I’m somewhat perplexed as to why …

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I’m somewhat perplexed as to why so many voters are upset that the increasingly odious Paul Ryan and his lowlife Republican brethren yet again gave away their money and got their children another half trillion dollars in debt.

I seems to me that after decades of watching reruns of this X-rated movie, it takes a lot of naiveté to believe that Republicans are anything other than wimpy water-carriers for the Dirty Dems.

I know, I know — voters have been showing, through their support of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson, that they’ve had it with the establishment. But that doesn’t scare cowardly Republicans nearly as much as offending the radical left that controls things in Washington.

The only person who proved to be even more detestable than Paul Ryan is the establishment’s number-one RINO-in-the-making, Marco Rubio. The ever-so-slick Rubio, mimicking the M.O. of Senator Barack Obama, took the easy way out and simply didn’t show up for the vote.

Then, in a remarkable show of chutzpah, Rubio said, with a straight face, “When there are important votes, especially those where I can be a decisive voice, I’m going to be there.” And here I thought that getting the United States another half trillion dollars in debt was important. Silly me.

Folks, listen to me on this: Nothing is going to change for the better in the People’s Republic of America until and unless EVERYONE in the Washington crime syndicate is thrown out and replaced by CITIZEN STATESMEN — all limited to one term in office.

And short of a revolution, that’s not likely to happen until the country collapses all the way down to third-world status, so I suggest you take a deep breath and work on raising your pain threshold.

Robert Ringer

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3 responses to “I’m somewhat perplexed as to why …”

  1. Reality Seeker says:

    "all limited to one term in office".

    I totally agree. One term in office means that a separate political class ( like the one we currently have in Washington) cannot take root. Only one term in in office means no more Paul RINO ( aka Paul Ryan). It means no more Bitch McConnell, John McPain, Moron Hatch, Lindsey Gimcrackery, and no more political Weeds ( aka Bush(s)) and all of the rest in the House of Cards Washington Reality Show. No more Frank Underwood types.

    One term in office. It's the only solution that'll work, because after one term they all have to go back and live under the same rules as everybody else.

  2. Iheartdagney says:

    Article V baby! Convention of the States! Start supporting locally to move it nationally!

  3. abimanu says:

    I am fascinated by his writings,hence I wish to login and make comments. As for Donald Trump, his comments seem to be predictable as what he stated to the alleged disgust of his opponents in respect of banning Muslims, it was the truth and his opponents wanted to court Muslims'votes and as a result, they claimed to be against.

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