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Andy Rooney on Junk Mail

Posted on July 23, 2005 by Robert Ringer

Following are some words that Andy Rooney says cause him to toss envelopes in the wastebasket without opening them: Important.  Rooney says that if an envelope contains the word important, you can be sure it isn’t. Urgent.  Not! Do Not Discard.  Intimidating ploy. Open Immediately.  This tells you that you need not be in a […]

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Keeping Your Eye on Your Burger

Posted on June 11, 2005 by Robert Ringer

Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald’s, never grew tired of preaching to his executives that McDonald’s was, first and foremost, in the hamburger business.  While it was somewhat of a necessity for the company to expand its menu to include non-hamburger sandwiches and other items such as salads and ice cream, Kroc intuitively understood that a […]

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Beware the Lure of the DEL

Posted on June 4, 2005 by Robert Ringer

Bill Gates was recently on the front cover of not one, but two major magazines — Time and Fortune.  What makes this especially remarkable is the fact that the two cover stories, which came out at virtually the same time, focused on totally different aspects of Microsoft’s business.  Imagine having such a great impact on […]

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Dealing With Injustice

Posted on April 9, 2005 by Robert Ringer

Prominently displayed in the main hallway of my son’s school is a large sign that lists  “Life’s Rational Rules of the World.”  There are twelve rules altogether, and the first one on the list reads:  “The world is not always fair.” From the first time I saw that sign, I was impressed with the school. […]

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Above All, Discretion

Posted on March 5, 2005 by Robert Ringer

There’s no question that some fans felt cheated when they found out that major league baseball players have been using performance-enhancing substances for years.  It appears, however, that they are in the minority and that most fans don’t really care all that much about steroid usage. At the very least, they’re willing to forgive and […]

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How Do You Commit a Geragos

Posted on December 4, 2004 by Robert Ringer

How do you commit a Geragos?  To answer this question, we first need to define what a Geragos is. A Geragos is a humanoid who: Possesses a piece of paper (technically referred to as a “law degree”) that gives him the right to participate in a monopoly known as the “practice of law.” Passionately believes […]

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Learning From Real Heroes

Posted on November 13, 2004 by Robert Ringer

Americans love to throw around the term hero.  They not only ascribe the word to illiterate athletes, but to people who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, as well. An extreme example of the latter would be the infamous Iran-hostage “crisis” that ended after 444 days on January 20, 1981.  […]

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