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In her book “Give Me Liberty,” Rose Wilder Lane, the great libertarian thinker and writer who started out as a communist, wrote the following as a sort of mockup conversation with a comrade:

“We must eliminate profit; that is to say, we must eliminate the capitalist. We will take his current profits, distribute his accumulated wealth, and ourselves administer his former affairs.

“The workers who produce the goods will then enjoy the goods, there will no longer be any economic inequality, and we shall have such general prosperity as the world has never known.”

To which Lane responded, “When the capitalist is gone, who will manage production?”

“The State.”

“And what is the State?”

“The State will be the mass of toiling workers.”

Rose Wilder Lane’s silent reaction to this was, “It was at this point that the first doubt pierced my communist faith.”

Smart lady, she was. From that point on, she evolved into a staunch anti-communist libertarian.

Every communist experiment since then — Russia … China … North Korea … Mozambique … Hungary … Poland … Cambodia … North Vietnam … has had at least one thing in common: All animals were equal, but some animals were more equal than others.

I thought about this as world leaders concluded their phony climate-change meeting in Paris. The sheep of the Western world are about to be subjected to the biggest redistribution-of-wealth scam in history, and most of them are cheering their own demise without a clue.

(Countries like China and India, of course, don’t have to worry about such things, because they have no intention of curbing their carbon emissions.)

My message to voters: Be careful who you vote for, or you may get him (or, worse, her). Like ISIS, Marxism in America must be TOTALLY defeated. Containment hasn’t worked.

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