Let the Bloodbath Begin

Posted on September 26, 2016 by Robert Ringer Comments (69)


I’m on a month-long sabbatical right now, but I felt compelled to at least briefly chime in on tonight’s debate. As you know, I have been saying for years that Hillary would never be president of the United States, and I believe that more now than ever before.

Tonight’s mismatch is the beginning of the end for the Face of Evil, as she is about to get bludgeoned to death by Darth Trump. This will be the most one-sided presidential debate in history, with Hillary gasping for air from start to finish.

The only question is whether she’ll hysterically break into tears, shriek vile names at Trump so all the world can see the real Hillary under pressure, or just collapse again like a sack of potatoes. Or maybe she’ll resort to another coughing fit in the hopes of having the crooked refs call off the whole event.

Trust me, dearer reader, you could beat Hillary Clinton in a debate — without any advance notice. Anthony Weiner or O.J. Simpson could beat Hillary in a debate. Even a seventy-four-year-old socialist could beat her — and did! She is, without doubt, the second-worst candidate ever to run for president. But she has a problem the worst-ever candidate didn’t have: She’s not black.

Of course, Lester Holt will probably do all he can to help Horrible Hillary, but I doubt he can do anything but make her look even worse. And if he does try to rig things for her, Trump will kick his butt as well.

Nevertheless, the mainstream media will proclaim victory for Hillary, even while her team is trying to resuscitate her after the pounding she’s going to take. But, as always, their efforts will be for naught. They will only succeed in making even more people recognize just how corrupt the radical-left media is.

Of course, anything is possible. Trump could conceivably lose the election through anything from a hugely successful, massive left-wing voter fraud to another suspicious assassination — the tool of choice for the radical left. But, notwithstanding the potential for such evildoings, the odds are that Trump will make it through at least November 8.

So the question is, are you ready for a Trump presidency? Trump is not a conservative in the National Review sense of the word — thank heavens! — but he’s conservative on many issues such as Second Amendment rights, energy independence, clamping down on illegal immigration, and lowering taxes ad regulations.

But he’ll also make a lot of supporters mad (as he already has) by not following through with mass deportation of illegal aliens, not arresting mayors of sanctuary cities, not implementing a temporary ban on Mideast Muslims, and, above all, not prosecuting Crooked Hillary.

So Trump supporters should get ready for a president who doesn’t think like a politician. He’s a wildly successful businessmen, and wildly successful businessmen are pragmatic. They are not tied to an ideology. They use whatever they deem to be their best option at any given point in time and under any given set of circumstances.

Enough said. Now, let tonight’s bloodbath begin. It should be more fun than the good old days at the Colosseum, so enjoy the spectacle. We’ll have plenty of time to discuss the post-election possibilities down the road. Oh … and remember, parental discretion advised.

Robert Ringer

+Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

69 responses to “Let the Bloodbath Begin”

  1. Trico says:

    This is A MUST READ Devastating Report:

  2. I hope you're right Mr. Ringer. Intellectually I agree that Trump will both slaughter her in the debates, and win the election by a safe margin if not a landslide. However, I have long ago become pessimistic about this country and the masses of low-information gimme voters so I can't allow myself to get too optimistic. But my fingers are crossed.

  3. Charles Moeller says:

    Bread and circuses for the people.
    This should be a blast!
    Popcorn, anyone?

  4. imo says:

    Early days yet . Is the comment anything is possible a get out clause if Hillary wins the main event?

  5. MWC says:

    I for one am more than ready to see a Hildabeast beatdown! I hope Trump is bare knuckled for this. You are correct Robert; anyone could beat her in a debate. Watergate, Whitewater, cattle futures, Sal Alinski, Whitehousegate,, Benghazi, Vince Foster, Clinton body count, Clinton Foundation, email scandal, Haiti scandal. It seems endless!

  6. Robert rdiamondesq says:

    I cannot wait for the debate tonight – although I have to admit I am nervous – Trump has the media trying their utmost to defeat him and he needs to convincingly pummel Hillary without simply calling her an ugly old hag. I cannot wait to see this historic debate and I will be rooting for Mr T all the way.

  7. TheLookOut says:

    Robert, love your comments, and optimism. Let's hope & pray she is shown up
    for what she really is: a lying pathetic POS.

  8. david says:

    What planet are you on??? Clinton is going to wipe the floor with him.. he can't get away with those retarded generalities now, she's going to say, well, how are young to do these things?? And if he's so honest, why doesn't he release his tax returns?? Even your hero Bill O"Reilly said when Ellen asked him the same thing had to say, well, obviously he's hiding something that he doesn't want the public to know.. and how can you compare Dubya's stunning record of ineptitude with what Obama has done.. and when Trump gets white, racist ass handed him to in Nov.. I hope he takes down a whole bunch of GOPS with him…

    • Rock Roach says:

      Good luck with that.Her phony left poll numbers with people that probably will stay home anyway are already
      dismal.She better have a better ground game than the 95 Cornhuskers.and even that isn't going to do her any good.

  9. Marte says:

    Only two more hours to wait… Pulling for Trump all the way.

  10. Gary Waltrip says:

    I'm only a little nervous, but I'm hoping Mr. Ringer is right. He needs to keep his cool and avoid anything that might build sympathy for Hillary. Meanwhile, the polls show Trump surging and heading for a win.

  11. GaryL says:

    My little protest… I may be the only person in America, but I'm not watching. I hate these so-called debates because they encourage people to vote for superficial, inane reasons. Plus the deck is always stacked against the Republican with the liberal media waiting with baited breath to declare the Demcrat the winner. No thank you here. As Trump would say, "The system is rigged." So while everyone else is wasting their time, I'll be be doing something constructive, like watching baseball. Don't worry…my wife will fill me in!

  12. larajf says:

    I won't watch the debate. It seems a waste of my time. I do hope Trump is at his best. We need his strong leadership now. It's not perfect, and maybe that's a good thing to get us out of this rut. I'm listening to a bio of Teddy Roosevelt and am astonished by some of the similarities.

  13. cspkeynes says:

    Robert : If I were in Trump's corner I would simply remind him that every answer should reflect at its core the sentiment behind Winston Churchill's famous quote :

    "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty " .

  14. Avery Horton says:

    Am I the only one who think Hillary got the debate questions in advance?


  15. TN Ray says:

    I hope you are right. Your assesment of Hillary is right on. Unless she learns to fake sincerety she is toast. Wasn't it Bill Clinton that said "sincerety is the most important thing, and if you can learn to fake that you've got it made" ? But, it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Nonetheless, it is pretty much the entire media world vs. Trump. You got that right. And, much voter fraud is to be expected.

  16. Phil says:

    I'll second an earlier post, hope you are right Mr. Ringer!

  17. Reality Seeker says:

    Trump is absolutely in his element tonight.

    He's been doing everything right for the past month. Let's see if he closes the deal tonight……

    We'll know who won by how the banking stocks and the transnational share prices rise or fall. Goldman Sachs has dumped a lot of money into Hillary, and it's not looking good for them. The transnational companies that built a business model on trade with Mexico and China are getting real nervous. If Trump KOs Hillary, watch how volatile the crony-stock, bold and commodity markets become.

  18. Rocketman says:

    There is still one wild card in the deck that you didn't mention and that the Dept. of Homeland Security. If there were a few thousand Trump votes that were taken out of key states then it just might be enough to tip the scales Hillary's way. Then the only chance any of us have is to hope that we can get out of the country before she and Putin decide to start throwing Nukes at each other.

  19. Stephan F says:

    Bloodbath Robert? How right you were…but not in the way you thought.

    Sorry Trump fans (me included), he just lost the election. Forget what either candidate said about anything or how they argued their case. That’s completely irrelevant to what’s at hand. What really matters is perception is everything. And here’s why:

    Positives Trump Hillary

    Appeared presidential no yes
    Kept cool & calm no yes
    Smiled occasionally no yes
    Sounded credible no yes
    Sounded congenial no yes


    Appeared argumentative yes no
    Interrupted opponent yes no
    Put on the defensive yes no
    Sounded apologetic yes no
    Sounded unprepared yes no

    There’s obviously a lot more here but you get the picture. Be prepared for tomorrow because the liberal media will make hay of what happened tonight. They will absolutely shred Donald to pieces and send his campaign into a tailspin.

    I think I’m going to be sick to my stomach.

    • Stephan F says:

      hmm, let's try again:

      Positives Trump Hillary

      Appeared presidential no yes
      Kept cool & calm no yes
      Smiled occasionally no yes
      Sounded credible no yes
      Sounded congenial no yes


      Appeared argumentative yes no
      Interrupted opponent yes no
      Put on the defensive yes no
      Sounded apologetic yes no
      Sounded unprepared yes no

      • Stephan F says:

        Damn. One last try:


        Appeared presidential …………..no…………….. yes
        Kept cool & calm…………………no………………yes
        Smiled occasionally………………no………………yes
        Sounded credible…………………no………………yes
        Sounded congenial……………….no………………yes


        Appeared argumentative………..yes……………….no
        Interrupted opponent…………….yes……………….no
        Put on the defensive……………..yes……………….no
        Sounded apologetic………………yes……………….no
        Sounded unprepared……………..yes……………….no

        • Sue says:

          Hillary was splendid!

          • Stephan F says:

            I may have given you the wrong impression Sue, with all due respect. I’m sure many people said the same about Lenin in 1917, Hitler in 1933, and Saddam Hussein in 1979. But you’re certainly entitled to your opinion.

          • Jean says:

            What policy areas do you believe she has excelled in, and what are three of her most prominent accomplishments in life? Just asking, as you clearly are a fan and will vote for her even if she dies before the election.

    • L Nelson says:

      You're wrong because you are using conventional, historic standards that applied in past elections, but this election and Trump as candidate is different AND TRUMP IS JUDGED BY PEOPLE DIFFERENTLY — they know the way he is, and accept it as genuine. Hence, all that b.s. you have listed will not weigh much in voter assessment of Trump. They already know him and accept him as genuine. Different times, different standards. You're living in the past with old qualities important in past elections with past candidates, but not this election and not applied to Trump.

      • Jim D says:

        Well, you must be an "Always Trump" supporter.

        It might be true that the Always Trumpers judge him differently, but they are not the votes in play. The votes in play, and those that either candidate need to pull into their camps (as always) are the Independents and the 40% of voters in the middle.

        Sadly, Trump didn't win these people last night. What's worse, he made Hillary look better, … and unfortunately … Presidential: informed, prepared, poised, … trustworthy.

        Trump should have gone after Hillary on all her lies, corruption, cronyism; he did a bit, and when he did, he was strong. But, too much of his talk was vague repeating of platitudes.

        Clearly he does not know things (e.g. he was not prepared on specifics), and doesn't know how to make points in an argument (other than insulting and interrupting), and doesn't know what points he SHOULD be making.

        … and he should never talk about anyplace, esp. a place where we have had a recent violent incident, e.g. Charlotte, and say, "… I own property there…"

      • Stephan F says:

        @ L Nelson

        Jim D stole my thunder by summing up very nicely what my response to you would have been, so I wont repeat myself.

        At this point both candidates are vying for just a small handful of undecideds to help tip the election in their favor. My guts tell me, along with general common sense, that Trump did everything he could tonight to dissuade those voter from pulling the lever for him. And my guts are rarely wrong. He blew it big time tonight…although I never really thought he had a prayer to pull off the upset over the Hag anyway.

        Memo to DT: you should have listened to your advisors Donald. The time to act presidential was last night and not your first day in the white house.

  20. Phil says:

    What is it about GOP candidates that makes them go wobbly in presidential debates…still, Trump was stronger than any candidate since Reagan. But he missed SO many chances…e.g., on the hacking issue, he should have jumped all over her unsecured server thing. Good Lord. When she is talking about trust, he should have raised Benghazi, etc. And why get into the weeds defending his business, etc.? I really think he received some bad advice to not go too hard on a woman…remember, though he hates to lose. Guaranteed he will have it down next time.

  21. AussieObserver says:

    Hate to say it, but Clinton looked more presidential than Trump tonight and she did not wilt as many predicted. I fear the race is over and America's decline is on the cards, which means the decline of the free world.

    • Rock Roach says:

      Also looked like Hilaary knew every question in advance.(nbc liberal media). Trump had to and did turn it into
      a street fight.The questions were very biased towards Trump's negatives like bankruptcies,etc.No questions about emails.She did look very phoney with her smirky smile.

      • Jim D says:

        She did look phoney (she wouldn't have an genuine smile, unless she saw a kitten being run over by a bus).

        She and her team anticipated the questions and had well-prepared (and probably focus group vetted) answers.

        Trump wasn't prepared. And I don't know how much he was successful in turning it into a "street fight", nor why that would be a good thing.

        Take the difference in how she responded to the email server question and how he responded to the birther question. Her reply was succinct, to the point: "I made a mistake, in hind sight, I wouldn't do it again". Done. Trump tried to follow up with saying it was deliberate, but since he isn't prepared on the details, all he could do is just flail. … which he did.

        Trump's answer to the birther question went on and on. He didn't answer the actual question 3 or 4 times and droned on about he was the only one to force Obama to produce the birth certificate… but that wasn't the question.

        In any exchange like the above, Hillary came off better than Trump.

      • Jean says:

        And there was only a passing reference to the fact that it was Sid Blumenthal, one of Hillary's 2008 advisors, who raised the "racist birther" issue in the first place. That should have been hammered home more than once.

  22. Her doctor must be a good one. Knew just what meds to prop her up with.

  23. patg2 says:

    Unfortunately, the debate didn't turn out that way. "Hillary" was poised and didn't falter. But was it really her, or was it her double? In spite of that, Trump won overwhelmingly, with real policy proposals, while Hillary's only proposal was to destroy the people who create jobs. And the internet polls showed as much.

    • Kaizen says:

      It's doubtful that you and I were watching the same TV debate. (Your remarks indicate that you were watching a re-run of some Disney fantasy!) Unfortunately for the American people, Mrs Clinton will be your next President in 2017………and the Republican party and voters have only themselves to blame. The Party had a golden opportunity (after 8 years of the Democrats) to vote for a candidate that America, its TRUE allies and the world-at-large would respect as a statesman/woman. Instead you and we get Donald Trump. Now, for the greatest nation on the planet to declare with any sense of common sense that either of the two remaining candidates are the best fit to hold THE most important office, are delusional, as the next four-and-a-half years will prove. And the Republican movement as a whole is culpable for this predicament.

      • Barbara says:

        Unfortunately, what you say is correct. I was depending on Trump to expose her for the evil harridan she is, but he couldn't do it. She is the consummate politician dressed up in a pant suit–lying, crooked Hillary. The repubs did not support him and now see what we have. What a mess!

  24. Ron says:

    Oops. A bad and rare miss RJR. It has to be admitted that the old girl comported herself pretty well. Once the thing degenerated into "he said, she said", which didn't take long, all she had to do was sit there and smirk. It certainly was no blood bath with shrieking, tears and collapsing as predicted.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Not so fast. There are two more debates and Trump, being the winner he is, is unlikely to do a Romney imitation again. In any event, Hillary's nauseating grin made her look like a Cheshire cat who just swallowed 33,000 emails. The next time around, it should be all about sanctuary cities, scrubbed emails, the Clinton Foundation, Benghazi … and on and on and on … NO MATTER WHAT THE MODERATOR OR THE FACE OF EVIL WANT TO TALK ABOUT.

      • Peter says:

        Mr Ringer:

        I would sincerely appreciate your updated insights on the election. It appears things have changed, (or have they ?)

        Eternally optimistic Trump supporter

  25. MWC says:

    When the debate topic is national security/cyber security……wasn't that the ultimate time to hammer Hitlery for being completely untrustworthy after what she's pulled off in plain sight with her email criminality??

    Was Trump told if you love your beautiful family, and want them safe (Vince Foster), you can only mention the email thing once? Otherwise, there is just no logical explanation.

    • Marco Marco says:

      There is a logical explanation: Donald Trump is selling the presidency.

      He does not want the hassles of being president, he does not want to change things for the greater good, he has built for himself the biggest leverage to be in a selling position in exchange for huge favors from the next president.

      I am sorry to say it, Mr Ringer, but he cares only for his business, and his business is not cleaning the political system.

      • MWC says:

        Perhaps you are correct Marco. In the beginning I questioned why on earth would Trump want to surrender his extravagant "do it how you want to do it" life to live a life of constraints of the POTUS. I also noted that through this process he is getting more global marketing than he could ever afford. And he is a marketing genius. So perhaps I was correct initially when he announced. If so, this was just one giant hoodwink perpetrated on liberty minded Americans.

  26. TN Ray says:

    Trump totally unprepared. Guess he planned to "wing it". Hillary well prepped and aided and abetted by the corrupt media. She no doubt knew what to expect in advance, and the questions and scrutiny was all to criticize Trump and bolster Hillary. The fix was in. Nevertheless, I would have hoped that Trump was better prepared to expose Hillary's incompetence and corruption. Trump had opportunities to change the narrative, but, was instead defensive and rambling. Unprepared. If Trump can overcome last nights debate he can overcome anything. Otherwise Hillary won the election last night. It's not too late for Trump if he prepares better next time. I hope.

  27. Reality Seeker says:

    As usual, and just like in the Republican primary, the MSM and Washington insiders are claiming an establishment candidate won and Trump made a fool of himself. Meanwhile, Trump handily wins all of the Debate polls ( except for CNN which sampled FAR more Democrates than Republicans or Independents)…….

    The markets tell a different story. One of relief that Hillary made it through a 90 min debate still standing… Still standing is meeting expectations; therefore, the market makers ( I.e., fixers) are somewhat relieved; however, the corporate and campaign internal polling and focus groups are going to probably show Trump bloodied Clinton but not nearly enough to finish her completely.

    So what does it all mean? It means that Clinton can still be wheeled across the finish line. And Trump still has an uphill battle. Expect more poll rigging in Clinton's favor. Expect the MSM to spin in favor of Clinton. Expect more daggers to be stuck in Trump's back by the GOP. Expect every trick in the book to be played between now and the next debate…… but watch the markets. Follow the money. The capital flows will tell us who the powerful insiders think is going to win. And as of now, they don't know. But they do know that Clinton wasn't KOed.

    Expect the next debate to be even nastier than the first….. Trump only knows how to brawl. And brawl he shall.

  28. zach from mich says:

    Clinton has many weaknesses (foreign policy, integrity, wall st connections, bad trade deals) but for the most part Trump failed to take advantage and spent much of the night playing defense and also was not very articulate in describing his own vision. Clinton looked very relieved afterwards, she had gone through much tougher attacks from Bernie.

  29. Ned Beach says:

    It was staged. There is no question. Trump and Lester were visibly nervous (Lester because he could end up number 49 if he didn't play his part right), but Hillary looked far too cool. From the moment Hillary said with a big smile, "Hi Donald", and shook his hand, I knew something was up. Bill was probably holding in his laughter, "Donald, my boy, you don't know what's coming". And he didn't. Hillary was given her first question, and she delivered her perfectly timed and scripted answer. Once she started speaking, Trump knew he walked into a trap, and had to keep drinking water. I can't believe that Trump wasn't prepared for a staged debate. He had to force Hillary onto the defensive and off of her scripted answers. The Hillary camp knew that not losing his cool was critical for Trump, and so he would not take the chance of appearing to be a bully. As a result, he managed to survive the gang ambush. You have to watch it a second time to really appreciate just how scripted this debate was.

    • Jurgy says:

      Shillery's answers did for the most part sound scripted – I think she just memorized the answers to the most likely questions. I think if Trump thought he walked into a rigged debate he would have begun mouthing off right away …

  30. Jurgy says:

    Her Thighness won last night's debate, IMOH. She is my least favorite candidate, but I believe she'll be our next president, and I believe she will win under suspicious circumstances worthy of investigation. Trump will be all over the media screaming how he (not us) was cheated, and even in the sight of overwhelming evidence that she did win fraudulently, the chief investigator will say something like "mistakes were made … blah … blah … blah … but we do not think there is sufficient evidence to seek indictments against the Clinton campaign and the president-elect" … and Dinesh D'Sousa will make another documentary, get audited and sent back to jail …

  31. moses pitso says:

    you are wrong mr ringer mr trump floundered and hillary cleaned the floor with him.The only time he seems to operate is when he throws a tantrum.sorry to burst your little bbble ,mr trump will mature one day but I will not be holding my breath.The whole world is holding its collective breath and praying to heaven to ensure the donald finds a swift albeit painful demise on the 8th november

  32. Paul Herring says:

    As a non-US citizen I'm amazed at the low sink to which politicians (in any country) travel in order to win the election. Surely no one in this forum welcomes either candidate as worthy of leading the USA.

    In a nation of about 300M people only two are left contesting the election after the others have been eliminated. Neither seems to have the attributes necessary to lead the country. Lying, cheating, hypocrisy, bloody-mindedness, vindictiveness – all of these – seem to characterise the candidates and everyone posting comments in this forum knows it. Yet you still vote for either one! It seems more like they should be in jail rather than the White House!

    How different are those who uphold and live by decent principles. It's no longer a surprise to me that the Bible book of Revelation (chapter 13 verses 1-10) depicts the worldwide political system as wild beasts. And not benign ones. It surprised me once, but not anymore.

    Is there something better than the political system of whatever flavour you and we have at the moment? Indeed there is. Sadly not many believe it and probably few will here but it's going to happen whether we think it will or not. What is it? God's Kingdom, which many of us were taught to pray for in the Lord's Prayer, will in time be the only government over the earth. This was God's purpose in the first place and will be in the future because God's (Jehovah) purpose hasn't been thwarted. It's all in the Bible and surely a welcome alternative to what we have now.

  33. Kaizen says:

    Sir Max Hastings is a highly respected author and journalist in the UK. He writes pieces for the Daily Mail, a right-of-centre, middle-Britain newspaper. Yesterday this article was published and it's highly relevant to this posting.

    A British journalist's opinion.

    • Kaizen says:

      P. S. I see that Pressreader has only picked up half of the article. If you wish to read the rest, you'll find it at the Daily Mail Online, Max Hastings recent articles.

    • Clif says:

      What a terrible article! Violent crime is rising in the USA, not falling http://www.cnn.com/2016/07/25/politics/violent-cr… The British author is so consumed by hate of Trump that he considers Hillary's plans to increase a variety of taxes as reasonable and rational. It seems that the Trump haters are entitled to their own facts, as well as their welfare State dreams of a utopia of income redistribution and uber regulation.

  34. Kaizen says:

    For those that haven't seen this, 10 minutes of light relief !

  35. Rock Roach says:

    Since RJR is on a sabatical and a lot of news has happened lately-several points
    1) The Dirty Dems have made the mistake of leaking Trump imformational video too soon,a simple apology tonight will be sufficient.
    2) also helpful will be the fallout of Rhinos like Paul ryan and Senator McCain.
    3) And Trump really should attack crooked and now treasonous Hillary over recently leaked emails with 100 millions watching.
    4) Hillary has now officially run out of bullets in all smearing schemes.Nobody caresanymore.

    • OzzieObserver says:

      What do you think about Ben Carson saying there is more "lewd" stuff out there? The MSM has a field day on this stuff and because they are shouting the loudest, trying to drown out any balanced reporting, it seems most voters get lost in the "thick of thin things". I am not an American but the significance of this election is not lost on me, it may be the very future of the free world that is ultimately at stake, and the US will either follow Europe, like lemmings rushing over the edge of a cliff, or stop the madness – it was Lord Byron (1812 – 1818) that said: "There is the moral of all human tales; 'Tis but the same rehearsal of the past, First Freedom, and then Glory – when that fails, Wealth, vice, corruption – barbarism at last." I hope that good sense prevails.

  36. Robby Bonfire says:

    They crooked Kennedy into the White House via dead people by the thousands "voting" in Texas, and rigging the voting machines in Illinois. I understand that in the last election, every 10th vote for Romney was switched to its being a vote for the other guy.

    They will also recruit thousands of minority voters to say they were prevented from voting. This is going to be the uglies civilt war, it is NOT an election, in our nation's history.

  37. Neo says:

    Trump is a joke. There is no candidate for freedom in this election. I don't know what kind of glasses Ringer has on – but they are not those of reality. It might be a good idea to switch back to the reality glasses Mr. Ringer.

  38. Kaizen says:

    Dear RJR, Perhaps your next commentary should be entitled "The Demise of the Snake-oil Salesman!"

  39. Phil says:

    4 more days until Robert returns! Looking forward to his take on the latest insanity.

  40. Dave says:

    The Trump ship is sinking and it doesn't look like it will be repaired by election time.

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