What a nice surprise …

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What a nice surprise to see Ben Carson finish in a near dead heat with John Kasich in South Carolina. Carson finished with 7.2% of the vote compared to Kasich’s 7.6%. CNN finally gave the man a chance to speak at last week’s town hall meeting, and, by golly, he delivered.

I find it amusing that Kasich is now saying that it’s a four-man race, because I think he could be right. But the fourth man may be Ben Carson rather than him! If I were Kasich, I’d be looking over my shoulder.

Jeb Bush garnered 7.8%, but, as expected, dropped out of the race. I never did understand the man’s campaign. He spent most of his time saying nasty things about Rubio and Trump (much more about Trump) rather than himself.

Did he really expect to win people’s votes by convincing them that they shouldn’t vote for someone else because they were so bad? Bush should sue whoever advised him to adopt such a pathetic and ignorant strategy.

Unfortunately, Ted Cruz is using the same negative attack strategy, while repeatedly insisting that he “does not respond in kind.” Huh? Is he kidding? His attacks have been nonstop. I once admired Cruz, so I’m very disappointed in his Hillaryistic disregard for the truth. Let’s hope he figures out that he’s on the wrong path before it’s too late.

Now, on to Thursday’s debate, where my eyes will be on Ben Carson. On this occasion, he has to compete for time with only four other candidates, and there’s a lot of hate among at least three of them.

I’d really like to see Carson do so well that he forces the media to start taking him seriously — and I hope his backers are in for the long haul.

This is getting to be very interesting.

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