody.

So, what’s the solution offered by AOC and her green comrades in arms?  Simply borrow whatever you need!  Unfortunately, though this idea is appealing to low-information Radical Lefties, borrowing has its limitations.  Do you really believe China will continue to empty its piggy bank to support the United States of Free Stuff?  Of course not.

Enter the phenomenon of “monetizing the debt,” which is a euphemism for borrowing from ourselves by creating “money” with no inherent value.  It’s a complete scam, of course, a criminal activity that ultimately leads to runaway inflation.

Throughout history, dozens of countries have embraced this scam, with the result always being runaway inflation.  A handful of examples include Weimar Germany, Brazil, Greece, Argentina, Hungary, and, most recently, Zimbabwe.

Runaway inflation is more powerful than any invading military force, because it makes it virtually impossible to engage in everyday commercial activity.  In a runaway inflation, businesses refuse to accept paper money in exchange for their goods and services, and people are afraid to enter into long‑term agreements because they have no idea what money will be worth in the future.

In a country caught in a runaway-inflation spiral, a final collapse of the economy begins when people start guessing at what future prices will be.  This sets off a chain reaction where sellers increase prices even faster than the supply of money increases; i.e., panic eventually pushes prices up faster than government’s inflation of the currency.

It is at that point that government faces its last chance to avoid a total collapse of the economy.  As the great libertarian economist Henry Hazlitt put it, “Every inflation must eventually be ended by government or it must ‘self‑destruct.’”

Worst of all, since very few people understand why their paper money is losing its value, the move toward a dictatorship begins to look appealing.  And guess who loves dictatorships?  The Radical Left!

On a more fundamental level, the question becomes:  Why are people not able to resist the temptation to venture down the road to serfdom and runaway inflation?  The answer is because they have no knowledge of either history or economics — not to mention the evolution of dictatorships — thus they are easy prey for a charismatic leader who promises them easy solutions to their problems.

When it comes to history repeating itself, I never tire of sharing one of my favorite Thomas Sowell quotes that perfectly sums up why people continue to be attracted to socialism, which is the driver of runaway inflation:  “Everything is new if you are ignorant of history.  That is why ideas that have failed repeatedly in centuries past reappear again, under the banner of ‘change,’ to dazzle people and sweep them off their feet.”

Austrian economist and Nobel laureate F. A. Hayek blamed the phenomenon of history repeating itself not only on ignorance, but on people’s stubborn attraction to self‑deception, to wit:  “It seems almost as if we did not want to understand the development which has produced totalitarianism, because such an understanding might destroy some of the dearest illusions to which we are determined to cling.”

But whether it be ignorance or self-delusion — or both — the welfare state and its natural bedfellows, runaway inflation and totalitarianism, are the result.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not suggesting that the Green New Deal has any chance of being adopted in its totality any time soon.  It’s a childish manifesto that is likely to sink the Dirty Dems in the 2020 elections unless establishment Democrats are able to silence the crazy radicals in their own party.

Let’s get real:  The biggest threat to humankind is not climate change.  The biggest threat to humankind is progressivism, an Orwellian term intended to mask the endgame, socialism and/or communism.  Progressivism is nothing more than a psychotic urge to control all aspects of life — especially the lives of others — which, if left unchecked, is sure to bring forth the dark forces of tyranny.

As to my little friend, Alexandria Moronio-Cortez, I’m sorry to have to break the news to you, but there is no climate-change crisis, there will never be trains that go fast enough to glide across the water to Hawaii, working folks will never be willing to support those who are unwilling to work, and free college tuition is nothing more than an Uncle Bernie fairytale.  Oh, and by the way, in case you haven’t heard, the last presidential election was about getting rid of “massive government intervention.”

Now, don’t go getting all depressed on me, AOC.  There is a silver lining to all this:  Even if none of your socialist fantasies come true, in a free market you will always be able to buy a farting cow for emotional support.

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

75 responses to “AOC’s Success Formula: GND = SOC”

  1. L. Kimball K Romney says:

    Term Limits in all political offices would solve most of our problems with Washington.

    • Jan Barrett says:

      We absolutely need Term Limits!!

    • skeptic says:

      Unfortunately, there's no provision for federal/national initiatives, and thinking any congresscritter is going to author a term-limit bill to put him/herself out of a cushy job is even less likely than the NGD being passed.

  2. RealitySeeker says:

    1) The Green New Deal is The Same Old Deal, i.e., same shit, different day.

    2) Glo(bull) Warming was, is and 12 years from now will be a total fraud. Al Gore The Climate Whore is a total fraud, and every dire climate prediction he has made within the last 40 years is a total fraud.

    3) The New Green Whore is also a total fraud, and she's worse than Al Gore. Her plan amounts to economic suicide.

    Here's an excerpt from ""The Market Ticker" regarding what would happen if the Green New Deal was implemented:

    "Let's cut the crap folks: A "Green New Deal" would, if implemented:

    Put every coal miner out of work.

    Put almost every existing car assembler out of work.

    Put every oil company employee — including all the roughnecks — out of work.

    Ground every aircraft, and put every Boeing employee out of work.

    Put every air traffic controller out of work.

    Put every gas station owner and employee, along with all the convenience stores associated with them, out of work.

    Make personal travel between points more than 200-odd miles distant require 2-3x as much time to accomplish due to the impossibility of doing so without extended periods at charging stations. This will essentially end the freedom to personally travel beyond 200 miles of one's permanent residence in the United States.

    Make personal round-trip travel of more than 100-odd miles from home physically impossible without 2+ hour layovers in the middle for the same reason. For example, it would be physically impossible for me to drive from my home to Pensacola and back without risking being stranded, unless there was a charging station in Pensacola and I was willing and able to remain there for 2+ hours while I recharged my car.

    Shut down all of the nuclear infrastructure in the United States (some 100+ power reactors) without any way to contain their current fuel and safely consume what remains of it. Oh, and put all the people who work there (nearly all of whom have good-paying jobs) out of work.

    Triple the cost of electrical power in the United States. For industrial users this would be ruinously expensive and destroy what manufacturing remains in this country, putting all of those employees out of work.

    Make nighttime power intermittent in accessibility, rendering the now-common practice of running a third shift for industrial purposes (when demand charges are lower) impossible due to lack of solar energy across America during that time. Forced curtailment (read: blackouts) are unavoidable under such a generation mandate since there is insufficient 100% available base load power that can be generated by renewable sources in the United States.

    The rise in power cost would likely double the cost of "cloud computing" in the United States; power is the primary expense of running large data centers. They will all move offshore and fire everyone who works there, putting them all out of work.

    Your electric bill will double and, if you use natural gas for heat today, that will disappear. In areas too cold for economic use of a heat pump (anything north of the middle of the nation, basically) your winter heating costs will skyrocket by 300-500% as the only "legal" alternative will be electrical resistance heat. Montana and the Dakotas, along with the northern part of Minnesota and the UP of Michigan will become economically uninhabitable."

    • Pancho says:

      So what you're saying is: other than these few little items…you like the GND. Right ? (Couldn't resist.)

      What should be really worrisome is that GND deal is being taken seriously by ANYONE (even in an aspirational manner). Has our culture shifted that much!?

  3. Richard Lee Van Der says:

    This a very nice essay based on REALISM! Which goes nicely hand in hand with Pragmatism when coupled with or guided by the virtues and values of Idealism! Excellent!

    • Rick G says:

      Richard, all of writings, essays, books, etc. always are. I know for a fact that his earlier books really set my naive thinking straight. I'm eternally grateful to Robert Ringer for that.

  4. Rob says:

    The fact that the Green New Deal was originally penned (and subsequently laughed at and discarded) in Canada is telling. After all, those Canucks are even wackier and further to the left than AOC and Uncle Bernie.

  5. Stephan F says:


    Really Robert, 22 paragraphs dedicated to the latest liberal retard foisted on the public by the scumbag media?

    Pulleeeze, Du machst meine Zähne schmerzen

    • RealitySeeker says:

      The only thing wrong with RJR's "22 paragraphs" is it's too politely written. But I forgive him for that inasmuch as RJR is an old-school gentleman. And it's nice to read a gentleman's thoughts.

      The Green Whore ( aka AOC) is a poster girl. And if you don't recognize the danger, then you aren't as smart as I thought you were. Just take one good look at Nancy Pelosi when she was 20yrs old. And then tell me how a Marxist Whore like her became Swamp Queen?

      Thank you RJR for pointing out how dangerous is the Marxist Poster Girl…

      • Stephan F says:

        Apparently the point I was trying to make whizzed by you like a Nolan Ryan fast ball (I’m a little disappointed in you RS).

        It’s my opinion that anyone smart enough to regularly visit Robert’s website is certainly smart enough to realize what kind of complete imbecile cortez is and the possibility that she indeed may be the next female iteration of Hitler or Stalin, or worse, both. C’mon RS give RJR’s readers a little credit.

        But my main point here is that the more we talk about these subhumans & their ridiculous ideas, like hers, the more it gives them legitimacy! It’s bad enough that the deceptive media is prattling non-stop about her, but to hear it coming from the few folks in this world I look up to is just a little too much to take. Once again, it’s a trap set by the l.s. media and one by one I’m seeing our side stumbling into it.

        She’s not the first politician to come up with boneheaded ideas nor will she be the last. It’s never-ending and we need to get used to it. We need to stop making those people look relevant by debating & arguing with them. No, the proper response is, “sorry, you’re ideas are full of crap, next case please. Oh, and that’s our final answer.”

        With all the problems of the world, its high time to move on from this tired & boring subject. I think you’ll agree.

        • Rick G says:

          Comrade lee: The reason Robert Ringer discusses Court Holder AOC is to give us all a badly needed good laugh about how incredibly stupid this Radic-Comm really is.

        • Jean says:

          Actually, the reason that we talk about – and laugh at – AOC is because her stupidity is so astounding, but her party and the uneducated minions take her seriously. I feel as though I'm reliving my great grandfather's experience; he went to a Communist rally in Belarus, and came away with the same impression. Trotsky was a flaming fool, but too many people took him seriously. Shortly thereafter, he arranged a marriage to a young man who had been recruited by Carnegie's men to come to the USA, and advised his two other married daughters and their spouses to move over the border to Poland, to get away from the crazies who believed that overthrowing the Czar would guarantee them lives of luxury with no work. He was right then, and frankly, Poland is looking pretty good to me now!

          • Rick G says:

            Communism is absolutely terrible. If only Ayn Rand were still alive, she could tell you first what he'll it was to live under it.

  6. Bob Latham says:

    Excellent articles!! As AOC claims to have a degree in "Fnenomics" from Boston University,
    maybe it's time for unannounced quizzes on Econ 101 on the floor of The House and have
    it televised.. For extra credit on the 1st quiz, they can explain where tax revenues get generated

    • Jean says:

      Hells bells, I would challenge anyone of the new arrivals in Congress to balance a checkbook! I seriously doubt that they have the skills or brainpower for that!

  7. kauai_mike says:


  8. Mic says:

    I think the best we can hope for poor little mentally challenged AOC is that she gets worn out in office by not getting her socialist dreams in place. Once that happens and reality sets in that despite almost endless fawning media coverage she and her ideas aren't going anywhere fast she gets tired and quits. She would then probably wander off to some think tank somewhere or get a job on MSNBC as a commentator on all things stupid.

  9. larajf says:

    I laughed. I do worry because she's such a media darling. But Pelosi is punishing her by not giving her good committee seats. So, who knows, maybe she'll go back to being a bartender. I can't believe the morons who elected her would want to re-elect her.

    • Jean says:

      Oh, they will. She'll keep on promising them free sh*t and blaming white, old, rich, Christian or Jewish, heterosexual males for them not having it all. It's been the Democrat playbook since Franklin D Roosevelt and it has worked quite well. Appealing to greed always does.

      • skeptic says:

        Indeed. Robbing Peter to pay Paul will _always_ meet with the approval of Paul.

      • lee says:

        some white,old,rich,christian,jewish and heterosexual males.Support Alexandria ocasio cortez.Implementation of the green new deal.What works today is the rejection of greed.

  10. TheLookOut says:

    Apparently recent history has eluded some of us, laughing at what seems
    insane today has already been realized. Who the hell would have ever thought
    the previous occupant of the WH would be re-elected to a 2nd term. The msm
    ignored every lie, every scandal this incompetent ne-er do well ever did, in fact
    all the liberals in all 57 states cheered every time he broke wind.
    Please let us not under estimate the perseverance, and stupidity of socialists, or
    Democrats, and their useful idiots.

  11. Rick G says:

    In Robert Ringer's last article I suggested he do something on the Green New Deal. I assume he read and accepted my suggestion. If that is true thank you very much Robert Ringer, thank you, thank you, thank you. I even had a feeling his latest article would be posted today, and gee, by golly, I was right!

    AOC…… Green New Deal…..<Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle……> This is like 1972, Nixon vs. McGovern, all over again. History does seem to repeat itself. That year, the Radic-Libocrats put up Radic-Lib George McGovern and the whole sh*twagon went down in flames.The Radic-Comms never learn, do they? They just don't get it. The Radic-Libocrats are handing the GOP a golden opportunity for a massive re-election victory on a silver platter to President Trump. AOC is the best thing to happen to the Republican Party. The GOP needs to wake up, take their heads out of their *sses and take advantage of it. The vast majority of Americans, the mainstream, are moderately conservative. They will never accept this and will go down fighting if they have to. I will briefly list several aspects of the GND in addition to what RealitySeeker already mentioned. They want "free" healthcare for all, "free" education for all, " free" housing for all. A job for everyone, including those who are unwilling to work. Unemployment will be abolished. I use quotes around "free" because nothing is "free", someone has to pay for it. AOC doesn't know, she just says it will get paid for! Really! Massive taxation on everyone. Even modest wage earners will have to pay $18,000 a year in taxes. Abolition of fossil fuels, all cars, trucks, trains, planes, jets, including farm plows, farm tractors which will result in massive starvation. Abolition of all air travel. All buildings will be forcibly renovated at your personal expense to be environmentally friendly. Nuclear energy will be banned. Steaks and hamburgers will be outlawed. I suspect that might have something to do with the farting cows. And this is just the beginning. I sincerely hope they keep it up, because this will land President Trump a massive re-election victory next year.

    AOC, the Green Who're. She is one spooky b*tch indeed, a real "ho fo' sho'".

    TRUMP 2020
    P.S. Where is Comrade lee?

    • Jean says:

      Robert Ringer is one voice. The legitimacy is coming from CNN, NBC, CBS, NPR and all of the other media outlets who not only are pushing her, but covering up her abject stupidity and practically giving her cue cards. To explain in AOC verbiage, "It's like, they help her, you know, like, they correct her when she starts saying stupid things and, like, put words in her mouth so that all she has to do is agree."

    • lee says:

      The new green deal.Is not free.We will all pay for it.By paying higher taxes.It will be worth it.

  12. JIMBO says:

    AOC is a "media darling", created by them and is destined in short order to be destroyed by them. I doubt if she will be re-elected despite the her current constituency. Meanwhile, anything with her "imprimatur" on it will be disregarded after short-lived headlines. And, the new Golden Calf is not Kermit the Frog.

    • Rick G says:

      AOC is a master court holder and will be for at least the next couple years. She just stands around while all her Radic-Lib followers listen in amazement while explaining how utterly simple all this will be to implement and how wonderful life will be once this happens.

  13. MAS314 says:

    I have come to see AOC as the left's answer to Trump. She has the same popular support from her side that Trump has had from the right. However, I think some of the leaders are less than enthusiastic. She has the same technique of bypassing media and using Twitter. I think it would be best to not underestimate her. But I also wonder whether the left will tire of her and find a way to get rid of her. She has brought up some inconvenient information and I do not think she has Trump's skill at maneuvering through adverse situations.

    She has had some good points. One item was her questioning about how people in Congress can build political action committees to get elected and build huge personal wealth by passing legislation that allows them to do insider trading while passing legislation that will favor their investments. It is worth listening to. Another is her calling attention to trillions of dollars missing from the federal budget. Both of these items were quickly removed from the media on both sides of the political spectrum but they did present valid concerns.

    It will be interesting to see where she ends up in the next few years. I have already heard people asking to lower the age to run for presidency so she could run.

    • lee says:

      Thank you for pointing out Alexandria ocasio cortez.Good points.And of her bringing up some inconvenient information.Fifty% of republicans agree with those good points.And no doubt the left Will try to get rid of her.And it will be interesting to see where she will end up in the next few years.I think she is intelligent enough to survive.

  14. Victor Simon says:

    If you want our Government to be controlled by its citizens again the following must be done:

    1. Change the Tax Code to the "FairTax", a national sales tax, not a flat tax. It only taxes NEW items and services, provides assistance to those in legitimate need equally. The rich will pay their fair share instead of supporting the entire country like it is now as they will but new stuff perpetually. IF you don't want to buy new stuff with taxes, buy used cars, homes etc. You are in control. The people control how much money the Gov gets to work with and the code is transparent. It does away with the 16th amendment …NO MORE IRS. Reinstates privacy instantly. Gives poer back to the states.
    2. Term limits- No more career politician. Public Servants only as out forefathers intended
    3. Hold Congressman and Senators to their oath to enforce laws under the constitution and risk impeachment
    4. Our Government employees and politicians have to live with the same benefits the rest of the non union people have to live with so they have same life experiences. They are servants not elites. If you want to understand being a servant and leadership read the Bible. The reading will enlighten and sooth your anxiety over the direction of this country.

    • skeptic says:

      Ahh, Victor, your wish list has as much chance of passing as does the NGD.
      1. Politicians use the tax code to reward their friends and punish their enemies. There's no interest in changing that. They have us right where they want us; robbing Peter to pay Paul. (And buy votes.)
      2. What politician is going to author the bill or even co-sponsor one that kicks him/her out of the job that's going to make him/her a millionaire with _power_!? How else could these yokels get people to beg them for favors?
      3. So, where would our future politicians come from? Where's the incentive? Where are the perks?
      4. Ibid.

      • lee says:

        while you are correct.What you said about politicians and the tax code.I do believe NGD has a good chance of passing.

  15. Rick G says:

    AOC and the whole Democratic Party are Communists. Let's don't mince words. They should have the grace to call themselves for what they are. The old Communist Party USA has joined in with the Democratic Party, because it is their way of getting their revolutionary agenda implemented in this country.

    • lee says:

      Reading all those books has made you more naive.The Democratic party.Is not the Communist party.

      • Rick G says:

        If it is not Communist, then what the hell is it? It follows the philosophy of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels right down the line.

      • Rick G says:

        Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!!! Reading all those books has educated and enlightened me.

      • Robby Bonfire says:

        There is no more Democratic Party. John F. Kennedy’s politics would make him a conservative Republican, today.

        • Rick G says:


        • lee says:

          The difference between the democrats.And the republicans.While they are both.Controlled by corporations and special interests organizations.The democrats understand that they need to form Programs.To help the middle class.And the working poor.And the republicans help only the rich.

  16. Rick G says:

    I'm beginning to believe that maybe the John Birch Society had it right after all. I used to think they were just overexaggerating and paranoid. Perhaps the joke was on me.

  17. Rick G says:

    Former Soviet Russian Premier Nikita Kruschev (not to sure of the spelling) once said while in office that Americans will accept Communism and raise the red flag without one shot being fired.

  18. Rick G says:

    People who once lived in Communist countries are warning us about what it will be like if they were to seize control in this country.

  19. Charles N. Steele says:

    GND is idiotic, but don't laugh too much. Democrats could win both houses and the presidency in 202, and if they do they'll pass it. It would not work — the grandiose schemes for building wind and solar would fail, but they definitely could shut down most fossil fuel and plunge America into a catastrophe. We would not recover.

    • lee says:

      That's what i keep telling my good friends Jean and Rick G.Not to laugh to much.The democrats will win both houses.And the presidency in 2020.And will pass GND.And over time will transition from fossil fuels To wind and solar energy.And America will be better for it.

      • Rick G says:

        Just like they said Horrible Hillary would win super-big in 2016

        • lee says:

          Hillary had three million.More votes than Trump.Even trump says Hillary should have won.But putin interfered.If putin doesn't interfere again in 2020.The democrats will win.

          • Rick G says:

            Most of those votes were illegals who were not eligible to vote.

          • lee says:

            If you were educated and enlightened.You would know you are naive.It's obvious you got that information.From fake fox news.You should be asking yourself.What is trumpism

  20. Steven Lidkea says:

    Just a couple of points here, RJR: calling her AOC gives her some cachet. It's cool. Some have taken to calling her Airhead of Congress.

    Second, I know people think she has a degree in Econ (because that's what it said on her website) but she has been exposed. While she may in fact have taken some economics courses (hard as it is to believe) her degree is in International Relations.

  21. Robby Bonfire says:

    I have revised/updated the lyrics to my (hard rock) song which elaborates what we decent, America-First people have to deal with in this age of the frenzied Libtard social and political tsunami. I would post it at YouTube but it would get taken down in 10 seconds, flat. Hope you like it and here goes…

    (Lyrics and music by R. Bonfire)

    This just ain’t America any more.
    When holy decorations break the law at Christmas time,
    And these alley cats in heat have turned your faith into a crime.
    They threw the Founding Fathers out the door,
    And stomped our Constitution on the floor.

    …And this just ain’t America any more,
    …Not when they they trash The Good Book and the freedoms we fought for.
    …We’ve got to end this Godless trend that’s rotten to the core,
    …Our church and family values they abhor.

    This just ain’t America any more.
    When sex and drugs and violence are what kids learn in school,
    And teeny-bopper day care mamas think they’re really cool.
    I’m raising kids but they don’t know the rocks they’re sailing for,
    ‘Cause not too much is sacred any more.

    …And this just ain’t America any more,
    …When gun control makes self-defense a “crime” they bust you for.
    …We might as well let “Crips” and “Bloods” and muggers run the store,
    …’Cause this just ain’t America any more.

    (Guitar Instrumental Bridge)

    Left Coast San Francisco is a bath house kind of place,
    So when a man marries a woman he’s a big social disgrace.
    I tell you Boys we’re in a shot gun war,
    We just can’t run for cover any more.

    …And this just ain’t America any more,
    …They occupy our streets it’s Anarchy they’re fighting for.
    …They hate free market enterprise, high taxes they adore,
    …And this just ain’t America any more.

    You fly the flag they tear it down and burn it in the street,
    I’m seeing red and turning blue from all the “Pinkos” that I meet.
    I bust my buns on “graveyard” till my back is stiff and sore,
    But these potheads laugh at the life I’m working for.

    …And this just ain’t America any more.
    …They celebrate infanticide, for Cuomo’s Law they roar.
    …It wears me out to think about this culture-values war,

    And this just ain’t’t America,
    Well this just ain’t America,
    No this just ain’t America any more.

    “Love it or leave it.”


  22. NZ Steve says:

    Awesome and witty presentation!!! For more on the topic, go to:

  23. FedUp says:

    The GND would accomplish Russia’s long held desire to “bury” America. The ultimate Russia Collusion by the left wing socialist Democrats. Hopefully most Americans are not yet that weak, stupid or lazy to let this Trojan Horse in.