You Gotta Love those Dirty Dems

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As I predicted would be the case following the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump has leapfrogged over the Face of Evil. I almost feel sorry for the Dirty Dems, who tried so hard to convince the public that the GOP Convention was a disaster.

One of the things they did that they thought would be a sure thing was zero in on how the snake from Texas showed how split the Republican Party was by urging the delegates to vote their conscience. But anyone with half a brain could see that the self-absorbed senator from the great state of Texas not only permanently destroyed his political career, he actually united the Republican Party. Yep, his being booed off the stage was a huge unity boost for the GOP.

But Trump’s speech was what the Dirty Dems were really excited about. They gnashed their teeth while trying to convince voters that it showed him to be a negative, nasty person. The problem is that a majority of the country doesn’t think like the radical left.

I knew early in his speech that it was going to lift him in the polls. It was obvious that millions of people were going to love his willingness to talk openly about Barack Obama’s preplanned, successful disaster for America, in contrast to cowardly Republican candidates of the past.

People love hearing what they already know to be true, and millions of folks appreciated hearing the truth for a change. More and more voters are starting to believe that if Trump is willing to speak the truth about the way things really are in America, he’s likely to do something about it when he gets in office.

And the truth is that America is heading over a fiscal and moral cliff, and people want a U-turn. Not a slight veering to the right, but a complete turnaround.

It was only fitting that Debbie Wasserman-Shits got caught with her fingers in the Hillary jar the day before the Democratic National Convention. How fitting that her indefensible actions centered around Hillary’s favorite subject: emails.

Now, suddenly, James Comey, who probably hates himself for caving in to the radical left and recommending no action be taken against Hillary the Horrible even after he himself listed lie after lie that she had told about her emails, has a chance to resurrect his sullied reputation.

The big question right now, however, is whether or not Sanders supporters will try to further disrupt the convention and make a mockery of Hillary’s second attempt at a coronation. But even if the Face of Evil finds a way to have her goons silence them, the nation will get a great opportunity to watch the Dirty Dems at their dirtiest — and their dirtiest was on full display Monday night.

Don’t get me wrong. I fully recognize that Republicans are a cowardly and unprincipled bunch. But Democrats are on a whole other level. They are hateful. They are mean-spirited. They are an immoral pack of liars. Other than those minor flaws, I guess they’re a pretty nice bunch of folks. But don’t try telling that to Barack Obama’s half brother, because he ain’t buyin’.

Still in all, it’s scary to know that, scientifically speaking, scum always rises to the top.

Robert Ringer

+Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

54 responses to “You Gotta Love those Dirty Dems”

  1. greg/robert says:

    a million people asking–demanding–from the Dnc–their Bernie donation back would make for a really great day ( a really great law suit) ?? !!
    Is Hillary still using a "private server"…thee "private server ???

  2. Rocketman says:

    I just loved hearing the protesters for Bernie screaming "Lock Her Up!" even while the Clinton supporters were tearing Bernie signs out of their hands. And the so called news media think that the Republicans are the ones with the problem? This may be the beginning of the end of the Democrat Party and if Thomas Jefferson was alive today he would probably add "And good riddance!" to my comment. Both the Green and Libertarian Parties are currently gaining membership and if the LP can get into the presidential debates then you are going to see the LP in my opinion become the third major party. Many Bernie supporters and never Trump people will add to the LP membership in the 2020 election (if there is one).

  3. Robert Ringer RJR says:

    You might just be right. We shall see.

  4. TheLookOut says:

    Thanks Robert, I agree the average American feels the stench in DC
    is getting worse by the hour, and wants to know the truth.
    If Trump will just stay on point, and connect the dots, that truth will
    put him in the WH. HRC is the poster child for establishment corruption.

  5. Avery Horton says:

    Yes, once the Dems rammed men going into girls bathrooms down our throats and we did nothing, they knew they can get away with anything! Election fraud? No one will go to jail.

    • Lionel Walters says:

      Kennedy put a man on the moon. Obama put a man in the ladies room!

      • JoeyBronx says:

        Did you mean Nixon?

      • Robby Bonfire says:

        Kennedy passed in 1963; the moon landing hoax was perpetrated in 1969.

        • bdbmf says:

          dude, read your history on the space program!

          • Robby Bonfire says:

            There are at least TWO severely hot radiation belts between earth and the moon which would melt a spacecraft like butter under a welding torch, were we to actually try to send a spacecraft into their midst. Maybe you would like to do the research and read up on this, as some of us already have?

            This information is available for those who don't readily buy into media hype like a child buys an ice cream cone on a hot August day.

    • unique says:

      We the ladies di do something about it. We stopped going to Target.
      I will never shop in Target again. I used to go there once a week.

  6. Kevan Rowlee says:

    Sharing on my Facebook wall.

  7. JayT says:

    Hillary's America is a must watch just to see how nasty the Democrats truly are.

  8. Michael Burrill says:

    Yes, Hillary's America, in my opinion, was a big cut above 2016, which was good. It's clear how the demo party has morphed from simple racists into racist-socialists, making ghettos the new plantations. Like frogs in water, the rank and file demo-socialists don't even know it.

  9. John Abbott says:

    It is ABOUT stinking TIME that we had a Repub candidate with TESTICLES (figuratively speaking!) These NEVER-TRUMP idiots-the ones that gave us Dole, Romney and McCain-have NO testicles. They may be WORSE than the Dems. We-Americans-are SO tired of the LAME excuses from the Repubs. I say, Go TRUMP. Build the Wall. Cut WASTE and TAXES. Stop Political Correctness. Get the Gov't OFF our backs-and America WILL BE GREAT AGAIN!

  10. Now don't mince words here, funny funny, funny.

  11. Reality Seeker says:

    I really anjoyed watching "Debbie Wasserman-Shits" get booed off of the stage.. great entertainment, really great. In fact, this is probably the first presidential election that I've been truly happy to scrutinize. Not that I actually believe The Great White Shark (aka Donald Trump) can actually make America great, again, but Trump is drawing so much blood that it this is EPIC! Moreover, I "enjoy" watching The Donald win. I enjoyed watching the Arch-Asshole Ted and his Goldman wife get chewed up and spit out….. Ted had me fooled ( That doesn't happen often) and payback is a bitch —- you know, like that bitch of a Goldman wife.

    Winning! Winning! Winning! That's what I like. I like to see Bern's supporters chant " Hillary for Prison" at the DNC! I really enjoy that.

    Yeah, I admit it. At times I enjoy watching people get what's coming to them. And, ya, part of me would like to see the banksters hanged, the political class hanged and the Wall Street crony capitalists hanged. I'd even provide the rope, so long as there was a trial, first.

    Really these pukes aren't getting a fraction of the hell they deserve, but that's life and it isn't fair. But guys like Alex Jones are taking the fight right to the front lines. I like that, and I like being a part of that.

    Hillary is showboating her arrogance by hiring Debbie Wasserman-Shits only hours after she was caught red handed in so many lies. Really, is there anybody on earth who is more overtly corrupt than Hillary? Man, am I going to enjoy watch Donald turn her into his own personal chew toy at the debates……

    Finally, the MSM thought that the GOP was going to be in disarray, not the Democratic Party. Surprise! Thanks be to Putin for riding the hack and subsequent release of the DNC emails. Putin did what Nixon could not, he opened the can of worms for everybody to see…… Putin should get a Nobel Peace Prize for his great work and perfect timing.

    • Judgejames says:

      Yeah, read Judgejames below. And tell me, what category are you? Don't listen, don't hear, don't think or can't think? Maybe there should be another category, "don't care what the constitution says until it's too late". I got news for you, buddy. It's too late!

      • Reality Seeker says:

        Mr. Self Righteous (Glenn Beck) and the Arch Asshole are in the "category" of all hat and no cattle. So don't talk to me about the "people of Texas" and the phony transplants like Cruz, Beck and Bush all in the same breath. Ted thinks he can move to Texas and play Texans for fools like the Bushes did. And, yeah, that phony, Ted, has done a pretty good job at hoodwinking Texans. I know that I sure did support him over David Dewhurst.

        I used to support Glenn Beck, too, because he did some good work. And I was glad he relocated to Dallas, but not anymore. Glenn, Ted and the Bushes are sharkbait as far as I'm concerned. They all fall into the category of phoney with a capital P.

        Personally, I like to think that I'm in a category all by myself….. far, far away from those outwardly holy but lacking in a genuine "conscience". Showboats, hypocrites, ideologues and pontificators is the group in which both Ted and Glenn belong.

        Hopefully, I'll be there in a front row seat when Project Veritas or Wiki Leaks or Alex Jones nails or Jerome Corsi or one of the many other alternative reporters nail Ted and Glenn's ass to their own phony cross.

        • Teri says:

          That was a good one, "all hat and no cattle". That's beginning to sound like most of the population.
          Ok if I use that from time to time?

          • ◄Dave► says:

            He won't mind, Teri. That is an old aphorism. The first time I heard it, was by Dan Rather, referring to candidate G.W. Bush, about a dozen years ago. 😉

            BTW: I spent 16 wonderful years with a lady named Teri, who spelled it with a single 'R,' as you do. Thus, I get to enjoy a wistful smile, every time I see you comment here. Thanks… ◄Dave►

    • unique says:

      DWS may even lose her bid for reelection in Western, Florida.

    • Michael D Horne says:

      Pretty sure it was Assange, who is havened in the Portugese Embassy in London, but perhaps you have info i am not privy to.

      • Reality Seeker says:

        Assange is a hero, like Ed Snowden, but he didn't personally do the hacking. Assange is a political prisoner. Trapped by London at the behest of Washington.

        Actually, I've been told from a good source that any wiz kid could have hacked the DNC, because it was that easy. But a little birdy has fingered the source and it was somewhere inside Russia via a number of "proxies". Assange has hinted that it was NOT the Russians, but Putin, I can assure you, would not just drop that kind of info into Assange's mailbox with a return address. So, I think it was Putin. And in this case, I don't think the Dirty Dems are lying, but I do think they're pointing to Putin so as to divert attention away from the sordid truth.

        Whoever you are, dear hacker, hugs and kisses to you. You'vd done a beautiful job!

  12. Sue says:

    You are so full of hatred and negativity Robert, aren’t you? I see why you like Trump so much. But I think you are wasting your time. I suggest you read the book “The Spheres Approach to Happiness and Fulfillment” by Garret Biss. I am sure you will feel much better after doing that.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Actually, I don't like Trump very much. But I'm am doing my part to use him for my selfish purposes. And my main purpose is to bring down the Dirty Dems and cause chaos in Washington. I see him as a vehicle for doing that.

      • Jim Hallett says:

        EXACTLY! For any true libertarian (I am an anarcho-libertarian in the Murray Rothbard mould), this is what the Donald can bring to the party. The "progressive" mental illness which has brought nothing but REGRESSION to Amerika is full of lies, coercion, murder, and mass hypocrisy. Hildabeast is a poster child for the "movement"/ideology and a pure criminal. Nothing would make me happier than to see her go down in flames, as methinks she will NEVER receive any true justice for her horrid behavior on this earthly plane.

  13. Kay says:

    Sue: You truly can't recognize the validity of this column?? He's not full of hate. I've been following Robert for a long time and believe that he's full of anger and frustration at what Obama and his minions have done to America. He's angry with the Republican elites who have abandoned the principles that made the GOP truly a Grand Old Party and have allowed the democrats to do as they wish without fear of repercussion. He's frustrated with American voters who believe socialism is the answer. He's frustrated with American citizens who are uninformed. He's frustrated with political correctness, which is just a nasty way of suppressing dissenting views. No need to read your suggested book — I think he will feel much, much better after Trump becomes our next President.

  14. Dan Simonson says:

    How about a class action on behalf of those who were defrauded into donating to the DNC? Bernie "Red" Sanders' supporters and many others would not have donated if they knew that the fix was in.

    • Teri says:

      The Bernie crowd is looking for a free ride, from cradle to grave. They poured their money in and hopefully they will get beat.

  15. Blringer37 says:

    I live in California so that probably skews my perception, but I seriously doubt that there's much that will prevent Clinton from becoming our next president. And that's such frightening thought. I am an independent. I believe that both major political parties are deeply flawed, primarily because both support a larger, more intrusive role for government and the higher taxes to support the parasites that abound in Washington, DC. Between the two Clinton scares me more than Trump, but Trump is hardly a reassuring alternative. As the election draws closer I become even more convinced that I need to sit this one out. It is discouraging that in a country of over 300 million people we could not find better candidates than these losers.

    • Reality Seeker says:

      You have a point. The ignorant masses are such dopes that Hillary might just win; in that case Donald should immediately start his own cable and internet network news channel and nail Rupert and family's balls to the wall. I actually believe that Trump could do more good as a broadcasting executive than the Washington Executive.

      By the way, have you seen Mark Dice's reporting? Guys like Dice are the future. The Fox business model is the past, and it needs to be buried.

      Trump News! Truthful, funny and in your face!

      • ◄Dave► says:

        I wholeheartedly agree, RS. Trump could do so much more for the country, with a truly candid cable channel, and he should make Mark Dice his first hire. How he manages to maintain a straight face while asking clueless sheeple his questions, is a mystery. That they walk among us, and vote, is beyond frightening! :) ◄Dave►

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      The whole process is a fraud, but it's nothing compared to what will ensue if the Dirty Dems pick the next three or four SC Justices.

      • Jim Hallett says:

        That is one of the main reasons I am rooting for a Trump victory in November. The whole business of the Supreme Court has been bastardized by the progressive fools that it will not take much more to completely destroy what little and tattered fabric of the nation still exists. Ron Paul has done lots of good outside of DC (his homeschooling curriculum especially), so I agree that a Trump Channel could possibly do much more than he can accomplish in the District of Criminals, since so much of the crap is already ensconced in stone and will be nearly impossible to destroy. Have you noticed how all the principals in the war state agenda are refusing to support Trump and laud Hildabeast? They know where to swing their power, and she would be their puppet like so many others.

    • Right On! I feel the same way…Think I will write Jesus Christ on my ballot…He is the only King…

  16. TN Ray says:

    The "transparent" Dems appalled! Thier covert schemes EXPOSED! The pious defenders of minorities caught disparaging latinos as ("tacos"), plotting to disrupt the RNC convention, and scheming with MSM to discredit Bernie with religious innuendo. EXPOSED. Thier behavior is no surprise. The surprise is MANY "Dirty Dems" don't care. They press on with full knowledge of Hillary's ethical depravity, and again excuse her. Hopefully, there are enough honest Dems to prevent HRC from becoming America's most corrupt President in history. Or, is "honest Dem" an oxymoron? Few, if any hold elected office. Again, we ALL now know Hillary lied repeatedly re: her emails. Why does the MSM support this liar? It's all corrupt and rigged.

    • Reality Seeker says:

      " Why does the MSM support this liar"?

      That was a rhetorical question, right? Because I think you know precisely the reason why. The MSM supports birds of their own feather.

  17. Judgejames says:

    Most of the time I'm loath to disagree with you, but your unmitigated disdain for Ted Cruz is the mark of a man who doesn't listen, doesn't hear, doesn't think or can't assimilate the relationship between audience and speaker, as with most of the simpletons at the RNC. I'm sure, in a room full of Republicans who have paid several hundred, even several thousand dollars in plane fare, hotels, meals, car rentals, taxi's and other expenses and paraphernalia, not to mention the possibility that some even missed a weeks salary, as I said, I'm sure Ted meant to tell these people at the RNC to vote for Hillary! How ignorant! Only a moron could get that message, but then again, most of the attendees, the pundits and those like you with diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain could get that message. So, you're a role model of someone who stands up for what you believe, but if someone disagrees with you, they are to be ridiculed and badmouthed? Sounds rather Alynskyite to me. Ted Cruz made promises to the people of Texas. He, unlike others, did everything he could to keep them. He made a lot of enemies in doing so. Was he supposed to fall in line, like Bernie Sanders? He went as far as his conscience would allow. He knows the constitution far better than you could ever hope to, and I believe has much more honor than you. YOU are the snake oil salesman, dumping a half-dozen sales pitches into my mailbox for every article. But you, in your arrogance, castigate him for keeping a promise. Tell me, Robert, you constantly remind us what a Doctor of Sales you are. What is the ether?

    • Stephan F says:

      @ Judgejames

      "He (Cruz) knows the constitution far better than you could ever hope to, and I believe has much more honor than you."

      Sir, are you insane?

      Best regards, and I wish you a complete recovery from your dementia.

    • ◄Dave► says:

      @ judgejames

      Talk about verbal diarrhea… why don't you do yourself (and the rest of us) a favor, JJ, and just unsubscribe from Robert's newsletter? You are not likely to make too many friends hereabouts, with your rather distasteful attitude. Personally, I find it almost as irritating as the smarmy Canadian Born Citizen's rhetoric. ◄Dave►

  18. worldnewsanalysis says:

    It is high time the USA had a President who owned and operated his own business, had to meet a payroll, had to pay taxes, had to take business risk, knows politicians and bureaucrats for the parasites they are. Much better than these professional politicians and bureaucrats who have lived off the taxpayers all their life.

  19. larajf says:

    It looks like Sanders' people are disrupting. I'm rather pleased about that.

  20. Scott theczech says:

    Tell me, what is wrong with reminding people to vote their conscience? What is wrong with remembering that one's first duty is to oath of the office one swore? What is wrong with honoring and upholding the Constitution? Lord, I wish we had never discovered political parties!

    • richard lee van der says:

      The word that comes to my mind is ALLEGIANCE!

    • ragnar says:

      If the Constitution is such a perfect document how do you explain the position we are in? The country would be much better off if it followed the Declaration of Independence.

  21. John Jpsix says:

    I believe that the biggest threat facing all of us this election season is fraud at the ballot box. The Democrats as a Party are corrupt to the core and, I believe, will do anything to win, legal or illegal. Hillary could not win a fair election but I am fearful that this coming election will be a sham. Further, Once an individual loses their sense of morality, it takes a life changing event to get them back on track if at all. The same is true for the nation. I cannot believe the degree of corruption in government and business that we see today. It is outrageous by traditional Christian values. My personal opinion is that most of our citizens are critically undereducated about our American heritage and how our country was formed. Also, a basic understanding of finance and economics appears to be a subject from a foreign planet to most people I speak with. No wonder that a glib, nonsensical, and economic dunce like Elizabeth Warren can get elected, not to mention the pathetic, and possibly mentally disturbed, former comedian, Al Franken. I remember him from his skit on Saturday Night Live. He was rock bottom ridiculously asinine to the point of nauseousness back then just like he is now! His speech at the Democratic Party convention was almost at the level of a 12 year old at best. What is troubling is that he and his gang of nincompoops could actually have a following! Our country is no longer at the point of being lost. it has past that marker, taken a hard left turn, smashed through the barricade of freedom, and is heading down the road of moral depravity and gross cultural ignorance toward the cliff of total cultural collapse! I predict that within one year of Hillary taking office as President (which will happen as this thing is definitely rigged to hell and back) America will be a sewer pit of financial hardship and gross federal oversight on par with the oppressive socialist regime in Sweden! You don't think this is possible? How about a move to a Monarchy with Bill and Hillary as the King and Queen? I bet that there are enough hairbrained, looney-tooned, mentally depraved, undereducated, culturally illiterate, morally demented, social parasites out there that are hoping for a free feast on the dead body of America to actually elevate these incarnate beings (Bill and Hillary) to deity with their votes! I swear that living in America today is like a nightmare from hell that keeps getting worse with each turn of the screw of corruption. Hell, even the FBI is on the take! I tell you folks, THE BALL GAME IS OVER and the idiots are those of us who didn't do a damn thing about it for year after year after year! How anyone with a brain could be a modern day Democrat (or Establishment Republican) is beyond the realm of scientific discovery! Note that the Key traits that sociopaths and psychopaths share include: A disregard for laws and social mores. A disregard for the rights of others. A failure to feel remorse or guilt. I ask you, does this sound like Bill or Hillary? Read about their history and the facts will blow you away. By the way, Obama is no sweetheart either. I actually think he could eat both Bill and Hillary for breakfast without burping. The problem with Obama is that he does have a great personality. This makes him a lot more lethal than not-so-huggable Hillary and we still have his Executive Order dictatorship to suffer through for another six months. Well, gotta go pack my bags for the first volunteer crew flight to Mars! It's a oneway ticket but it sure is going to beat what's coming down the road in America!!!

  22. Richard Lee Van Der says:

    Beautifully said!

  23. Phil Colbert says:

    Now the DNC is trying to get an emotional response by talking about kids, pretending they're all emotional about it. Is anybody buying it?

  24. Texas Wolfie says:

    Maybe a new Lee Harvey Oswald will arise from the masses

  25. Richard says:

    I have never in my life been a Trump fan. He's obnoxious. I never watched his TV show even once.

    However … everything changed for me the first time I heard him say, "I'll build a wall." To me, this is a single-issue election. If we don't control our borders, the U.S. is DOA.

    Here's the best evaluation of Trump I've seen. This guy has it 100% right:

  26. Rock Roach says:

    More proof in the pudding as the Dirty Dems try to blame the hacks on Trump and the Russians.Does the public
    really buy this assinine crap?Of course the bad guys lol (Russians) want Trump to win.They need our help to defeat Isis,which they surely aren't going to get from HRC.We don't need a cold war with Russia again,and the ever increasing war vs terrorism.The Dems want Turkey to do all the fighting(and they are fighting themselves as well-remember the coup.) Also note the blind and greatly educated democratic party chant at the DNC-"NO more war". Well you idiots,you are in a war.Your stupidity stems from your fearless leader,Boris Badinoff Obama, who fails to even recognize it,and a HRC victory might lead to Armageddan in the USA.

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