There was something eerie …

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There was something eerie about the Reagan era officially coming to an end today with the burial of Nancy Reagan and Donald Trump’s impressive press conference in which Ben Carson endorsed him. It was as though the Bushes, the Clintons, and the Obamas had never existed, and the next great era was about to begin.

As the media frantically tries to change the focus from the millions of new voters Trump has attracted — by lying, twisting Trump’s words, giving only one side of the story, outrageously comparing him to Hitler, babbling hysterically about troublemakers being thrown out of Trump events, and now preparing to bombard the airwaves with ads that proclaim “Donald Trump admits there are two Donald Trumps” — perhaps it’s time for a bit of serious reflection.

The media and the Republican establishment hated Ronald Reagan at least as much as they hate Trump, successfully blocking his path to the Republican nomination when he ran against incumbent Gerald Ford in 1976. But Reagan came back in 1980 and, despite the media and GOP establishment once again attacking him as an idiot who would start a nuclear war, this time around he managed to win the Republican nomination.

The establishment was beside itself, warning that Reagan had no chance against Jimmy Carter. And, indeed, he started out 20 points behind in the polls. The rest, of course, is history: Reagan beat the dimwitted Carter in a landslide, defeated the Soviet Union without bombs or bullets, presided over one of the most booming economies in U.S. history, and went down as one of the greatest presidents ever.

So am I comparing Donald Trump to Ronald Reagan? In at least one respect, yes: Both men, Reagan in the seventies and eighties and Trump today, were/are despised by the media and the Republican establishment. The more things change …

Other than that, no one (especially Trump haters) knows how a President Trump’s term(s) would play out. It could be a disaster or Trump could turn out to be as good or better than Reagan. What’s that you say? Donald Trump is no Ronald Reagan? That’s true but, then again, Ronald Reagan was no Donald Trump.

Of course, the GOP power brokers could still succeed in screwing Trump out of the nomination, in which case we’ll never know how good or bad he might have been. But let’s be humble here and admit that no one knows the future.

While I don’t support any candidate, I must admit that the more I listen to Trump, the more convinced I am that he’s very smart, very tough, and very honest — at least compared to other politicians. In fact, his honesty in saying what he really believes is precisely what has gotten him into so much trouble.

Anyway, let’s all calm down and see what happens next Tuesday. And, while doing so, let’s also be grateful that it’s not a little snake in the grass like RoboRubio, who has never had a serious job, who’s in the lead. Now THAT would be something to be hysterical about.

Robert Ringer

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