The Better What?

Posted on August 3, 2017 by Robert Ringer Comments (27)


I cannot tell you how excited I was when Cryin’ Chuck and Granny Nancy presented the Democrats’ brand-spanking new “Better Deal” (technically titled The Better Deal).  They should have called it the New Deal, Part II, because it’s the same old, tired progressive policies that have transformed the United States into a semi-socialist country (on the verge of dropping the “semi”).

Or, perhaps betters still, how about “Change You Can Believe In, Part II”?  Part I worked out real well, didn’t it?  But however you label it, the bottom line is that it’s a call to arms for more big government control of the economy and people’s lives.

That the Dirty Dems are tone deaf has been repeated so many times you’d think they would be more imaginative.  But, to our good fortune, such is not the case.  It was actually painful watching Granny Nancy fumble and stumble for intelligible answers when Chris Wallace grilled her on Sunday.  It was clear that all that wine and cheese has finally taken its toll on her grey matter.

Among other things, The Better Deal calls for higher wages, lower prescription drug costs, an increase in workforce training, and growing infrastructure.  How fresh and exciting!  Not quite.  In reality, it’s the same old mush the Dirty Dems have been peddling for years.

When Wallace asked Granny how the Dirty Dems could win by doing nothing more than recycling their same old agenda, her perplexing answer was, “They’ll hear it with more clarity.”  Translation:  “Our agenda is just fine.  Our messaging just has to be better.”

She then quickly shifted the conversation to herself by mimicking none other than Horrible Hillary.  When Wallace asked her about stepping down from her leadership position, she not so subtly adjusted her dentures with her tongue and embarrassingly stated, “I am a master legislator.”

Obviously, Granny is going to be a very depressed woman when the Dirty Dems are overwhelmingly defeated in 2018.  (To cover my tracks, I hasten to add that the one and only thing that can prevent a Republican landslide victory in 2018 is if Donald Trump continues his efforts to turn the White House into Animal House and/or the anti-Trump Republicans in Congress succeed in stopping his agenda.  That’s right — not Democrats, but Republicans!)

But the worst feature of The Better Deal is the proposition that would create a giant bureaucracy (affectionately referred to by Granny and Chuck as the “National Trust Buster”) to oversee all the existing anti-business agencies, including the Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

The justification is to prevent monopolies and excess concentrations of power in the business world.  Of course, if the Dirty Dems were in power and actually enacted such legislation, you can be sure they would exclude from those constraints their favorite big-tech benefactors — Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Alphabet (Google).  Let there be no doubt that the Democrats are the party of the one-percenters!

Then, of course, there’s the minimum wage (yawn), which Democrats must surely realize by now is a job killer and an incentive for companies to move toward more automation and less hiring.  Of course, Democrats consider people out of work to be a big win for them, because that equates to dependency, which in turn equates to more Democratic votes.  It’s great to be a Democrat, isn’t it?

Basically, what the Dirty Dems are admitting by trying yet again to peddle the politics of envy is that they are convinced the voters who put Donald Trump in power are ignorant — or at least confused.  It’s simply a matter of better explaining things to them.  Or, as Granny put it, they have to hear the Dirty Dems’ message with more clarity.  Failing that, perhaps they need to be sent to reeducation camps where they can read up on Marx and Mao.

We often hear conservative pundits say they are baffled as to why the Democratic Party cannot come up with new ideas, but that’s an easy one to answer.  It’s because they’ve had their way for so long — going back at least to FDR and the so-called New Deal — that they’ve become lazy.  They have had no incentive to change, because even during the Reagan years they were able to continue selling their snake oil, and during Bush I and Bush II, it was as though they were still in power.

All this is why I believe that if Trump and/or his Republican antagonists don’t screw things up, there is an excellent chance the Democratic Party, as we have come to know it, will not exist after 2018 — or at least after 2020.  Bernie Sanders alone almost guarantees that sad ending for them, because this time around he’s going to push the Dirty Dems even further to the anti-American left.

Now, let the fun begin.  Bring on The Better Deal.

Robert Ringer

+Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

27 responses to “The Better What?”

  1. Bill says:

    Excellent column as always. The thing that concerns me is that the demographics are pointing to the fact that in just a generation or two, the nation will inexorably become a left leaning nation and it will become impossible for a real Conservative to win a national election. Just traveling down in the areas of the suburbs of Maryland and Northern Virginia, one would think they are residing in a Central American country, and the thing about it is I've noticed that Hispanics take very seriously that biblical admonition to "be fruitful and multiply" as you see women towing around several children in stair step alignment. The fact is the large majority of these future voters will no doubt lean Democratic. If the Dems are able to increase the populations of these future Democrats in a few key states, it's over!

  2. Noah says:

    The tipping point is still the problem. Once 51% of the sheeple vote themselves a free ride on the backs of the remaining 49%, the great experiment that is the USA is over.

  3. Helen Roberts says:

    Animal House!! the best description yet of the White House! Love it!

    • Johnny Twosheds says:

      Animal House…replacing the "House of Horrors" brought to us, courtesy of Obama! If the Dems get back is, it will literally be a "House of Ill Repute." Hilary just might be its "Madam." Slick Willie will be in hog's heaven, a fitting description for him and is political party.

  4. Scott theczech says:

    Don't worry, there is no danger of the White House being turned into Animal House. This president is tactically and systematically driving the Make America Great Again agenda. The Dems are beside themselves with anger and frustration. The news media is flomuxed and continues to see Americans in droves get their news & information elsewhere. These are interesting times indeed!

  5. IHeartDagney says:

    I can't abide hearing Pelosi's voice, like Harry Reid before her. Schumer is another one whose voice grates. And, when I see pictures of any of these anti-Liberty nutjobs, I scroll right past them as fast as I can.

    Our side is partly responsible for letting the children in government run amok. Being a lazy and fearful parent ensures the children become criminal animals. This is the result of the grown-up party's laziness and FEAR of the unruly children.

    When politicians talk about and/or DO ANYTHING other than UNLEASHING the economy, ENSURING the FREEDOM of the AMERICAN people, and CUTTING spending and regulations, they need to be SHUT DOWN and RIDICULED. If the pundits don't start doing that, those pundits need to lose our readership/viewship as fast as possible. In that way we'll send a powerful message to OUR SERVANTS, the political class and the FREE MARKET will educate and/or destroy the punditry for getting off track.

    And, what Stephen Miller did yesterday to the communist media was EPIC and much appreciated by his EMPLOYERS (US for those in Rio Linda).

  6. Marlena Bennett says:

    To quote another brilliant person, "Let the men who want to marry men get married; let the women who want to marry women get married; let those who favor abortion have abortions and in three generations – there will be no Democrats!"

    • Rick G says:

      Marlena! You hit the political nail right on the head! YOU ARE THE WOMAN! That's how we can get rid of all these Dirty Dems……once and for all…..FOREVER!!! Why didn"t I think of that? Dang! And throw in a lot of RINOs and Republicrats too! Bad clown acts like McCain, Graham, Kasich…… nauseum! YOU GOT IT RIGHT! Gee, I may have to turn pro-abortion! Gulp! Maybe, allow it for the Dirty Dems only! Lols!!!

  7. Rick G says:

    Animal House! Lols! You got it right, Robert (as always)! Maybe it should be Animal House II. Anyhoooo, the Dirty Dems are a complete joke and waste! The party is washed up and defunct! I can't believe these maggots are still around! I would LOVE to see the news headlines in 2018: A Requiem for the Dirty Dems: RIP!!!

  8. P Heere says:

    Dependency or Freedom. Now there's a campaign slogan if I ever heard one.

  9. sam239 says:

    It's totally perplexing how the Dirty Dems DO maintain support. In my city the city officials are corrupt, arrogant lowlifes, you can just Google their names and read the high crimes AND misdemeanors they have committed, yet the people still vote for them. Sometimes when I take the bus the people sometimes trash talk Donald Trump when I get on, but the areas they live are crime-ridden, running down (beautiful old homes built by master craftsmen, turning into a 3rd world slum), gunshots at night, etc.

    It reminds of something the psychologist Jordan Peterson brought up, how in the Bible, Satan offered Jesus power over the world.

    Jesus replied, "Out, Satan!"

    Satan clearly offered the Dirty Dems the same, and they took him up on it!!!

    • Rick G says:

      Maybe when it comes time for Trump to rebuild the infrastructure, he will just pass these Trump-trashers up!

      • sam239 says:

        It's kinda hard to feel sympathy for the mass of them, they are effectively bribing leaders with their votes, which shows they are morally corrupted themselves. There are some "dissidents" who are stuck there for personal reasons but know they're being scammed, and live in fear of predatorial criminals. One on the bus told me, "Trump would bring jobs to the community, it would get the people standing on the corners in good jobs."

        The Dirty Dems are only interested in power, but the question is: how to stop them?

    • larajf says:

      They shout the loudest & keep repeating lies & beating the rest of the nation down?

    • Jean says:

      Sam239 – sounds like you live either in Detroit or in Cleveland. If so, the people (or "folk" to use Obama's terminology) vote for the clowns because 1) they too are felons or scam artists who make their living milking the system and see nothing wrong with the status quo, and 2) they're racists who can only see black and white, and will vote for the black regardless of his or her credentials or character. Scamming taxpayers has been sold by the Alinskyites as a form of reparations (you're getting whitey back AND getting free stuff too) and is an ingrained part of the ghetto culture. And yes, you can thank the Dirty Dems for perpetuating the lie as well as the behavior.

  10. hopeless says:

    I wish I could believe the premise of this article. Unfortunately, Americans – perhaps all humans – will vote for whomever has the prettiest face and promises the most "free chit." Actual delivery of the "free chit" is secondary, since the attention span of the average voter is about 30 seconds, and besides, since it's all provided free by "the government," what's the downside of voting for it? Even worse is that republicans = democrats when it comes to oligarchical ambitions, and successful politicians recognize this instinctively. Eric Blair was a prophet. R.I.P. America.

  11. Rick G says:

    The Dirty Dems should call it for what it is, The Raw Deal!

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  14. Jim Hallett says:

    The Pelosi clip included in this article is indeed painful to watch. She is more than just stupid, but so many did buy into FDR's "New Deal" (better named the Screw Deal) that maybe Brain-Dead Pelosi and Upchuck Schumers version will be "The Better Screw" – as every single "progressive Libtard" agenda item has done just that to the American people!! Freedom has no chance in a cesspool of deranged thought like that. They don't understand ANYTHING about free market economics, and they only care about more coercion and theft, as they are the foundation of the State (along with perpetual war in foreign lands). If only you could gain a leadership position in their Caucus, Robert, there might be some hope of real clarity and enlightenment. Otherwise, our only hope is that Dumbocrat becomes an EXTINCT SPECIES!!

  15. Steve V. says:

    Mr. Ringer is totally at odds with David Stockman. See

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