Our Dear Leader Pays Homage to the Commies

Posted on March 21, 2016 by Robert Ringer Comments (40)


Obama’s shameful trip to Cuba today brought back memories of the 1959 Castro revolution in that once-beautiful Caribbean country. The far left in the United States was, of course, ecstatic, when Castro and his revolutionaries took control of things, but overall public sentiment changed quickly when images of Castro’s thugs executing “enemies of the revolution” started appearing on American television screens.

In those days, most Democrats were not liberal fascists, so JFK was determined to get rid of Fidel. His solution was the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion by CIA-trained Cuban exiles, but it lasted only three days and was an embarrassing failure for the president.

The only other official attempt by the U.S. to rid Cuba of Castro was Operation Mongoose in 1962. The details of that operation are still murky, but it was another embarrassing failure for JFK, especially so when it became public knowledge that the Kennedy administration had hired the Mafia to assassinate Castro.

As I watched brother Raul follow in the footsteps of other brutal dictators around the world and play Obama for a fool on international television, what came to mind was a question I first thought about when I was a young adult and witnessed people in Cuba being tied to trees and executed:

Why didn’t the United States act overtly instead of covertly to overthrow Castro’s communist regime? Why didn’t JFK just send in the first team and use overwhelming force to crush Fidel and his communist thugs?

There would have been civilian casualties, to be sure, but the long-term result would have been millions of people not having to live in communist-style poverty and oppression over the past 57 years.

It’s amazing to me that we get involved in so many skirmishes and wars around the globe, killing thousands of innocent civilians in the process (“collateral damage”), but we can’t take a few days to put an end to a brutal communist regime less than a hundred miles from the Fountainebleau Hotel.

Not to worry, though. Obama is now on Cuba’s case, and he’ll whip those commies in line in a hurry. Yep, I can already see it — a red line in the Caribbean. That’s sure to scare the heck out of Raul and Fidel.

Robert Ringer

+Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

40 responses to “Our Dear Leader Pays Homage to the Commies”

  1. Marte says:

    He probably went there to ask what he can give them. We can borrow a few more billion somewhere and send ti right away. Wouldn't want a dictator to go without his caviar when we can provide it.

  2. Paul Anthony says:

    I'm disappointed, Robert. You said "Why didn’t JFK just send in the first team and use overwhelming force to crush Fidel and his communist thugs?"

    Because Cuba is not ours to rule. Neither is Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Viet Nam…

    People choose the government they get. The US didn't become a free nation because some empire granted us freedom. Our forefathers created it for themselves.

    Unfortunately, our generation has thrown it away. Who are we to say how other nations should be governed when we can't maintain freedom for ourselves?

    • steve Koehler says:

      Well said.

    • Al River says:

      Well said Paul.

    • larajf says:

      I was thinking the same as well.

    • Andre Pion says:

      Your comments make a lot of sense and counterbalance Ringer's view obviously based on total ignorance and on the view that Americans know best. You mention the clumsy response that created those hot pools of disorder anywhere Americans set foot. Somewhat disgusting. Foreign Affairs are run by complete stupidity since way too long.

    • Luke Avedon says:

      Bravo Paul

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      All I was saying is that if JFK wanted to get rid of Castro, why not do it quickly by using overt, overwhelming force? __The question you are raising is whether it should have been any of our business in the first place. I'm anti-foreign intervention, but this is a close call even for me. Cuba is a suburb of South Florida, so from a practical (rather than a theoretical) standpoint, a brutal dictatorship there is something to be concerned about. Too complicated, philosophically and otherwise, to discuss here. But I am sympathetic to your point and knew it would be coming when I wrote the article. Thanks for making it.

      • KeepingitHonest says:

        Mexico is even closer. That logic would say lets take over Mexico and clean it up. Imagine all the wonderful natural resources we would gain, more than Cuba could offer.

        • Jean says:

          We may as well take it over – after all, their population has taken over Colorado, California, Texas…..
          and if you don't believe it, para el español , pulse 2.

    • AMEN Paul – you are RIGHT ON here! WE THE PEOPLE should come FIRST – and we are not educating, feeding and housing all who are needy here! I favor stop sucking up to all those that hate us and care for the USA by getting rid of the Muslims and Crooks in DC!

      • Teri says:

        Don't get me started on the "needy" in the country. Most of it is due to Piss Pour Planning. This generation isn't planning, their parents didn't plan, their grandparents didn't plan. The government can only take care of so many. And the many is growing.

        • JohhnyTwoSheds says:

          Teri, I couldn't agree more. People, for the most part, are the architects of their own misery. For example, if a coal miner in Kentucky voted for Obama, he (the coal miner) essentially voted to close down the coal mines, throwing himself out of a job, ruining his small, coal-mining village's economy, shuttering the businesses downtown, generating out-migration of the best and brightest from his area, driving up crime and poverty. By voting thus, he made a conscious (but stupid) decision to create the mess he now lives in. All through the idiotic and self-destructive act of voting like a fool.

          I've heard it said that "if someone's out to cut your throat, whatever you do, don't lend him a knife!" This applies to politics as well. Someone who pulls the lever for a known liar, thief and traitor should not be surprised that his or her "statesman" or 'stateswoman" lies, steals and sells us all down river.

      • Barb Johnson says:

        Yeah! Exactly right. Sick of what this evil regime is doing. Will they ever leave? I believe that to be a real ?.

    • If I'm not wrong, there were no presidential elections in Cuba for decades. It is basically a dictatorship. Elections are not transparent.

      Population is poor and ignorant due to the communist regime, Cuba is not a democracy.

    • Isidoro says:

      I could not agree more with you, Paul.
      By the way, I am Mexican, living in México, so I understand perfectly your point of view.

      Robert, I think this ocassion you peed out of the basin,as we have a saying in México.

    • paul says:

      Well stated Paul. It was recently discovered that the soviets had over 100 tactical nuclear weapons,in Cuba, that could have been fired by the 10,000 russian ground troops stationed there and commanded by the general who defeated the nazis at Leningrad or was it Stalingrad, the place that was -40 and nobody had any food. These were in addition to the nuclear armed missiles. Cuba would not have gone quietly.

  3. larajf says:

    I wonder if Fidel gave Obama a Che Guevara t'shirt?

  4. Fergo44 says:

    Paul Anthony, maybe you are too young to know that the Castro brothers, as soon as they were in power, started exporting their revolution to other countries in Latin America. Countries they weren't supposed to rule and in that process contributed to the deaths of thousands of innocent people in that part of the world. In Colombia, where I come from, the communist have murdered more than 50,000 and forced millions from their home. Today in fact, the leaders of that murderous political movement (FARC) are in Cuba….and backed by the same Castro brothers are supposedly discussing the end of the "Violence" in that country. After more than 50 years of creating havoc and misery for naught. Have JFK done in Cuba what Reagan did in the island of Granada, there wouldn't have been so many thousand of displaced orphans and widows in Central and South America….. and Cuba would be as prosperous as a free country can be. One more thing, when the US invaded Granada they just got rid of the commies and came back home. They didn't stay in and ruled that island country… neither in Irak, Afganistan, Lybia, Syria nor vietnam.

  5. Ellis Baxter says:

    Interesting .. I will only make one point. Cuba and the brothers are not Marxist, or communist. The word is miss used all the time . while they may spew Marx they are working right out of Mein Kampf .. they are in fact Left Neo Fascists … as is Obama and the democrat party .. the German AfD which you will hear more and more about is a Right Neo Fascist group and Europe is about to topple into fascism …. as is this country ..

    sorry folks ..

    • Barb Barb Johnsob says:

      Now I am totally scared. Thought maybe when this ridiculous excuse for a leader is out of office for good, we can begin to repair the hideous damage he has done.

    • dolmontero says:


  6. Reality Seeker says:

    "The Kennedy administration had hired the Mafia to assassinate Castro."

    Yeah, the Kennedy administration a lot of things. It decided a covert action was the best means to put an end to Castro. The administration was wrong. This miscalculation gave the Khrushchev administration time to fortify Cuba; which, in turn, led the world to brink of nuclear war. The ignorant masses don't realize just how close Armageddon was, viz., " a cunt hair". I was told by somebody who knew first hand…….

    Washington cira 1960 was in the process of constructing a military industrial complex. Average Americans had little to no idea what was going on covertly. ignorance was bliss — and it still is. America was expanding all over the world — by any every means. The subterfuge, espionage, terrorism ( yes, Washington employed terrorists just like they employed the mafia) and every unimaginable and unthinkable act was part of Washington's strategy to achieve military and economic hegemony.

    Cuba, actually became a bargaining chip. The USSR agreed to back off from Turkey and Italy and withdraw nuclear weapons from Cuba. The Kennedy administration agreed to back off from Cuba and end its nuclear plans for Italy and Turkey…. Some people think that's one reason why Kennedy was killed, because he miscalculated, and the military conspired with LBJ to put an end to JFK.

    The rest is as they say, "history".

  7. I am disappointed and surprised that you are so opinionated. It is true that Castro got rid of the generals and aristocrats in power or there would have been a counter military action to support the "powers that be." Cuba populace is better off today, and has been for years, than under a U.S. fascist regime for rich capitalists. I suggest you get informed by reading the comprehensive analysis of the "commies," who U.S. has feared and used for how many wars?? Book: Blackshirts and Reds, by Michael Parenti.
    Blessings to you and your ignorance….

    • Nasdaq7 says:

      I deal with Communists every day in South Africa and yes we can learn a lot from them, but it is poor people and ignorant people that hang onto Communist beliefs. Here I was having a debate ( in the comments section ) recently and you can see their debating style.

    • Jean says:

      How exactly are the Cuban people better off today than they were under the Batistas? Cuba was the playground for the wealthy – a tourist haven that attracted a significant amount of foreign capital and was able to sustain a large swath of the population. The Batistas were utterly corrupt, but worse than the Castros? I think not. The caucasian Cubans are allocated their monthly portions of rice and a rice cooker, beans and every so often, meat. Black Cubans are assigned to the most demeaning and degrading jobs by the benevolent Castro regime, and given fewer provisions than caucasians. The alleged "greatest health care system in the world" has no supplies or drugs – the Lions Clubs in the USA contribute sutures, syringes, wholesale lots of penicillin and used eyeglasses to Cuban clinics, often volunteering as the hoards swarm in for treatment of strep throat and what should be minor injuries. Those images of people clinging to '59 Chevys on pontoons floating toward Key West should be a clue to you. I have yet to see any Sanders supporters doing the obverse and swimming to Cuba or any other socialist / communist enclave for a better life.

  8. Rocko says:

    Disappointed that RJR is so opinionated? Why is it okay for you to have an opinion but not him.

    BTW gIve it up, Bernie's not going to win.

  9. jurgy says:

    Like we sent in the first team to Vietnam and the MidEast where we wanted to get rid of those regimes we didn't approve of ??? …

    BTW … Back in those days, overtly going up against Cuba would have risked bringing the wrath of the Soviet Union down on the US.

    Omaba is nation-building … before you know it Cuba will become a US territory, on track to becoming a state right behind Puerto Rico …

    • ClinicalThinker says:

      Covertly did the same thing. It was called the Cuban Missile Crisis as I recall.

      As for Obama and his nation-building?
      This guy could not build a widget with step by step instructions written in 4th grade text. (See Spot Run!)

  10. Lear55pilot says:

    Folks – we have another year of CZARS and more feeble planting of COMMIE MINDED, MUSLIM and LGBT personnel in high position in DC and no way to know the damage they are doing behind the scenes. We better PRAY we get other than Killery in office or the destruction of the USA will be completed! Our only hope is to dismantle all that Ovomit and crowd has put in place to start another 20 years of building back what we once had. Semper Fi

  11. hon says:

    My doctor said he would not go to Cuba until the Castro brothers are gone along with their ideology. He was 15 when he left Cuba with his family for the US. He remembers very well the horrors of Castro's takeover. The Cuban people eke out a bare existence on $20-30 per month, while Fidel's worth is estimated at $550 million. Would any of our American leftists be satisfied with that income? They're always trashing capitalism but they sure enjoy all of its benefits. I don't see any of them moving to Cuba. Those living on welfare here live better than even the professionals there. My parents fled to the US after the communist takeover of their homeland in Europe after WWW II. They knew firsthand the crushing oppression and brutality of that regime. It's something that most Americans have never experienced.

  12. Nasdaq7 says:

    The US strategy on Cuba hasn't been successful and Cuba has some influence in Africa believe it or not. So by repairing US ties with Cuba, US ties with Africa can also improve. And the businesses in Africa needs US support to do well, they need for the US to improve international relations. The US international prestige is suffering internationally. I support your view completely that Communists have had an overwhelming negative influence upon our modern history.

  13. Wes says:

    Robert Ringer, your voice is, and always has been, a voice of reason! Our US foreign policy has never made any sense. We often get involved when we should not, but when we do get involved we pussy-foot around as if we are afraid to offend someone! I say, if we want to be a force for good in the world, we should do that and not apologize for it! Cuba was a prime example. Good for you, Robert, for your history of standing up for reason and common sense throughout your lifetime! Your view is always a breath of fresh air!!

  14. I remember Cuban cigars were VERY nice!

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