The War Hero Is Still at It

Posted on February 22, 2017 by Robert Ringer


One of the great mysteries of life is why Arizonians keep reelecting John McCain. Is it because he’s touted far and wide as a war hero? Probably so.

But even if we stipulate that his five-and-a-half years spent in captivity in Vietnam qualifies him as a hero, we also should keep in mind that his capture is now 50 years old. That doesn’t lessen his war-hero status, but it’s absurd to give him a pass on his words and actions of today. And today he is, and has for a long time been, a self-righteous jerk.

He obviously doesn’t like Donald Trump, and that’s fine. A lot of people don’t like him. But his over-the-top criticism of the current administration is undermining his credibility as a representative of the people of Arizona, not to mention every person who voted for Trump.

I give McCain a pass for opposing Trump’s travel ban, because even though I disagree with him, some of his arguments against it appear to be reasonable and pragmatic. But his comments criticizing Trump’s handling of the media is neither reasonable nor pragmatic.

Worst of all, McCain’s indignation over Trump’s characterization of Judge James L. Robart as a “so-called judge” after he issued a nationwide temporary injunction against Trump’s executive order to ban people from seven predominantly Muslim countries reminded me of his nauseating deference to Barack Obama in his 2008 presidential run.

None other than famed criminal-defense attorney Gerry Spence, who has never lost a case in his 60-year career, takes issue with the idea that judges are above criticism. In his writings, he even goes so far as to say it’s ridiculous that everyone is required to stand when the judge enters the courtroom.

Spence unapologetically says that the idea that a guy or gal wearing a black robe is deserving of unquestioned respect is a sham. On the contrary, he believes judges are often more corrupt than the people who are on trial before him or her.

If I had my way, I would rather have term limits on federal judges (especially Supreme Court Justices!) than members of Congress. Of course, that would create some difficult problems, e.g., who would determine who their replacements should be? If a sitting president with dictatorial designs had the power to decide on all nine members of the court, then he could quickly put together a Supreme Court that would give him his wish.

Finally, McCain’s criticism of Trump’s blitzkrieg of the transparently dishonest media — while in a foreign country yet! — is both naïve and indefensible, even for him. When he takes the position that it’s a threat to our freedom for a sitting president to criticize the totally corrupt media that has devolved into the PR wing of the Democratic Party, he makes himself look foolish.

Speaking to “Meet the Press” from Germany, McCain said that without a free press, “I am afraid that we would lose so much of our individual liberties over time. That’s how dictators get started.” Huh? After obediently watching the cheerleading media do everything within their power to help Barack Obama move toward a dictatorship, McCain now sees a problem with a president who has the courage to expose the media’s nonstop lying?

Of course the president, or anyone else for that matter, has a perfect right to call out the media when they create “news” out of thin air and favor the Democratic party by a wide margin over Republicans. Everyday citizens should not be intimidated into falling in line and easing up on pushing back against the tyranny of the Radical Left.

Unfortunately, like cockroaches, you can never get rid of all the Radical Left miscreants who are running loose on our streets, which is all the more reason to keep the pressure on them. Eternal vigilance truly is the price of liberty.

The opinions of war heroes notwithstanding, when it comes to the media and judges, never be afraid to call them out for their dishonesty. As the Radical Left is fond of saying: Resist, resist, resist!

Robert Ringer

+Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

37 responses to “The War Hero Is Still at It”

  1. Allen says:

    Well said, most honorable Turtle.

  2. teddyp45 says:

    Robert – Arizona is my home, and I am NOT a supporter of McCain. I voted for him during his first run for the Senate, and have voted against him in every election since then. But what really infuriated about him was the way he handled Obama with kid gloves during the 20098 Presidential race. Instead of going head to head with him, he rolled over and gave the election to Obama. I should have listened to Barry Goldwater when he refused to endorse him when he ran for Goldwater's Senate seat when Goldwater retired.

  3. Aztex says:

    Seriously, McMush is ridding a dead horse. He is either 80 or almost there and he is getting too old
    and senile. Being a war hero does not instantly qualify you for House or Senate. When will the
    Pelosi's, Waters, McCains & Grahams decide to enjoy retirement, when will they have enough $$ and
    power ? Never. Like Ruth Bader Ginsburg they will sit there and sleep and drool until they are
    called into the great beyond. Term llimit for all.

  4. TheLookOut says:

    Ah Yes, cockroaches is the perfect moniker for the Radical Lefties.
    Shine the light of truth on them, and they scurry for cover, but as
    soon as the lights go out, here they come crawling over, and infecting
    everything that's clean, and decent. Let's keep the lights on this
    intolerant slime, as they will never be eradicated without drastic
    proactive measures.

  5. Woody Garvey says:

    Despite the PR McCain is no hero — simply unfortunate. It IS heroic to volunteer to do combat for your country. It is unfortunate to be captured even if by one's own mistakes. It is more unfortunate to be tortured and crippled. But being unfortunate does not make you a hero. Overcoming your enemy's treatment does.

    BUT, McCain succumbed to his captors. Admittedly tortured, and coming from a privileged background, he deserves sympathy for crumbling, but not admiration. The fact is HE MADE PROPAGANDA FILMS FOR THE ENEMY. That is not the substance of heroism. If it were, Jane Fonda is a hero. Both should simply live down their mistakes not mischaracterise them. I think that is what Trump was referring to although poorly expressed (as often happens with Trump.)

    McCain is the third generation of his family to live off the government and clearly a creature of the Federal Elite. Arizonians and all of us would be better served by those with "real world" experience.

    • Stephan F says:

      A tip of the hat for those spot-on comments W.G. Well said.

    • Barbara Wells says:

      You are correct. I read a book from another POW imprisoned at the same time with McCain and he hints at the fact that the other POWs knew that McCain caved & made propaganda films for the enemy. I also believe that is what Trump had in mind when he made that remark about McCain.

  6. Rick D'Amico says:

    And Arizona is my home and I voted for him, I didn't want to, but his opponent was a left wing wacko. I voted for him for no other reason than to have a Republican majority in the Senate. I interviewed him a number of times during my broadcasting career here, and he was always condescending to me. A friend of mine who was a government official here attended a number of programs where McCain spoke and said "He's just not very bright!" says the same old things over and over for the last 24 years or so.

  7. Garland says:

    Very good observation on McCain, Robert. There are a lot of questions on what McCain
    really did when he served time in prison in North Vietnam.

  8. John John says:

    Agree with all fo the above. A campaign to run a competent and honest conservative replacement for McCain must be organized for the next election. McCain is unfit for duty!

  9. Another standing ovation (applause) Mr. Ringer … Well said, and long over do! Thank you!

  10. Lora says:

    The problem is they talk about a free press but it's not free, it's bought-and-paid-for.

    • Jim Hallett says:

      That is the real nugget that Mush McCain's comments failed to take into consideration. The supposedly "free" press is nothing more than an indoctrinator and cheerleader for the Radical Left "progressive" agenda. Anyone who thinks they get real and truthful information from these lying clowns is badly deceived. McCain is an establishment operative who wants more of the same b.s. – more wars, more debt, more govt. coercion, and more theft, along with more power for the losers in the District of Criminals! Time to retire, Mush!

  11. The forced use of such words as "learned" or "honorable" and the forced use behavior such as standing when a judge enters itself is a clear indication that, unless forced they won't be deemed to be so!

  12. Paul Anthony says:

    As an Arizonan, I must set the record straight. McCain got re-elected because the GOP could not/would not support a contender in the primaries. In the general election, we were given the choice of re-electing this buffoon or voting for the Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick, who is – believe it or not – more liberal than McCain.

    I didn't vote for either of them, leaving that portion of my ballot blank. He didn't need a lot of votes to win. He only needed more than Kirkpatrick.

  13. Joan Ferrante says:

    McCain , A war hero (yes) He is now a cranky old man!!!!! Come on.time for regiment!!!!!!!

  14. Marte says:

    He's been a total disappointment ever since he failed to campaign against Obama. Who knows, maybe he was a shill – only there to make sure BO was elected.

  15. Scott theczech says:

    Arizona and Nevada both have a grand history of frontier independence yet both states serially elected Harry Reid and John McCain – go figure!

  16. larajf says:

    I think it's so sad (but typical) that McCain is pandering to the Democrats who tore him to shreds when he was the Republican candidate.

  17. Amen to that. I actually think McCain has dementia, and am grateful he lost his last presidential bid, even though I can't stand Obama. McCain in the White House would be a scary proposition. Old Johnny needs to be put out to pasture.

  18. Rick G says:

    When is John McCain going to finally go away? When? When? I mean really!

    He is one of the primary reasons we got stuck with Nobama in 2008. I supported and voted for McCain in 2008 because I definitely didn't want Nobama in the White House. That's it! I thought he might have had some redeeming value when he chose Sarah Palin to be his Vice Presidential running mate. But I guess I was wrong. What really crippled his campaign was when after being ahead of Obama in the polls during the campaign for six days, he decides to suspend his campaign and "go to work" on the then current economic "crisis" of 2008. He looked ridiculous doing that. And I remember during the 2008 campaign, McCain appeared at a rally with radio talk show host Bill Cunningham in Cincinnati. Cunningham likes to poke fun at the Radic-Libs, he can't stand them (and rightly so), so he kept referring to Nobama as "Hussein". This angered John McCain, and McCain fired back right there against Cunningham for this by talking nice about Nobama, saying he is "a good family man", blah, blah, blah. I never thought that McCain was ever serious about becoming President. Amidst all the fooling around during the campaign, one of his campaign aides told him to get back out there because he was losing the race.

    I read a while back that McCain supported Hillary in the last campaign. Is this true? If so, fine! He's really big on "reaching across the aisle", a phrase I find very annoying, so why not leave and actually go across that aisle and never come back. I think he is better suited there.

  19. LordUndershaft says:

    Losers almost always resent winners — a winner being anyone who achieves what the loser could not — and hatred more often than not comes along with the resentment.

  20. Lana says:

    When McCain ran for president, I was impressed that he chose Sarah Palin. When Sarah Palin proved to be more popular than he was, he sabotaged his own run for presidency. Thankfully, Harry Reid will leave after this term, but be aware, his replacement was hand-picked. We Nevadans were unable to keep her out of office. She is a lot like him and will probably be his puppet.

    What happened to the grassroots effort to put in place a two–term limit on all elected officials. Changes will only come when any elected person (from city to federal) is legally required to live by the same laws they implement for others. If this law is in place, it needs to be enforced. If there is no law, there needs to be one. Until it effects the elite, they will continue to "elite". There is no place for that in a great country like the United States. The elite mentality has brought us to this point. Actually, if they are in service of the United States, they should be living in barracks in Washington, D.C. and receiving the same pay as the people who are actually of service to this country.

  21. JVE says:

    As a legislator, McCain has outlived his usefullness. Until we (the people) implement and enforce term limits, and force legislators to live under such regulations as they impose on their constituents, the blatant abuse of power and influence will continue.

    I agree with Lana, who indicated there is no place for an 'elite' ruling class in America.

    It appears to some extent, the tables have turned in DC; it's now time to hammer in the final nails in the elitesy coffin. We've got (hopefully) four years to do so.

    If the liberals in this country can organize and protest, those of us with a more conservative 'bent' can also do so (without the violence and stupidity). I suggest we do so – immediately…

  22. Dave Carney says:

    McCain is a traitor who fought to bury any information on our POW's so that his cowardly acts and collaboration with the enemy woiuldn't be exposed. This is a must watch on this traitor:

  23. Saul HarmonG ritz says:

    McCain is not a hero for being in prison; he's a hero for his behavior and leadership during imprisonment and making Hanoi Hilton survivable for fellow prisoners. After 50 years, he's still a hero, but this doesn't give him any more creditability than if he were not. Respect for his heroism is one thing; respect for his current decisions is another.

  24. Tony says:

    McCain and Lindsay Graham are two of the biggest neocons in gov't. They'll do anything to support another war and obviously support a globalist agenda. What a waste!

  25. Rocketman says:

    There has been scarcely any mention of this fact in the news but George Soros has donated to both John McCain and to Lindsey Graham re-election campaigns. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that both men are heavily indebted to the globalist billionaire that started his infamous career by working with the Nazi's to throw his own kind into gas chambers.

  26. What does McCain, liberal democrats and RINOs have in common?

    Answer: The question is rhetorical since the question IS the answer!!!

  27. Jose Jackson says:

    Term limits needed big time. Though my main concern is that even with say 2 term limit on Senate and maybe 4 terms for house, is that the faces and names will be new but the machine that gets them elected is the same, thus no real much needed reform, such as higher minimum wage, and a more life/work balance of hours.

    Not too many people on their deathbed will say I should have spent more time in the office.

    As long as hourly workers make up the bulk of the workforce, there needs to be a 30 hour work week and much like Medicare/Medicaid compensation to doctors varies depending on what it costs to do business and live at a certain location; we need to have a varied minimum wage based on a regional criteria of cost of living.

    Do agree though t he Federal judges need to bue termed out with perhaps a stipulation of no more than 10% can be term retired in a given year.

  28. Nasdaq7 says:

    McCain is a bad guy, I'm sorry to say.

  29. Daisy Marie says:

    Term limit desperately needed

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