AOC and the Moron Mob

Posted on January 28, 2019 by Robert Ringer


An acquaintance of mine recently asked me if I took media darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seriously?  Without hesitation, I answered in the affirmative.  Let me explain why.

In full disclosure, I admit I have a soft spot for AOC.  She’s an adorable little girl with sparkling eyes and boundless energy.  Sure, she’s undeniably a moron, but a pleasant moron.  I can’t help it, I just like pleasant people, even if they’re a little short on intellect.

What’s most remarkable about AOC is that she does something Radical Leftists almost never do:  smile!  And not just any old smile.  Hers is the kind of smile that lights up a room and makes everyone around her feel good.

More full disclosure:  AOC reminds me of a Puerto Rican girl in New York City who I dated in my mid-twenties.  She, too, sported an infectious smile, and her enthusiasm was always in high gear.

What made her different from AOC, however, was that not only was she intelligent, she also possessed an understanding of how the real world works that belied her age.  Of course, she had the advantage of not having her thought processes stunted by a four-year misinformation campaign at a prestigious eastern university.

Not so, however, with AOC.  Sadly, she got lobotomized by Boston University’s finest anti-American, socialist professors.  By the time she graduated, she was fully prepared to take on the evils of Western civilization and play a key role in the fundamental transformation of the United States of America.

I guess sometimes it’s just the luck of the draw.  Had AOC crossed paths with someone who was inclined to steer her toward a serious institution of higher learning, everything might have turned out differently for her.  For all one knows, had she attended a school like Hillsdale College she might have come out the other end as another Candace Owens.  But, alas, it was not to be.

Now, back to my acquaintance’s question:  Should AOC be taken seriously?  Yes, for at least two reasons.

First, absurd as it may sound to an intelligent, rational person, AOC’s lack of knowledge is actually an advantage when it comes to appealing to the Moron Mob.  These intellectually challenged bobbleheads comprise a huge segment of the population — from the guy in the street to Jim Carrey … from social activists to LeBron James … from college-campus snowflakes to media propagandists like Don Lemon — that has been growing at an accelerating pace ever since the Dirty Dems took off their masks a few years back and openly declared war on America.

What’s scary is how easy it is for race hustlers and hate mongers to appeal to the Moron Mob.  One need only offer them free stuff — the more, the better — and they quickly morph into modern-day Jacobins shouting “off with their heads.”  Let’s face it, everyone likes free stuff — even me! — but rational, intelligent people of goodwill realize that “free” is nothing more than an illusion and that the true cost of so-called free stuff is a loss of freedom.

Second, when bold, charismatic accidents of history like AOC are cheered on by the media, they inevitably become enamored with themselves and start believing their own gibberish.  This misguided belief often evolves into a sadistic ruthlessness toward others.  History is filled with examples of young people who were not taken seriously when they first came on the scene, yet went on to establish brutal dictatorships.

Adolf Hitler was not taken seriously in his younger years, and we all know how that story ended.  Likewise, Fidel Castro, in his twenties and early thirties, was for many years considered to be nothing more than a nuisance by the Batista regime in Cuba.  But in 1959, at the tender age of thirty-three, Castro overthrew the entrenched government and wreaked misery and death upon the Cuban people for sixty years (and counting).

I like to refer to this phenomenon as the “Lonesome Rhodes Syndrome.”  Lonesome Rhodes was a character portrayed by Andy Griffith in the 1957 film classic “A Face in the Crowd.”  Rhodes was a hard-drinking drifter from rural Arkansas who somehow stumbled into a gig with a small local radio station.  His listening audience loved his country-boy charm so much that it landed him his own television show in Memphis.

In Memphis, he became famous for his country drawl and irreverence, which led to his getting his own television show in New York.  But as his fame spread, Lonesome Rhodes evolved into an arrogant scoundrel who berated underlings and joked privately that his audience consisted of “idiots” and “trained seals.”  I won’t give away the ending, but suffice it to say it was not pretty.

The takeaway from all this is that even accidents of history like AOC tend to develop oversized egos and become enamored of their power.  So even if she’s just a cute, well-meaning little moron right now, with the backing of the FNM she has the potential to develop into a ruthless leader who acquires enough power to implement her communist fantasies.

But take heart.  Perhaps AOC is nothing more than God’s way of punishing the Dirty Dems for their crimes.  After all, she has created a huge dilemma for them:  They’re damned if they push back against her and doomed if they support her.

In any event, no matter how things play out, it will be fun watching the Dirty Dems fall all over themselves trying to figure out how to walk the AOC tightrope.  One might be tempted to argue that she’s the best thing that ever happened to feckless Republicans.

As AOC herself might say, “Um … like … um … I’d rather be … like … um … morally right than … like … um … factually correct.  You know what I mean?”  Well, not exactly, but I guess it makes perfect sense to the Moron Mob.  And never forget that the Moron Mob votes!

Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

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  1. Ken says:

    The feckless leadership of the rnc and congressional repubics are to blame for her prominence. They gave up on the midterms.

    • Bruno says:

      What scares me is the electorate who voted for that idiot. They are all idiots themselves. Thats the scary part. The idiots that elected her.

      • lee says:

        calm down.don't be scared.everything is going to get better.

      • lee says:

        Don't be will win the bet.she Will develop real American giving every American citizen the opportunity to better themselves.

        • Jean says:

          You prove his point that the American voter has become uneducated and gutless.

          • lee says:

            Jean, don't choose to be scared by alexandria ocasio cortez.what's so scary about her trying to lift up her fellow american citizens.instead of knocking them down.with shutdowns.

          • Jean says:

            I'm not scared of AOC. I'm more frightened that so many people like you buy into her crap. History does repeat when there are so many ignoramuses who are allowed to breed and to vote.

          • lee says:

            Republicans are always advocating for pro life.and when the children reach 18 years of age.they send them of to war.unless you are rich.than you get an excemption.I think when the white men had all the power.they should have prevented the people from voting.which they are trying to do now as we robert ringer.says we must be deal with our problems in a realistic way.reality is that people do breed and vote.thank you for saying that people like you love people like me.that have a car note.and credit card debt.that helps you at your bank.that's why i say we should create other ways to help our fellow americans.

          • Jean says:

            Can you say "Viet Nam", "Korea" and World War 2? Not one Republican was instrumental in sending children to war in those wars. As a matter of fact, Democrat Lyndon Johnson kept the Viet Nam war going as a sop to this union buddies who were pulling in lots of overtime manufacturing war materials as well as consumer goods.

            As far as being a realist, you and your socialist friends are the furthest thing from that. Witness the current civil war in Venezuela. A once oil-rich and prosperous nation, the communist government took over all of the businesses, bankrupted the country and left the people without so much as food or clean water. And that is current history, so you don't even have to know how to read to see what is happening there.

            There is nothing remotely "realistic" about the success of socialism, whether you call it "democratic socialism" or flat out communism. Socialism has failed miserably wherever it has been implemented. It denies the reality of human nature, among other things, and is the antithesis of intellectualism. Your idiotic statement that "white men are preventing people from voting" shows this. The only "white men" who prevented people from voting were Democrats such as Bull Connor, Sen. Robert Byrd, Sen. Al Gore Sr. and others from the south. Today, voter registration and having a proper ID are considered "voter suppression" – but the same ID cards are demanded at social services agencies when these alleged poor people of color sign up for their welfare and food stamps. Amazing how THAT isn't a problem.

            I am very realistic that people like yourself breed – to excess. That's because the welfare system actually pays incompetents to have as many children as possible. More dependents equals more democrat votes. If anyone really wanted to reform welfare, they would pay men and women to have their tubes tied or have vasectomies. You'd eliminate the permanent underclass in two generations. You'd also improve education without increased spending, reduce prison populations and eliminate homelessness. THAT's realistic thinking.

            A famous line in a John Wayne movie was: "Life is hard; it's harder when you're stupid." And it gets tougher still when the stupidity is willful and self-imposed. You say you're dealing with your problems in a "realistic" way??? Exactly how is that – by putting all of your chips on some goofball pitch woman who you believe will bail you out of your problems? Seriously lee, look in the mirror. There will always be one factor common to the problems you face in your life. That is the person who stares back at you in that mirror. You have to get out of your OWN way in order to succeed. No government giveaway program will help you there.

            The latest "big idea" the left entertains is "Medicare for all." Of course, those of us who actually have paid into the Medicare system over the course of our working lives now have to face the reality that the program is bankrupt and will undoubtedly NOT be there after 2022. But back to that almighty single payer health system that AOC and you love. In December, Britain's National Health service (you know, the example every leftist uses as the success story of socialized medicine) released the results of a study that showed the poor in the UK who rely ONLY on socialized medicine LIVE 10 YEARS LESS on average than those who can buy out of the system. You want reality?? Look at the stats. Of course, like AOC, you probably don't need no stinkin' facts, because you believe you're "morally right." Well, I reject your morality as well.

          • Charles N. Steele says:

            "Create other ways to help our fellow Americans…" by stealing their money and shutting down the economy. Heh. The Green New Deal alone would kill thousands of people at a minimum, if implemented.

            You should understand, Lee, those of us who really understand socialism know this is a life-and-death matter, and it's not going to be imposed on us.

          • Dave says:

            You are truly dumb. Sorry for your parents

          • Dave says:

            Intended for Lee, this threads resident moron.

          • Scott says:

            the citizens always end up abused, shut up, imprisoned, or murdered when socialists like AOC take charge. false promises

      • lee says:

        You should be scared of the idiots that elected donald trump.Now those are really scary.they facilitated the partnership between him and putin.and the expediting of the fall of the american empire.

        • <Lighteredknot says:

          You are either ignorant or an idiot. There is nothing indicative of "they facilitated the partnership between him and Putin". All of the lyings, deceiving, conniving and incompetence that has been disclosed are Liberals. The litany of names and occasions thereof are myriad. Many people with a higher IQ than what you reflect voted for DT. Sometimes it may be best that one should just be thought to be dumb than to post and remove the doubt.

          • lee says:

            Some that voted for donald trump.may unwittingly have voted for putin indirectly.since it was putin that placed him there.most of the people with the so called high I QS.Are the one's that are usually been fooled.

        • DAVE says:

          Yeah, Russian collusion, blahs blahs blahs. Fake news son, perpetrated by the Left to distract from scandal after scandal.

  2. josephlacey12 says:

    AOC would make a great dashboard bubblehead

  3. Rick G says:

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! Ha! What a complete goof! Her looks don't impress me. She looks (and talks) like a typical airhead. And an airhead she is! If the media and people would just ignore her, she would quietly go away and vanish forever. What gets me about her is that when asked a question that stumps her, which is just about every question, she puts on this big smile and does a wild dance for you. She is not the future of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party has no future!

    • June says:

      Rick – it’s me – June, who agrees with you on almost everything you write, but not this time re: your last sentence. Because of the inbred stupidity of today’s high school and college graduates I believe she IS the future of the Democrat party and if we don’t step up to it in 2020 – it is we who will have no future! She terrifies me because in today’s society – stupid rules and oh dear Lord she is so happily stupid!!

      • Rick G says:

        You know, June, I think you are right now that you called me on this. She IS the future of the Democratic Party. .And the Democratic Party has no future. It is doomed. Thanks!

        • DOL says:


          • Jean says:

            We can only hope. She's already p*ssed off a lot of the top Dems and big Dem donors, and she's too thick to realize that isn't how the game is played. She will probably be taken down and eventually out by 2020, especially if Hillary gets back into the game.

          • lee says:

            Alexandria ocasio cortez.definitely knows how the game is played.that's why she is so popular with the's going to be hell fot the democrats and the republicans.that are controlled by corporations and special interests.are going to as you say.try to take her down.hillary said that she wasn't running.kamala harris,is already borrowing from aoc play book.saying she wants to introduce medicare for all.

          • Jean says:

            AOC is popular with the people b/c she promises all of you free sh*t, compliments of those of us who work. She has no concept of how to deal with authority, and Nazi Pelosi will not allow her to steal her thunder. AOC also has no clue as to the influence of your Democrat donors, nor the fact that she will be forced to cowtow to them if she wants any DNC money in the future. Hillary said she wasn't running….. when?? The last report is that she's looking at the playing field and considering it again. Kamala isn't borrowing anything – she's as left wing as they come, has the color factor as well as the gender factor in her favor and wants to force single payer health care on all of us, just as Obama did.

            The left really is the party of infanticide, euthanasia and special rights for the lazy and the criminal. Good luck with that platform, AND with keeping the productive classes here to pay for it all. If the left gains the white house in 2020, your side will be building a wall to keep people IN, just as the communists did to the residents of East Berlin.

          • lee says:

            We will all have to pay higher create better paying jobs.fix our infrastructure.and have a better medical system.and to fix other problems our country is facing.alexandria ocasio cortez.will need to get donations from the people that support her.kamala will introduce a bill.that will have two options.medicare for all.and you will be able to get your own private insurance.don't get your hope's to high.hillary is not running.

          • Jean says:

            Sure, b/c raising taxes works SO WELL at creating jobs. It did for Jimmy Carter …. oh wait, unemployment under Carter was 16 percent! In your very illogical mind, how exactly does raising taxes "create jobs"? I really would like to know how you put two and two together here. And specifically, what "infrastructure" are you talking about? And wasn't that the reason Obama raised taxes? Obviously, those tax increases failed to bring about the stated results, so they FAILED (as did most of Obama's policies). Ditto for "having a better medical system." O-care is still the law, you know. And if the medical system still needs to "get better," then O-care FAILED. Socialized medicine has already FAILED in the UK and Canada, and if you live in any state that borders Canada, you would already know that. Canadians FLOCK to the US for medical treatment that the government has denied them, and they happily PAY CASH for it. The US already has some of the best medical CARE in the world. And nothing in your much-touted "Medicare for all" scheme allocates actual care – unless your candidates decide to demand that physicians move to underserved areas or have their licenses to practice revoked. All Medicare for All does is require people to buy overpriced insurance that very few physicians will take, so they will have to travel further for medical care and they will have more restrictions on the kind of care they receive. If you think medical care in this country is bad today, just wait until the government fixes it for you.

          • lee says:

            Instead of giving tax cuts to the trump did.that money could have gone to small businesses.that actually do create jobs.and programs that make medical care affordable.trump talked alot about infrastructure.when he was running for President.saying that our airports looked like they were from third world countries.that he was going to fix our airports.our bridges and our roads.roger stone.told trump to tell he's base.that he was going to built a wall at the southern instead of fixing our infrastructure.he's fixated on imaginary wall.sweden is the country.i am using as an example.

          • Jean says:

            Um, doofus, those tax cuts did go to small businesses. And big businesses, that buy stuff from small businesses. And hire people. And if you look at the immigration policies of Sweden, you'll see that they don't allow just anyone into their country. You have to have some marketable skills AND financial resources before you're allowed in. So why don't WE start deporting anyone who intends to be a layabout??? That would include a lot of your kind, and I would guess that no other country wants you.

            You really are uneducated AND uneducable. Sad – what a waste of space and other people's resources. You'd best be on guard – with New York state's new abortion laws in place and the left's penchant for euthanasia, pretty soon the useful idiots who helped implement progressive policies won't be so useful, and the state will start cleaning house.

          • lee says:

            While their are several possible tax rates.the bottom line is.not everyone got a tax cut.and the richest 1% enjoys tax savings that are disproportionately larger than everyone else.the tax cuts added $3.4 trillion to the deficit.

          • Jean says:

            The so-called 1 percent already are responsible for generating over 60 percent of tax revenues collected. How "fair" is that? However, people in your bracket pay little to nothing in federal tax, yet you consume over 40 percent in government entitlements. How fair is THAT?? You need to be taxed more. Or at least SOME – to cover your maintenance costs.

          • lee says:

            That's what i have been saying.we all need to be taxed the government is more able to deal with each issue it's facing.

          • Jean says:

            But you still can't justify taxing the top earners more, because they are already paying more than their fair share. The lowest earners need to be required to contribute a lot more. Why not make military service mandatory for ALL people who are able bodied but collecting welfare? They can be sent to shithole countries and learn how poor people really live. The bottom dwellers – those who are part of the permanent underclass that your democrat socialists have created – need to do more than just suck down resources, smoke dope and make babies. The wealthy have already done more than enough. The layabouts need to start paying back what they've stolen.

          • Dave says:

            Dear Moron, when the top 1% pay 50% of the taxes they should probably get a more substantive tax cut. The bottom 50% pay nothing, I am guessing you fall into the latter.

      • big Al says:

        your are correct

      • Rocketman says:

        I'm with you June. AOC is most like the future of the Democratic-Communist Party if for no other reason the old guard of Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest are in their 60's, 70's and even 80's. They're not going to be around forever.

      • lee says:

        You are correct and rick.have no terrified be very terrified.

      • lee says:

        You are right and rick.have no future.Be terrified be very terrified.

    • lee says:

      She's not going away.she's just ain't seen nothing yet.

      • Rick G says:

        Listen buddy. Hear me out. AOC has been on the merry-go-round too long. Like, she ain't playing with a full deck. This Green New Deal deal she is proposing intends to ban all automobiles, trucks, trains, and planes. The American people will never tolerate that, I guarantee you. It will be a bloody uprising here if it were ever attempted. She wants to crash the US economy and throw us back to the Stone Age. Use your head for once, OK?

        • lee says:

          Alexandria ocasio forming a committee of our best scientific explore the use of alternative operate those vehicles.just as other countries have done.or in the process of combat global warming.the freezing weather we have been having.the experts because of global warming.the ice caps have been when a cold front develops..the leads to below zero temperatures.

  4. Poster Child says:

    There are a lot of mind games and word games being played today against the USA by its bitter enemies. The enemies of the USA are conducting a huge smear campaign against great American patriots (like President Donald J. Trump) by calling them nationalists and pretending that it is now somehow a dirty word, rather than something to be proud of. These enemies of all good are now calling themselves globalists because it sounds better than what they used to be called: traitors. The conspiracy against the USA is strong. Of course, good people everywhere are praying that President Trump will be even stronger.

  5. Angelo says:

    The word “bling”, according to the “Urban Dictionary”, is used to describe an “unnecessary accumulation of metal” or cheap jewelry which impresses the simple-minded. “Bling” is also described there as “the single most shallow, boring and willfully superficial cultural phenomenon ever to excite humankind”.

    This definition, of course, immediately brings to mind AOC. She is, essentially, political bling.

    But as you say, in a nation where educational standards have dropped significantly over the years and where morons and idiots have an increasingly “important” voice in national affairs, there is the danger that these will be the people calling the shots.

  6. kauai_mike says:

    AOC a new Hitler or Castro? That's a stretch. She's just a bubbly choice in a crowded field of equally idiotic Dems. They will scramble with ever more ridiculous positions and push people to vote their pocketbooks, as usual.

    • Jeffmo says:

      If I may, the liberals will vote other peoples pocket books.

    • Jean says:

      Don't be so sure of that. While AOC doesn't have the intellect or understanding of human nature that Hitler or Castro had, she does have the solidly blissful ignorance and utter arrogance to "sell" whatever her handlers pay her to promote. She is like any other con artist, except she may actually believe the BS she's pushing.

      The only thing that the opposition has going for it with regard to counter-marketing is that the Dems have tried to promote themselves as the party of intellect, but their favorites right now are a failed rock singer (Beto O'Roarke), a bartender a la Archie Bunker (AOC) and a female who happily slept her way to the top (Kalama Harris).

      • lee says:

        She's not a con trump.she does not have a handler like trump has putin as his handler.She's the real deal.if you choose to be scared of her.and be oppressed by her.go ahead.

        • Loretta says:

          Pardon Lee, I think you have been fooled, bless your heart.

        • Jean says:

          Really? She has no grasp of reality, so obviously she has handlers. She can barely put together a coherent English sentence. Besides that, where does a part time bartender from Brooklyn get the cash to run for office? You are the perfect low-information, low intellect voter and just the right target for the CPUSA, otherwise known as today's democrat party.

          • lee says:

            she got the cash from the people that support dishwasher pledged one dollar a month.towards her campaign.three hundred thousand dollars.versus ten million dollars for the Republican.that's the power of the people.

          • Jean says:

            And how much did she get from the usual suspects – George Soros, etc. They generally "contribute" via money laundering schemes. $300K doesn't do diddly squat.

          • lee says:

            As i said before.she received that $300.000.from people that support she says.that is hard earned money.from every individual.and she was very frugal with it.out of 10,000 people an organization of regular people.picked her to run.she started campaigning a year before the midterm elections.soros and the usual suspects.are part of the problem.they are affiliated with corporations and special interests groups.they are going to try to take her down also.

  7. Stefani Woodams says:

    She is someone to be taken seriously. She is a natural "persuader" and has a great ability to posture as a caring person. This is very attractive to mis-educated and mis-informed millenials and Leftists in general. She will likely win the Presidency at some point. God help us all.

  8. georgesloane says:

    It's interesting to wonder how those who are supporting her for the top slot can imagine that she is more qualified to sit in the oval office than Donald Trump. Exactly what makes someone "qualified" for the position? Oh, I know, be a Democrat and give away "free stuff". I got it now.

  9. JoeBronx says:

    And her attending college at a "prestigious" university is what landed her a career serving drinks to overfed Westchester County lefties………….

  10. sunnymikkel says:

    How about a post on the rapidly expanding SF Democratic Cabal with Kamala now a candidate for President.

  11. Peter says:

    What did that Puerto Rican girl from New York City who you dated in your mid-twenties go on to do with her life?

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Good question. I don't know, but have often wondered.

      • Jeffmo says:

        Hi Robert. Love your stuff. Give the manuscript 'The Neotech Discovery" by Dr. Frank Wallace a read. It details the whole phenomenon of what he called "neocheating" a set of methodology that elites use to distort reality to further their own agenda. A great section on liberalism and how it is used to usurp everything from monetary values to authority. So forth….Available at Amazon I believe.

        • Alpha says:

          Jeff, You're one of few people who has ever mentioned Neo-Tech & I'll mention Frank Wallaces' first book. `The Advanced Concepts of Poker.' If I read these in 1990 & earlier, do not think you're telling Robert Ringer anything. I think he HAS read The Neo Tech Discovery back then also, and while it is in his research computer library, he has found it strategic in his teachings to not mention these books, just evolve the concepts in his own teachings. Don't think you know something he doesn't know. You underestimate him, and his strategic reasoning. He would make enemies had he mentioned neo-cheaters, and enemies do not buy your products. He handled it perfectly.

      • Peter says:

        Maybe she is related to AOC;-)

      • lee says:

        That's probably maria.the puerto rican write about on page looking out for number one.where her husband caught you and maria in bed at ran four flights of tenement-house stairs half naked in 3.5 seconds.thank god that puerto rican guy didn't get you.we wouldn't be posting here.

  12. Scott theczech says:

    Oh the damage that has been done to this country by college professors! Ages 18 – 24ish is such a vulnerable time for young people whereby they begin to formulate their world view and begin to act on that world view. Moreover, as they become inculcated in anti-freedom doctrine it begins to take root and permanence. RJR is so right about AOC and how interesting to consider a different influence in her life and education.

    • DOL says:


  13. R Cadia says:

    Mr Ringer,President Trump could use your negotiating advice about now. He violated one of your prime rules,"bluff by not bluffing" when Pelosi called his bluff and he caved.

  14. NZ Steve says:

    AOC reminds me of the typical barfly I used to look for during my clubbing years.
    An additional Conservative news source:

  15. Pitch says:

    The formation of our Department of Education in October 1979 was the final act needed to slowly destroy America as a free society.

  16. FedUp says:

    Absolute Moralitis is the danger. It appears to be contagious. The Dirty Dems should be quarantined. No chance of that as the FNM spreads the disease maliciously.

  17. Richard Lee Van Der says:

    Hard to believe now at age 83 how I thought while on campus for about 20 years as a young college professor. Stupid! Fortunate that I went on to live and work in a more real world and became the kind of person who LOVES PRESIDENT TRUMP! I so hope that he has the best personal protection that there is! How does a person such as a Pelosi get that degree of power? Something to do with her wealth?

  18. montanamel says:

    There are 4 "boxes" in our lives….

    The soap box – or, student union table for some…speaking out.
    The Ballot box – if you still have this right – soon to be replaced by some "online poll", eh?
    The Ammo box – which is how real radical change is made, or stopped from being made…choice?
    The Coffin box – as we return to ashes….so said the Lord.


  19. Gus says:

    AOC is a marketing tool for the elitist, basically a bullet for the media to load anytime they feel the progressives are NOT fighting the America spirit. She is the McCarthy "wanta be", with the support of insatiable journalists who crave the next shocking mast head in their hard driving publications that seek control. We live in a society with declining moral restraints, which is fertile ground for any sophist who teach or dictate their way is the best way. A very scary time.

  20. Robby Bonfire says:

    If it comes down to debates between President Trump and AOC, our man will put her into the popcorn machine similar to what George H.W. Bush did to Geraldine Ferraro on foreign policy in 1984 – she was never heard from again.

  21. Hiram M. says:

    She is openly anti-Semitic, a bigot by choice and on behalf of her masters.

  22. larajf says:

    I hope the media darling gets her fifteen minutes and then disappears quietly.

  23. Christopher Christopher W says:

    Well said. Republicans need to take AOC seriously. The Republican Party would be well-advised to launch formal, intensive training for every elected Republican Member of Congress, and for each Cabinet member, on how to respond crisply, clearly and persuasively to AOC soundbites, replying with a message that makes it obvious to the most uninformed voter why her pleasantly packaged politics threaten us all. We should look at AOC as our last chance for elected Republicans to get out of their offices and to learn to engage TV viewers effectively–in as little as 30 seconds or less–as to why Western Civilization matters and why our democratic republic's values are the world's last hope.

  24. Robert Ringer RJR says:

    You are right on. I truly believe that the Republicans' biggest weakness is that they do not know how to get their messages across – and do not understand the importance of "isolating their target and personalize it" (credit S. Alinsky).

    • Jay S. says:

      Consider this: The reasons that the Republicans have become impotent is because of the very nature of being conservative and/or moderate. In general terms, the Republicans are conservative and not reactionary. Whereas, the Liberal Left, and Far Far are emotional reactionaries. It's easy for the reactionaries to take to the street and create havoc, violence, make threats and form protests. How many conservatives are prone to engaging in that kind of behavior? None! Most of us know that the reactionaries are easily lead, low-information thinkers/voters who are being targeted for brainwashing by the new order of the Social Justice Democratic Party. It's going to get a lot worse. It's a runaway train now! I just do not see how it can be countered with the Republicans swallowed up in fear. DT is being crushed by the opposition forces. Who going forward, is going to be able to stand up and say enough is enough!

      • lee says:

        The reason,republicans were not emotional was they did not have anything to be emotional about.republicans and democrats.were being controlled by the same corporations and special interests organizations.everything was that alexandria ocasio cortez.a champion for the people.shows up.they are terrified.I hope more brave people show up.they may not win.but they have to try.

  25. Charles N. Steele says:

    Sandy Ocasio-Cortez is indeed dangerous, because she is charismatic – at least for a sizable segment of the population. And Mr. Ringer is exactly right, she would not do better with her fans and supporters if she were intelligent and well-informed. Even if they recognize she says stupid and uninformed things, her base doesn't care because they like her.

    Anyone who supposes that there's some way to find common ground with the radical left, work out a civil compromise, get everyone to be "reasonable" and return to normal politics is in trouble. Ms. Cortez might be bubbly, but these people of system (as Adam Smith called them) have a vision of utopia, it must be followed, and the logic of it all demands each citizen obey or be purged.

  26. Charles N. Steele says:

    My Adam Smith reference: "The man of system, on the contrary, is apt to be very wise in his own conceit; and is often so enamoured with the supposed beauty of his own ideal plan of government, that he cannot suffer the smallest deviation from any part of it. He goes on to establish it completely and in all its parts, without any regard either to the great interests, or to the strong prejudices which may oppose it. He seems to imagine that he can arrange the different members of a great society with as much ease as the hand arranges the different pieces upon a chess-board. "

    Fuller presentation here:

  27. RealitySeeker says:

    AOC reminds me of Nicolas Maduro's daughter…..

    Enough said.

    • Stephan F says:

      “Enough said.”


      After 70 some comments you naturally come up with the salient point regarding this cortez woman. This waste of flesh doesn’t deserve a single micron of oxygen spoken about anything she says. Like the rest of the maggots in her “d” clan, the only appropriate response is to ignore her.

      I’m with you, enough said.

  28. Rick G says:

    Damn, how dumb can anybody possibly be?

  29. whodat says:

    Bug eyes and buck teeth. Real cute.

    At least she is smart.

  30. Sherry says:

    Loved the article and the term "Moron Mob" so appropriate – would love to see the term Moron Mob go viral

    • lee says:

      Upload a selfie of you and your social media.

    • lee says:

      Upload a selfie of you and your friends and love social media.

      • whodat says:

        Lee, you probably don't realize half the time, if that often, that you help make the point against yourself.

        If she did what you said, it would only show that they really are a bunch of morons, who act like a mob.

  31. Davr says:

    Once again, intended for Stupid Lee

  32. staciemarkham72 says:

    God willing, the little twit will be behind bars soon. If there really is any "equal justice under the law", that is.