Obama Gives Trump a Helping Hand

Posted on June 10, 2016 by Robert Ringer Comments (69)


The problems of the sweet little lady from Chappaqua just keep mounting. Her basic dilemma, of course, is that at some point she has to explain why she needs to fix so many things about America if Barack Obama has done such a great job over the past eight years. She’s never really been pressed on that obvious question, let alone answered it.

If she strays too far from the Obama farm by talking about all the things that are wrong with America, he’s likely to push her out of the witness protection program and into a Mao-cut version of an orange jump suit. If, at the same time, she keeps praising Obama’s accomplishments, more and more people who are suffering will back away from her.

Heads, she loses. Tails, she loses. It’s a dilemma that is going to provide a too-good-to-be-true, target-rich environment for Donald Trump.

Now, along comes Horrible Hillary’s worst nightmare: Barackus Obama has officially endorsed her! The media would have us believe that it’s a coup for Hillary, but try telling that to all the ex-Democratic politicians whom Obama supported in the 2014 midterms.

Forget the polls regarding Obama’s favorability ratings. The last time he campaigned for Democrats, he made it clear to the public that the midterms were a referendum on his policies. Result: People voted overwhelmingly against those policies. Since then, he has successfully dragged the United States even deeper into an invisible depression that is becoming more visible to voters every day.

It’s kind of ridiculous on its face that the media and Democratic cheerleaders keep talking up BHO’s favorability ratings and he keeps assuring Americans how much better off they are since he took office. If there were any truth to this propaganda, why would the vast majority of people be so angry that they enthusiastically endorse a businessman who has never held public office and a 74-year-old socialist?

Given the facts, if Obama has struck a deal with the Devils of Chappaqua that allows Hillary to stay out of the hoosegow and run for a third Obama term, it’s going to be an even worse bloodbath than I thought. Remember, Obama has no idea how unpopular he is, because his personality disorder — narcissistic delusions of grandeur — makes it impossible for him to comprehend what most of the electorate really thinks of him.

He lives in an alternate universe where life is all about golf, Beyonce, and uniting the workers of the world. He’s psychologically incapable of comprehending just how angry the average person is with him.

That said, Donald Trump should be sending the Marxmeister in the White House a thank-you note for endorsing HRC, and before this circus is all over, we may all owe him a debt of gratitude.


Robert Ringer

+Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

69 responses to “Obama Gives Trump a Helping Hand”

  1. Fred Sagel says:

    What a bunch of garbage this is! I have taught American government, consider myself to be objective, and this is a ludicrous article! How can anyone who knows the facts even listen? Nothing but garbage!

    • David DaveB says:

      Tell us Fred, what exactly are the Facts?

    • larajf says:

      Yes, where is Robert mistaken? Obama has made life worse for many except the crony capitalists and those who work for the government. The 5% unemployed are just those on unemployment and not counting those who fell off the rolls and are still unable to find a job. The "affordable care" act is not affordable and not accessible. Our relationship with the rest of the world is worse then it was 8 years ago. So, where is he mistaken again?

    • BronxJoey says:

      I hear that FRED SAGEL'S former students are in their forties now, and are still flipping burgers and delivering pizzas. Why am I not surprised?

    • Bill says:

      You're an idiot! Plain and simple. An IDIOT Sagel!

    • Johnny Twosheds says:

      I suppose you consider yourself "sane," as well. Is THIS how you prepare you lectures? Is THIS how you teach your students to engage in research, prepare an argument and defend it? By ranting and raving and engaging in ad hominen attacks? By throwing tantrums if anyone disagrees with you and the Liberal line of rancid BS?

      Based on your hissy-fit, I do agree on one this – you ARE clearly, and without debate or qualification, a "teacher" somewhere and sadly, a typical modern day disgrace of a "teacher" who isn't qualified to teach a dog how to bark.

    • GW-Montana says:

      It is a shame you probably believe what you wrote. Which American Government did you teach? The one where the British won the war?

    • Dave Keys says:

      It's interesting to note that you cited objectivity in your post. The word "objective" has not been mentioned in any comments since and no objective analysis has been undertaken either. The drawing up of sides is nearly always predictable in our public discourse so many in years past thought would revolutionize the political dialog- but it went the way of TMZ instead. Anger doesn't really nullify the problem before us. As citizens, so far as the electoral process goes, we have little choice but to vote for the candidates before us. Some of the facts are enough to have torpedoed history's most favored presidents- not just in their tenure in office but right out of the contest for nomination. Since I tend toward conservative and libertarian values, I pay admittedly a little more attention to those I regard as most having threat potential to harm our union and our constitution. That clearly puts one nominee in view- Clinton. The lies behind the Email server are the shield to protect the lies during her tenure as Secretary of State. The state department's adventurism, tampering and destabilization in Libya and the region coupled with Obama's efforts to make the US no better than any other country and the whole lot of them willing to trample the constitution as a "living document", so that we now routinely see those who trample and burn the flag in state sanctioned hate speech physically attack citizens at political rallies with flagrant violence and impunity as the corruption introduced by the left makes its way through the entire system of government to the local level.

      • jim says:

        So then, is it time to arm ourselves NOW in preparation to defend ourselves from a government as described? Do we stand by and watch the MURDER of this LIVING DOCUMENT, our Constitution?

        • Dave Keys says:

          Unfortunately, Jim, our government already has far superior forces, firepower and equipment. We cannot sufficiently arm ourselves against this tyranny except by our united front of voting power. There are actually enough people of any persuasion to dominate election results. We who are most concerned with freedom and liberty must recognize the proper implements of our struggle and engage them fully. There was a hint of that capability in the 2010 mid-term elections but the process must be repeated several times until the corrupt are purged out. We have many complaints from all quarters about the candidates from which we have to choose but only 16% of voters bothered to do so in the 2012 primaries. 30% in 2008. Laziness and inaction at that level bring their own punishment. 40% or more of voters stay home during presidential elections. A fraction of those stay-at-home voters could solidly alter or decide any election. If we sleep through our responsibility to guard then we are not ready to defend.

  2. Mike Miller says:

    Robert, I hope you're right. But there are so many voters out there like this supposedly intelligent liberal friend of mine who posted this question on Facebook this morning:

    "Isn't anyone pleased about the fact that we have a woman knowledgable in DC and world politics running for president? And sorry, but I always liked Bill ! I don't care what he did during his downtime."

    • Marte says:

      Isn't "intelligent liberal" an oxymoron these days?

    • larajf says:

      Your friend is clearly run by their feelings rather then a healthy balance of head and heart. I hope they're so busy feeling good about themselves that they forget to actually vote.

    • GaryL says:

      Sad…even credible accusations of rape "on his downtime" don't bother this guy.Sadder that he speaks for most democrats.

      • Johnny Twosheds says:

        Maybe he's a bit of a rapist himself, or a rapist wannabe – and lived out his sexual proprietorial fantasies vicariously through Slick Willy. I hope he doesn't harbor sexual fantasies about Hilary (like male RINOs do!), or he is really one sick puppy!

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      By "did during his downtime," are you referring to The Clinton Foundation and Laureate University?

      • Scott theczech says:

        Trump and his team haven't even gotten started on the Clinton(s) yet; just wait until his crack legal and investigative team start pulling back the veil!

      • Donna Ping says:

        I think most people have never heard about Laureate University because the MSM is never going to cover it. These days people need to cultivate alternative sources of news so that they know what's really happening in the world. Too many low information voters out there who listen to our versions of Pravda.

        • jim says:

          We have the INTERNET and NEWS from around the world is free and at hand by anyone smart enough to TURN OFF the TV and the PC on… My guess "FOREST" was dead on CORRECT when declaring: "STUPID IS WHAT STUPID DOES"…

  3. Marte says:

    Perhaps we should all send him a thank you card – anything that helps keep the witch out of the White House is welcome.

  4. david says:

    Oh yes Dubya really left the country in great shape didn't he Robert?? Do you remember at all the shit sandwich Obama had to deal with in 09?? If Dubya was such a great pres why did the GOP hide him in 2012 and now? And every economist has said Trump's ideas from trade tariff's to his stupid wall are unworkable and would throw the economy into a recession… ah but why bother with facts, Trump sure doesn't…

    • Kevan Rowlee says:

      Strange thing, David, I don't ever recall RR being a cheerleader for the George W. Bush administration. As for free trade I suggest you spend an afternoon reading Patrick J. Buchanan's many articles pertaining to the national suicide of so-called free trade.

      Perhaps you think China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, India and Mexico are free traders. They aren't.

      • Robert Ringer RJR says:

        First, I will never forgive George Bush for paving the way for BHO. Bush is a good guy (which BHO is not), but he's also a globalist and died-in-the-wool big-government liberal.

        As to free trade, I am a free trader in theory, but, unfortunately, reality rules the day. And Buchanan is always right on point when it comes to reality.

    • Scott theczech says:

      It is important for us citizens to be informed and use critical thinking skills esp. when it comes to politics. Banking in this country has been an unmitigated mess since 1913 and was exacerbated with Frank-Dodd legislation. To credit or blame a president of the U.S. for disastrous lending practices, monetizing debt, over-leveraging public debt, centralizing banking etc., etc. is the height of policy ignorance.

      In a 16 trillion dollar economy (and that's only counting the visible economy, not the gray/black/underground economy) no single individual wields much influence or power. A good analogy might be the President is a bull rider and the economy is the raging bull; the President can only hope to hang on for "8 seconds" and not get hurt too badly. Until we the people change the policies – it isn't going to get better…only worse. There is glimmer of hope though: finance in cyberspace but the corrupt power elite are trying to regulate that frontier as well.

    • T Johnson says:

      Since we are looking into the facts, it is important to remember two things. The "shit sandwich" that Obama was handed was caused by Bill Clinton (Democrat) signing the repeal of Glass-Steagall and the Dodd-Frank legislation sponsored by Chris Dodd (Democrat) and Barney Frank (Democrat). George W. Bush committed many sins, but not the one you are accusing him of. That is a Democrat disaster start to finish.

    • Jean says:

      David – you can blame GWB for the 2008 housing debacle, but in reality the blame falls squarely on the Chappaqua Nightmare's husband's administration. The repeal of Glass-Steagall, combined with the all-too-PC social engineering mindset that required banks to give loans to uncreditworthy people were the formula for the housing disaster that followed a decade later. For the record, during GWB's time in office, the GDP grew at double the rate between 2004 and 2006 of ANY of Obama's years in office. Just remember this – that although in the investment world, past performance doesn't guarantee future results, in the world of humans, past performance is a clear indicator of future results. If you pays for Hillary, you gets 2008 again.

    • JIM says:

      thanks for bringing up the incurable past, you must feel much better about your bho NOW!!! YOU JUST COMPAIRED ONE MORON TO ANOTHER!!! Anyone out there got an idea about this Nation's future, or do we sit around like BITCHES SQUABLING ABOUT THE PAST AS fish peddler Wife's DO at market?

  5. My "gut" has been right on many things, including elections, over the the years. And once again, right from Trump's beginning to run, my gut told me he will go all the way, from Step One to the Presidency. And, overwhelmngly so! I like to think Trump's Triumph is a matter of Destiny. And, I have believed for years that Good always triumphs over Evil after things have run their course. And after a lot of unfortunate BS has passed. The Fix may be in, but the Higher Power I believe will overcome mere human criminals and their plans. Criminals such as the Clintons, et al.

    • Bonnie says:

      I hope you are right

    • Rocketman says:

      Eldon, are you reading my mind? I've predicted that Trump will take 45 out of 50 states and force the release of the fake birth certificates to show that he isn't even an American citizen and that therefore everything that he has ruined is null and void legally. And just wait till our new attorney general Trey Gowdey gets a hold of the documents showing that "fast and furious" was nothing but a stunt to convince the American people to give up their guns so that he could run rampant.

    • Richard Lee Van DV says:

      Bitches? Do you mean Lezzies? LOL

  6. Kevan Rowlee says:

    Sharing on my Facebook wall.

  7. Gary says:

    Dave B is right Fred. If you want to spout off about something being ludicrous, but don't give your reasons…particularly facts…your comment has no credibility. But, it's common of democrats and today's educators (somewhat of a redundancy) to spout off without facts. In fact, the pitiful state of the education system has contributed greatly to the reason the general public is so poorly educated that it falls for Washington's propaganda, and allows continually ludicrous – circus like – elections, which would have us always looking for the least of two evils. Where the democrats are concerned, there is (was) the choice between a declared socialist…basically a do nothing politician for over 30 years…and Bonnie and Clyde (Hillary and Bill) who are poised to make the biggest heist in history…America itself. With the GOP (nothing grand about it) we have fortunately been relieved of a group of robotic statists, but can only hope the wild DT can be at least a little better. Then there's Gary Johnson…the Libertarian who isn't.

    Great job Robert! Much like you, I abhor politics and politicians. I'm not necessarily a fan of DT, other than his entertainment value and the possibility that he may actually move us at least slightly away from Washington tyranny. I thank you for your insightful articles.

  8. MM from Georgia says:

    Great post, Mr. Richard Van Der Voort. Let's hope you are right. The alternative of Hideous Hill is unthinkable.

  9. Michael says:

    David, the shit sandwich you refer to, more a shit bomb, was made and forced on banks by Bill Clinton and Barney Frank. It was they who forced banks into making loans to people who couldn't afford them. The law they passed had harsh penalties for any bank that would not comply. Blaming George W. Bush because the bomb they devised went off with him in office is simply further display of inherent liberal dishonesty and duplicity. Are any of you capable of looking at facts and seeing truth? Haven't met one yet.

    • Gary Waltrip says:

      You are correct, Michael. The details and mechanics of the meltdown are described in the books "Meltdown" by Thomas Woods and "Freedom & Democracy" by Mark Levin.

  10. Mark says:

    Well said, Michael, re the S-Bomb planted by the Arkansans and Blustering Barney.

    Unfortunately, BO has likely planted more of them. Can't prove it but I remain convinced that much unaccounted for bailout money was likely diverted by BO, VJ and their czars to their favorite "community organizers", campus "leaders", occupiers, etc.

  11. Jurgy says:

    yet, shillery will be shooed in to the WH by the elites who need her there to maintain the status quo … it does not matter who gets the most votes, she's your next president … guaranteed … and she will be little more than bill's sock puppet … oh, and betcha there are lots of young attractive female interns running all over the back hallways and hidden rooms at the WH during the next administration …

  12. Robert Ringer RJR says:

    You are wrong, Jurgy. Hillary will be crushed – if she gets to run at all.

    • Stephan F says:

      I’ll take that bet Robert.

      Adding to the slew of reasons why the Donster wont win — much too long to get into here — is the high probability that The Hun will use the nuclear option on him by adding Lizzie (little Pocahontas) Warren to the ticket. This strategic move will absolutely capture those millions of parasites & head whackers currently cheerleading for that grey haired demented psychopath, “Crazy” Bernie. If she does, and I believe the odds are she will, this will be the coup de grace to the Trump campaign and she’ll never look back. Trump will get 'whacked' worse than George (dont Bogart that joint) McGovern.

      We better hope the FBI will do its job on one of its own…Right now, doesn't look like that will happen. We’re toast.

      • Richard Lee Van DV says:

        Speaking of "Crazies", wouldn't it be nice if before anyone is allowed to run for office, he or she had to undergo extensive psychoanalysis to see if they are mentally fit? Maybe weed out the Weiners (sp?), the e-mailer, and other forms of dementia? If so, I wonder what percentage of those wanting to run could qualify? Already certain "psycho-types" that run for political office is fairly obvious.

        • patg2 says:

          If you think psychoanalysis has any validity, YOU are the one that needs to undergo extensive analysis, to find out why you are not observant or analytical. That whole profession is TOTAL NONSENSE, and I would be scared out of my wits to vote for anyone they approved.

  13. Jerry says:

    Robert Ringer is right on target. Liberalism is destroying this great country. They are running the country in a ditch. President Reagan was correct when he said "government is the problem." Government regulation and taxation is killing job opportunity and this moron of a president and the democrats in congress are totally clueless. This country is faced with this election situation because the republicans are nothing but mouth pieces. These old time republican senators need to be "voted OUT" from the states they represent…such as McConnell, McCain, Graham, Hatch, Cornyn. There are probably a few more. They ALL need to be out and replaced by true conservative constitutional minded people. The republicans created this situation that caused Trump to run. Last but not least, "Term Limits" are needed in both houses on congress. This may attract people who care about doing the right for this country and its citizens instead of being paid off by lobbyist and worrying about their power.

    • patg2 says:

      Largely agree, but term limits are not the answer. Let the VOTERS decide how long to keep someone. We work too hard to get a really good person, to have to give up on them too soon. Some people have integrity throughout their service. Those that don't, vote them out. Leave it up to the voters. Close the public schools so people stop getting indoctrinated, and do everything you can to educate the ignorant graduates.

      • Richard Lee Van DV says:

        Maybe have Departmental Regulations, or maybe from even higher up, that say NO POLITICAL DISCUSSIONS, let alone indoctrination, is allowed in any and all classroom(s). When I was an Instructor, a hundred years ago. I was very careful to NOT foist my personal beliefs on to my students. Teaching the young to THINK FOR THEMSELVES is the ideal, is it not? Socrates thought so. Brainwashing belongs in prisons, and should be used to condition inmates to DO GOOD AND DO RIGHT. aka "REHABILITATION".

        • patg2 says:

          If you think that would work, I'm selling bridges this week. Teachers by nature will exude political opinions. We all do. You can't buck human nature. The answer is to shut down any institution that teaches unconstitutional thought, stop using government money to pay for "schools", let the free market determine which schools and teachers exist.

  14. Mic says:


    I hope your predictions are correct. I think your logic is flawless, but then the same exact thing could have been said in 2012. The economy was on life support and Obama was the bumbling idiot that didn't have a clue how to fix it. They actually tried to say that Obamacare was a jobs program and debt reduction measure!

    In 2012 you had a businessman with a proven business management record, maybe his political one was flawed, but in the end BO coasted to a comfortable victory over Romney and I believed all the way up to the bitter end the country just wasn't stupid enough to give this maniac another 4 years.

    • Jim Hallett says:

      The difference, Mic, is that the Donald will not run a Casper milquetoast campaign and allow a liar (as BHO was as well) to get away with the nonsense lies they spew a la Hildabeast. The typical voter is pretty ignorant, so nothing is a guarantee, but I see a fairly strong Trump victory, and I think it will be over someone other than Hildabeast, as she WILL be indicted, and I doubt the mainstream Dumbocrats will allow her to continue running as an indictee. Maybe Biden, or Pocahantas-wannabe, Elizabeth Warren, a real left-wing loonie if there ever was one!

  15. Reality Seeker says:

    Great article. I agree 100%.

    Moreover, Brexit looms. And this upcoming vote to leave the EU could rock world markets.

    Collectivist globalization has made America weak, not strong. It's not going to take much to push America right back into a "Great [Global] Recession". An economic shock from Euroland, China, Japan and/or right here in America is all it'll take to crash the world markets. This means that Obama might yet get the FULL blame he so deserves for collectivist "change you can believe in". In turn, Hillary will also get some of the blame.

    A crashing economy would be a trump card for Trump….. and it just may happen before this November…

  16. Kofi Adomako says:

    As an outsider, And watching developments I conclude this election is going to be about the future of America as a country. The country has been brought and sold already by Obama . The new owners are just waiting to take over.choose The DT and you can restart the process or renegotiate the terms.,choose hC and there goes the end of a country and its people.it is so sad to watch on the sidelines a people so determined to self destruction

  17. JOSEPH says:

    Obama's has high favorability ratings? Really?? I don't think so. The media in the States I have come to realize are mostly on the left and for that reason they have their head in the sand. As you said, and I agree, Obama just helped Trump out. There are just too many republicans and democrats as well who hate Obama. Is the media that delusional? Even I know this and I live in Canada. Anyhow, you're right Robert, this helps Trump.

  18. david says:

    You GOP's are a laugh a minute… let's see 9/11, the Iraq war, Katrina, the economy crashing, record debt and debt crises, all happened on Dubya's watch and somehow it's Clinton's fault??? Just imagine if Obama had as many screw ups.. he probably would be in jail right now which is where Bush and his cronies should be..
    And for all you Trump fantasists it ain't gonna happen.. another 2 million Hispanic voters have registered, (sorry that picture of Trump having a bowl of chile and I love Hispanics, just showed what a moron he is, what.. this is offensive???) along with another 31 million plus another 40 million black voters, plus how many women he's pissed off.. he's going to get his white ass handed to him in Nov..

    • Rock Roach says:

      Her poll numbers actually dropped today from plus 4 to plus 3 after the wonderful coronation fromWarren and Obama.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      The number of blacks and Hispanics who vote for Trump is going to shock you – and most other people as well. It's a cliche, but millions of Americans – especially in the media and in D.C. – still don't get what is happening. The best way to explain it is refer to DT's statement that he could shoot someone dead in broad daylight and his supporters wouldn't care. He is absolutely right about that, because people are going to be voting against the big-government, liberal-fascist system that has enslaved them. Trump is merely a vehicle voters want to use to accomplish their goal.

  19. Teri says:

    I would like to believe that Hillary will not win, but she probably will.
    It's the 20/80 rule. The 20% do 80% of the work. And she has the 80% in her pocket.

  20. Donna Ping says:

    re: "He’s psychologically incapable of comprehending just how angry the average person is with him."
    I think he's perfectly capable of comprehending that. He simply doesn't care.

  21. jal64 says:

    I keep reading that Obama is so unpopular and the electorate is so fed up with him. How did he get re-elected if this is really the case?

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Because enough people hadn't yet suffered enough and he was running against a mealy-mouthed, unprincipled coward who has suddenly become Mr. Tough Guy now that an anti-establishment guy is threatening to end the D.C. party.

  22. Rock Roach says:

    Hilary has the woman card and hopefully Cherokee Liz as a running mate,but DT has the rook"Trump" card and he is going to use it very well,"All in good time my pretty".Surrender Hillary.

  23. Richard Lee Van DV says:

    Some people, actually all, I talk with and I wonder WHY foreigners are allowed to buy property and businesses in the United States. I visited Mexico many times in olden days and I always heard it as nearly impossible to buy land, for example, in that country. And, where I now live in the Philippines, FOR SURE foreigners can't just move in and buy property! I have about zero understanding or knowledge Re how that sort of thing goes, but I certainly wonder why foreigners are allowed to buy up America. Maybe someone here can enlighten me.

  24. Phil says:

    So true, and all it takes is common sense and honesty. Mittens could have forcefully laid out the case against Obama. He folded. And the GOP has had decades to construct an intelligible communications strategy to push back against the Left and liberal policies. They have proven abject failures. Probably due to corruption and the cowardice you reference above regarding Mittens. We are all the poorer for it. Hopefully Trump's style, common sense, and guts will continue to help him get the message out.

  25. jbo2y says:


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