The Elephant Is Still in the Room

Posted on February 20, 2017 by Robert Ringer Comments (92)


By now I think everyone realizes that no matter what Donald Trump does to help improve and protect the lives of Americans, he’s going to continue to get hammered day in and day out by the Dirty Dems and the fake media. And you know what? While he may not deserve such abuse, the Republican Party does.

Why? Because for eight years, even though the ugly truth stared them in the face day in and day out, they were scared to death to lay a glove on “the elephant in the room.” By the elephant in the room, I’m talking about the guy who was actually caught on a hot mic telling Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, “After my election I have more flexibility.” To which Medvedev responded, “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.”

Really? Flexibility to do what? What did Obama want to do for (or with) the Russians that he didn’t want voters in the 2012 elections to know about?

Investigation? LOL. Nothing Obama did mattered, because the party line of establishment Republicans was that he was just an inexperienced, misguided, incompetent liberal ideologue. In fact, the Romney-McCain-McConnell-Boehner-Ryan-led establishment insisted that Obama loved America and was basically a good guy who just “didn’t have a clue.”

During his ill-fated presidential run, girly-man Romney even went out of his way to say that Obama was a “nice guy but in over his head” — at the same time that Obama was insulting and demeaning him. Psst … Mitt, Obama is not “nice guy.” He’s a mean-spirited Marxist whose goal it is (present tense intended) to totally destroy the United States of America and all of Western civilization. Never forget his bold battle cry: “Punish our enemies.”

Which is why it was so breathtaking when political hack Elijah Cummings called Donald Trump an “illegitimate president.” Of course, everyone’s definition of illegitimate is different. To me, the only illegitimate president in my lifetime was Barack Obama. What was illegitimate about him? Everything! To name some of the more obvious items:

Attending Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s hate-America, black separatist church for 20 years and referring to him as his mentor … his association with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers … his mentor-mentee relationship throughout his teenage years with American communist Frank Marshall Davis … his literary agent’s publicity brochure that stated he was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii” … his rush to seal his records at Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard — including transcripts, theses, and test scores … forcing through Obamacare over the objections of the American people (and the blatant lies he fed them about it) … the fabricated Benghazi video story … the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups … ignoring the ongoing carnage on Chicago’s south side … effectively supporting Iran’s terrorist-sponsoring, fascist government … his outward disdain for Israel … creating a vacuum in Iraq that gave Isis the opportunity to rapidly expand … and much, much more.

The list goes on and on for virtually every day of his regime. Anyone who cares to take the time to do a bit of research on the Internet can easily make the list a hundred times longer.

But the overriding reason why Barack Obama was an illegitimate president is because he stated from the outset that he was going to fundamentally transform the United States of America. Not transform America, but fundamentally transform it.

Now, I’m no legal scholar, but that goal sounds an awful lot like sedition to me. Of course, sedition itself is not treasonous, but giving aid and comfort to a country’s enemies is. I’ll leave it to you to be the judge as to whether or not Obama crossed that line.

Yep, for eight long, painful years, the elephant in the room that no one — including Republicans — wanted to acknowledge was none other than Barack Obama. But the truth is that Obama was, and is, a media-created fraud. Everything about him was a media-manufactured myth — things like the oft-repeated absurdity that “He’s the smartest guy in the room” and constant references to his “remarkable oratorical skills.”

Not quite. Without a teleprompter and words prepared for him by a professional speech writer, the man stumbles and fumbles around like a grade-school kid every time he opens his mouth. It takes him five minutes to answer a question that Donald Trump could answer in 20 seconds (though, in all fairness, a lot of his stumbling and fumbling is probably due to intentional filibustering to avoid having to answer too many questions).

I used to cringe when the media made comments like, “The question is, how high up does this go? Is it possible that (gasp) it could go all the way to the White House?” Not all the way to Barack Obama, mind you, but “all the way to the White House.” Everyone was afraid to so much as hint that Obama himself might have been directly involved in any way in the thousands of untoward, corrupt, and criminal deeds that occurred during his time in office.

The man was protected like a piece of fine China — not just by the media, but by Democrats and Republicans alike. No matter what atrocities were brought to light, it was as though Barack Obama didn’t exist. At worst, the finger was nebulously pointed at “the White House.”

So now, here we are all these years later, and the young man who seemingly appeared out of nowhere has slipped into the night as an unscathed middle-aged man, already well along in his efforts to set up a shadow government. With billions of dollars at his disposal and the fake media behind him, he will have the wherewithal to wield enormous power in his continued efforts to destroy America and Western civilization.

So, even though Barack Obama is most decidedly not the smartest guy in the room, it would be a big mistake to underestimate him. And on top of the big bucks and the MSM he will have behind him, he possesses an important trait that has allowed him to pull off his decades-long scam without flinching: unmatched arrogance. Imagine his believing that Democrats, who have lost nearly 1,000 seats in state legislatures during his two terms in office, would do just fine if they would only become more adept at explaining his radical-left agenda.

Unfortunately, it’s almost certain that millions of Americans, both in and out of government, who were intimidated into not speaking up about Barack Obama and his roadmap for a Marxist America will continue to look the other way as he doubles down on his efforts to bring down the Trump administration, the United States, and the Western world. So, as much as I hate to say it, I’m afraid that Barack Obama is still the elephant in the room whom millions of Americans still pretend not to see.

Open your eyes, America! Trust me: The elephant is alive and well, and still very much in the room. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Robert Ringer

+Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

92 responses to “The Elephant Is Still in the Room”

  1. slobotnavich says:

    Interesting and revealing piece. Obama was "the man with no past," truly the Manchurian Candidate. Had he been in the military he couldn't have even qualified for a Confidential clearance (the lowest), let alone Secret or Top Secret. Nobody who was at Harvard when he allegedly was there has any recollection of him. His transcripts, if any, are all sealed and unavailable for investigation or scrutiny.

  2. Many of us saw through him from the outset! Almost half of all Americans are STILL ignorant! Something must have been very wrong in the home that so many people cannot think right. See Philip Wylie's "Momism" for one thing. How did so many people get "that way"? I wonder.

    • Tania Messina says:

      You are so right, Richard, and I believe that we are now seeing the disastrous cumulative effects in our country of the very dangerous, mind-dulling media, TV and Hollywood, junk food, the pharmaceutical/industrial complex, all of these—–chemicals that play dangerously with the mind. Many people have bought into "identity politics," common sense has disappeared, everyone feels entitled, and so many seem not to even know the difference between right and wrong! Trump was so right when he spoke of the extreme hatred out there, which was evident in the ignorant criticism of Melania Trump's opening with "The Lord's Prayer." Where was their criticism for the past 24 years while we worked hard on destroying the Middle East?

      • Angie says:

        Note that half of those 25 years were under the leadership of the Bush clan both of whom were the ones who actually started the actual wars in the Middle East.

    • Jean says:

      There is an entire generation that believes that feelings and intentions are the same as actions and results. They are the ones who scream "unfair" when their side loses, or when bad things happen to them when they do something stupid. The concept of past behavior being an accurate predictor of future behavior with regard to humans is beyond their comprehension, because what people say and how they say it matters more than what they actually do. The snowflake generation is destined to be comprised of life's losers, by and large.

    • Rob says:

      First black president? People loved the idea, at least some. Remember there was lots of voter fraud and intimidation.Since I was in country I've mistrusted the government ('72 on) other arenas, I was career military until……..well let that go. If you can't control what the gov't. or anything does, by no means trust it. Were you aware that Benghazi was to cover killing Ambassador Stevens because he brokered a deal between Iran and the US for Stinger missiles? Probably not. I only know because a black ops buddy told me.

  3. Jurgy says:

    yet, I feel powerless … especially as a conservative voter in one of the bluest states in the nation (think Pocahontas Warren) …

  4. Thank you Mr. Ringer for spelling out the truth. Your editorial needs to be on the front page of every paper. I applaud your courage to point out the "elephant in the room"!

  5. Rick G says:

    It is my sincere belief that Barack Hussein Obama is, by far, theee worst "president", if you want to call him one, in our country's history. He was an illegimate "president", one that should never have been. Voter fraud got him elected, both times, mind you. Had it been a legimate one man one vote, he would have been resoundly defeated in 2008. And voter fraud was even worse in 2012. I also blame the Republican Party for his election. They put up two deadbeat has-beens to run against him both times, knowing that each time that their candidate would not win. Barack Hussein Obama is foreign-born and not an American. He has two names, and two Social Security numbers, the later which is illegal. Nearly everything he did while in the White House was an impeachable offense. Sarah Palin herself counted at least 22 impeachable offenses.. He cozied up to foreign Marxist dictators and terrorist countries and groups and maligned our allies. He did eveything in his power to wreck this country both domestically and foreign. He should have been denied the swearing into office in 2009. Barack Hussein Obama is an abberation that should never been and never been allowed.

    • Angie says:

      I understand your belief that he was the worst and most illegitimate president. I would be more sympathetic to your belief if you had verifiable proof of any of the things you claim about him. 2 names? 2 social security numbers? Voter fraud? Here is an article that cites numerous studies (albeit mostly by evil liberal institutions of higher learning (oops I mean brainwashing)) that this allegation is totally overblown in conservative media and ends with a quote by Kelly Ann Conway as follows: "Count Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, among those unconvinced about widespread voter fraud. Conway said that while, in the past, there have been reports “here and there” about people voting “a couple different times in places,” she does not believe widespread voter fraud will mar the upcoming election. “No, I do not believe that,” Conway said on MSNBC. “So absent overwhelming evidence that there is, it would not be for me to say that there is.” Here's the link:… You can't have it both ways. If there had been a "legitimate one man, one vote" election in 2016 Hillary Clinton would have won, and I don't suppose that would have felt very legitimate to you either. And feelings and beliefs rather than actual facts seem to rule the roost here these days. I'd be interested in your thoughts on whether he intended to "wreck" the country or if that was just an unintended consequence of his stupidity. Also would be interested in where this allegation of stupidity comes from. Is the assumption that only stupid people go to Harvard law? I know many non-stupid, conservative voters who went to Harvard law. They are very successful 1 percenters. One was Obama's legal writing teacher at Harvard who has told me he was far brighter than my friend, and at least in legal writing I'd have to agree having been exposed far too often to my dear friend's brand of legal writing. I'm smart too but I didn't go to Harvard and I'm only a 5 percenter. Also the whole foreign born thing is so so old. Here's another article that discusses the constitutional issue around citizenship which, correctly states that even if he was born in foreign soil he would have been constitutionally qualified to be president because his mother was a citizen. Just like Marco Rubio. The Obama haters should focus on other things. For example although personally I have always disagreed with the US policy of favoring Israel over all else in the Middle East, so I was personally ok with him giving them short shrift, I do think there are legitimate arguments that that was perhaps not the right approach. I just wish there was less spewing of "beliefs" and non-facts and more actual thought out into the discourse. For all the allegations of personality politics with respect to Trump it seems that that's all the Obama hates are really interested in as well.

      • James Jones says:

        You're just talking to yourself. Ringer is deep in the conservative media bubble. Look at his accusation of Obama and the IRS targeting conservative group. Just nonsense, and easily shown to be false. The IRS investigated, as was their job, groups looking for tax exemption, conservative, liberal and those in between. Of course the conservative media never told objective facts. They are more interested in alternative reality fictions where Obama, (and Hillary) are some of the most heinous politicians in history, but also the most investigated yet Republicans never found anything. But of course in conservative brains this means Republicans must be in on it. Then they excuse everything Trump says and does. The conservative bubble is why the USA's politics is so screwed up, and why the right has gone crazy. Any facts they don't like they just change to suite them. They tell themselves lies so often and for so long they believe their own lies.

      • Finally! Someone here with some sense. Facts people. Facts are what matters. Not beliefs and conspiracies. But hard, cold facts. I have to say, I've lost respect for Robert Ringer. It appears the Tortoise's brain has turned to turtle soup. He used to talk about things like honesty, integrity, and reality. Now he supports a man who is the antithesis of everything Ringer claimed to stand for. Trump is a malignant narcissist and pathological liar who has no regard for facts and no relationship with reality. I'm officially burning all the Ringer books on my bookshelf and deleting all Ringer-related files and documents from my hard drive. I'm so disappointed with him and the direction he's taking. The man even tried making the argument for America to become an autocracy for God's sake. Even denouncing his Libertarian roots. Maybe senility is setting in. I don't know. But I do know he no longer espouses the things I believe in. Things like, you know, democracy, liberty, freedom, honesty, integrity…REALITY.

  6. Jerry says:

    Outstanding piece on who BO(Barak Obama) really is. If OB had been a republican with the background and people he associated with he would NOT have made it through the primaries. OB and the Dem's were always pulling the "race" card which allowed Him to get away with anything. The Republicans and the Press would set back and say and do NOTHING. I think over time the American people will find out who the TRUE Barak Obama is and how the wool was pulled over the voter's of this great country. BO getting elected was a JOKE. It was about Race and NOT qualifications period. The people, especially the younger generation, better WAKE UP and realize that "liberalism" has never worked and it is running America into a ditch like it has most of Europe. America didn't become GREAT by everyone getting a "free" ride.

    • DOL says:



  7. Marte says:

    I agree – this essay should be on the front page of every newspaper – and required reading in every classroom. I fear for our children and the brainwashing they're getting from liberal "educators."

  8. larajf says:

    It bothers me that people still say he and Michelle were classy and there were no scandals during their presidency. I have to wonder where they hell they lived the last 8 years. But then, facts never get in the way of their feelings.

  9. sixxfingers says:

    obama claims to have more than 30,000 rabid followers eagerly waiting to riot and disrupt with the intent of destroying President Trump's administration. No doubt more will sign up when college semesters end for the summer.

    Fine. It doesn't matter it the number grows. How do you think they'd do against nearly 20 million loyal, patriotic, pissed off U.S. military veterans who would easily CRUSH every one of them from obama on down. We took an oath to defend this nation from ALL enemies, and the democrat crime syndicate is the biggest enemy we face. And there was never any mention of that oath expiring.

    I don't know how to go about organizing veterans for this purpose, but as a U.S. Marine, consider me volunteered if the bastards want to come to western Pennsylvania to conduct their overthrow nonsense.


  10. TheLookOut says:

    My sentiments exactly Mr. Ringer. Great article, and as you
    stated he still has to be reckoned with. The commies have
    to be defeated time, and time again. They will not just go away,
    nor question.their own motives.Snakes will always bite the hand
    that feeds them.

  11. Phil says:

    I utterly despise the GOP Establishment. The party has become completely corrupted, cowardly, and simply vile. That they are dragging on Obamacare's repeal says everything one needs to know. And the irony is that Obamacare is one of perhaps 3 items that the Deplorables are not about to give an inch on. If they think – Johnny Jack Psycho McCain and the rest of them – that life is just going to go on as normal if they ignore doing something about the atrocity, they are sadly mistaken. I know that many are in bed with the insurance companies and other interests associated with killing our freedom to choose how we take care of our medical issues, but in the long run they will pay a price. The Trump revolution will look like the zit on an elephant's arse when the Deplorables finishing showing their displeasure in 2018.

    And as an aside, this economy is not especially strong in the fundamentals – not at all – and as Obamacare continues to take money from the public's pockets, these retail companies like Sears, etc., are going to continue to take a hit as premiums rise.

    Such a disgrace for a free people to be subjected to this…to allow themselves to LET THE GOVT dictate whether they buy health insurance and if so, what coverage to purchase. Nuts, nuts, nuts.

    Pardon the frustration, it is simply insane.

    • Joan Ferrante says:

      Who knows where these leaks are coming from maybe President Trump should take a closer look at whom is near by????

  12. Mike B says:

    I absolutely do not claim to have special insight. However, from day one I saw through hussein with utter clarity. All one had to do was watch his body language and listen to his words. I was amazed at how often he would say right out loud what he would do, redistribute wealth, kill coal, increase energy costs, whatever, and then cover it with nice sounding but meaningless words and phrases. I could not believe how so many people I knew were falling for it.

  13. kauai_mike says:

    BINGO! Yet what a great time to live in. Our individual freedoms grow ever sweeter as the world collapses. Bring it!

  14. Jana says:

    Oh joy! The truth for a change. Even conservative columnists won't say this. Time for it to be out there. Thank you Robert Ringer.

  15. Thom Leonard says:

    So many Truths packed into a short hard hitting article about the real Hate monger in the White House.
    You have come close to sharing the total disdain that I have for the obamas and their acts on our life while in the White House.
    Read your "Winning through intimidation" in 1976 and still have it on the shelf for easy access. Many folded pages and underlined lines, pardon the pun.

  16. edda says:

    Ringer is right, again. His graphs about 'illegitimacy' – above – never, never, ever made a logical dent with the American voters who pulled the lever on emotion, pure and total emotion – the phrase being, "our first African-American President," while a popular tv news host felt '"tingle up his leg." As though saying it and hearing it over and over would forever assuage and erase the 'white guilt' it rhetorically implies. As though the libs and progressives – et al – who pulled that lever would somehow be absolved from the stain of America's original sin. Arrogance, rhetorical flair, and a hatred for Western Civilization – not necessarily in that order – are as close to sedition – ever carried out by an American 'leader'. Yes, that 'leader', remains emboldened, powerful and shadowy.

  17. I read years ago how Obama became senator from IL. The senator he replaced was well liked but at the time had a nasty divorce with Jeri Ryan (famous actress). The divorce records were sealed by law.

    However a democrat operative illegally released those records to the public. Actually no he didn't…. he read into them his version of what actually happened. That is what happened in the marriage leading up to the the divorce. Those records were never released to the public.

    So when the short revised version was released the sitting republican senator resigned his seat (you can't fight the Daly Chicago machine). Alan Keyes tried to step in but MSM said no Uncle Tom was going to DC.

    Obama easily became a next senator to go to DC. Yep, I saw him from the get go…. bad to the bone.

  18. Mel Page says:

    If you ever thought about spiritual involvement, Obama is the puppet of evil.

  19. Reality Seeker says:

    Another excellent article by RJR.

    I can only add that Barack Hussain Obama's real name isn't Barack Hussain Obama. He changed his name and then he openly stated his ideological beliefs. And that should tell you everything you need to know about his mindset…..

    Barack Obama as a person is a strange fusion of collectivism, i.e., Marxism fused with Islam. And Obama is still lurking in Washington. This points to Civil War ll.

    President Trump is a totally different man with a completely different mindset. This all points to Civil War ll…. Moreover, the Marxist Press is fomenting violence against President Trump. This is the reason why President Trump is taking the press head-on…. Did anybody else notice that President Trump's first press conference was about the press? I've never seen anything like it. Again, it points to Civil War ll…..

    The next four years is going to be really something….

  20. Reality Seeker says:

    *Barack Hussein Obama….

  21. Scott theczech says:

    At first I thought the "elephant" image in your article should have been a "donkey," but then I realized you are absolutely correct in calling this the elephant in the room; with out the Republicans capitulating, yea cooperating, this historical anomaly named Obama would not have occurred.

  22. Harry says:

    Great essay! Superb. "In fact, the Romney-McCain-McConnell-Boehner-Ryan-led establishment insisted that Obama loved America and was basically a good guy who just “didn’t have a clue.”" These people named here are not stupid. Clearly, they were instructed not to go after Obama. If you ever get to be really really frisky, Mr. Ringer, please do one on who those "instructors" are. No one will ever do that essay, alas.

  23. Rocketman says:

    Trump has Obama over for a little private talk. Trump explains to Obama that he's getting very tired of what Obama is doing sabotaging everything that he's trying to put in place. Obama sneers and says that there is nothing the president can do to stop it.
    "Oh really?" "You think so huh?" Replies Trump. "I can sign an executive order in 10 minutes to open those sealed files into your background and then we can see where your really an American at all and if you even went to Colombia." "No one sees to remember you there." "And if you have committed criminal actions which I'm betting that you have, I can instruct the Attorney General to do what any attorney would do faced with criminal violations of the law." "Prosecute them to the letter of the law."
    Obama starts feeling sick to his stomach and says "You know I've always felt that maybe I would be more at home in another country other than America." "I think I might be moving out of the country soon."
    "Yea." Replies Trump "I just thought you might."

  24. Jay says:

    A good script for a documentary.
    I wonder who is the Mahout.

  25. crack4patch says:

    It is truly a great and helpful piece of info,Excellent blog,Thanks for sharing

  26. Ann says:

    Dear Mr Ringer. I have been reading your interestng articles for years now. I am doing it from an Asian perspective as I live here for about four monhs every year and the rest of the year I spend in another country that is not America. I have thought for years now that when the Western world collapses Asia will take over. But my hope has been that the change will not take place yet as Asia is not ready and not mature enough. Now watching the US and the baby president the US have got I do not know what to think. In the Asian country I am living people respect each other and respect does not seem to be a word understood today in the US. What do your think Mr Ringer of Asia's readyness to take over and to save this endangered planet we are all living on?

  27. faye says:

    For some time now I have called Obama "Enemy #1". I truly believe he set out to destroy our nation.

  28. TheBackSaver says:

    All comments agree with Mr Ringer and his analysis of BHO. Count myself among them.
    Yet there is this little voice inside me that keeps saying that BHO is merely a symptom of a much bigger disease. A self inflicted disease that has been growing for the last 100 years. The great recently departed Dr Nathaniel Brandon referred to this in his final years. To quote him: We are being "infantized" . A gradual wholesale reduction of our self esteem. BHO and others could smell our weakness and as is their nature to do, they took advantage of it.
    In the real world jungle, things haven't changed much in the last few million years.
    Can the "Trump effect" change the trajectory? I remain hopeful and optimistic.

  29. Neo says:

    You're missing a very important point Mr. Ringer – we the people of Earth (not just Americans) have to stop vilifying each other and learnt to talk to each other and communicate. The far side of every side is crazy. We need more people in the center. Even when we have things we disagree with – we have to learn to converse and come together and reach points of agreement so we can move forward. If we don't then disaster will happen. You perpetuating this ludicrous fear mongering and hatred is not going to help. You know that. Do something positive with the rest of your life. Logic and rationality is the way forward – not your unhinged emotionality in your political posts. Have a great day.

    • Ragnar says:

      There is no Center Neo, you either believe in freedom and liberty or you don't. You respect others property or you don't. You appoint and support others to steal or you don't. Those in the middle are afraid to take a stand. There is right and there is wrong, those who can't tell the difference are the problem.

      • Neo says:

        Well, I think life is much more complex. People are much more complex. And we have to compromise and cooperate with various different kinds of people to get through this journey. If we see only enemies – then that is a terrible way to live. I do think there is a center and the more people that get in there the more we are going to get closer to peace. Peace.

        • Ragnar says:

          OK – people and life are complex but please explain how you compromise and cooperate with the Mafia?

          • Neo says:

            Begin by not calling them the Mafia. Seeing them as people – human beings – first. It's simple yet extremely difficult – because we gotta set aside our years of labels and identities we've built for the "other". We have to see people as individuals instead of making up someone's story and psychology in our minds and then believing it without ever actually having an honest conversation with them. A conversation that doesn't involve yelling at each other. We gotta figure this stuff out.

    • TN Ray says:

      I agree. Trump is logical and rational in his assessment of the situation he inherited, and moving forward boldly to solve problems as quickly as possible. The fear mongering and hatred of the opposition liberal media and Democrat anarchists is counterproductive to any rational conversation.

    • Absolutely agree. Ringer has become unhinged. He's not adding any value to the world–or even the discussion for that matter–by joining the raging voices of the angry crowd and hateful, racist conspiracy theorists. Sad to see Ringer lose his way and his mind after admiring him for so long. He used to operate on sound reasoning. Now he has joined the chorus of ranting, raving, fear-mongering, liberal hating lunatics.

  30. hole in one on 14 says:

    Trump and his followers are just whiners. Read the Constitution.

  31. TN Ray says:

    In response to Neo: p.7 of RRinger's article every single observation of BHO is 100% absolutely correct. No Republican (black or white) could have been elected with those credentials. The MSM would have destroyed them. Also, 100% correct are the charges that the R's were afraid to challenge him, referring to him as "nice guy in over his head". It's nice to see Trump charge headfirst into comments criticizing his predecessor publically. He inherited a "big mess", etc, etc. The one time Trump referred to the Obama's as "nice people" (during their "transition" meeting) I overlooked that as an attempt to heal wounds and buy some goodwill going forward into a Trump presidency. But, the reality is there is NO goodwill with the MSM. I believe the MSM is the "why" Republicans were so complimentary of Obama. They were just plain afraid of bad press if they disagreed (honestly" with BHO. Doing so, would incur the MSM moniker of "Racist! Bigot! Homophobe! Or as Hillary summarized anyone who disagreed "Deplorable". In conclusion I think the entire problem of division in America today would be resolved quickly if the MSM would only report the "news" honestly. Opinions could be expressed honestly with the heading "Opinion". Trump is correct the news media is for the most part FAKE news intended to mislead. That's why I see many at Fox News as misguided when they want to join in by taking offense at Trump's criticism of the press. Someone commented that if Trump were to walk on water the MSM would report Trump Can't Swim"! That's now I see it.

    • Neo says:

      Again, if all you see is a world full of conspiracy theories, and convoluted plots to mess up your life, a world full of evil and enemies – then that isn't the best way to go through life. If that's what you want to do, no one is going to stop you. Enjoy.

      • TheBackSaver says:

        Neo: Wouldn't the world be nice if we could always walk "the middle of the road" on every issue and be nice to everyone. Your heart is in the right place, but you strike me as someone rather young who has never been "punched in the face" by anyone at any time. When one has the courage to take a solid position on a issue you do get punched. And RJR has been punched aplenty.
        I think it was T. Roosevelt: "Far better it is to dare mighty things, though checked by failure, than to live in the grey twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat".
        Try stepping out into the light. It doesn't hurt that bad to get punched :).
        And, oh what a learning experience!

        • Neo says:

          It's a much harder road to live in peace and walk a path of understanding. It's easier to rant and moan and vilify. You'll learn when you figure out that getting punched in the face isn't the way to get through life. That is if you want to. There are an awful lot of people out there – the best you can do is begin to understand human psychology instead of seeing enemies and thinking that getting punched in the face makes you a hero. It doesn't. The delusion speaks for itself. Good luck.

  32. BeatNic Rictus says:

    Just remember if you are not the same gender and race of Trump and you criticize him you are being racist and sexist. That was the absurdity of BHO if you disagreed with the policy and procedures of BHO, you were automatically racist.

    Now that the massive subsidy for ACA is for the very poor only, millions of people are paying high deductibles on their health insurance plans, and hospitals want those deductibles and patient portion of fees upfront paid and will not perform a medical procedure, unless someone is near imminent death.

    The other BHO policy was drone strikes on parts of the world that the MSM simply will not cover, nor much of any the things that go on with ISIS/ISIL, and the failed regime changes of Arab Spring sponsored in large part by the USA, creating a vacuum of dangerous behavior for folks that live there.

    Hopefully, the GOP and Trump can cut the budget across the board 25% and yes raise taxes on the wealthy to get a budget surplus to pay down the debt. And put a lot of the Social Security and Medicare on a sliding scale with folks who made a point to accumulate wealth getting less of a full Social Security check and paying more in Medicare deductibles and premiums. Means testing for these programs a must, other wise the Golden Goose of Social Security will be exhausted.

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