Today’s shutdown of Los Angeles schools …

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Today’s shutdown of Los Angeles schools due to a terror threat reminded me of something I’ve written about extensively in the past — why I believe the United States ultimately will splinter into a number of independent states/countries.

It’s far too complicated to go into in detail in a Facebook post, but the overarching reason is because the country simply has become too large.

When I lived in New Zealand, I remember once lamenting to a friend that the population had egalitarianism so ingrained in it that it was only a matter of time until a financial collapse — and perhaps an ensuing dictatorship — occurred.

His response was that it would never happen in New Zealand, because with a population only a bit over 3 million people, it was small enough for the sane, well-intentioned minority to keep things under control. I didn’t have to do a lot of research on his point, because common sense told me he was right.

When you scan the globe, tiny countries like Singapore, Taiwan, Switzerland, and most of the Caribbean islands come to mind. None of them are perfect — nothing in this world is — but they’re all small enough to make it easy to prevent poisonous activities like welfare abuse, mass murders, and political correctness from getting out of control.

So with the shutdown of Los Angeles schools today, it’s yet another reminder why the United States ultimately will, either by agreement or through revolution, break into many independent states. How could the country, in its present format (i.e., with almost EVERYTHING being out of control), possibly handle things if nuts, criminals, pranksters, and terrorists decided to make anonymous threats to schools on a regular basis — perhaps a hundred of them in a single day?

The country is so big, so saturated with people who want to do harm to others, and so lax when it comes to preventing and punishing crime, that it’s an invitation for just such a thing to occur. I’d like to be wrong about that, but I doubt that I am.

Of course, from the vantage point of the radical left, the bigger, the better. In fact, people in that nefarious camp have been feverishly working to make things worse for more than a century. Why? Because the worse things get, the easier it is to establish a dictatorship “to protect the people.”

Caveat emptor.

Robert Ringer

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  1. Reality Seeker says:

    Collectivism scales. Terror scales. Religion scales. Crime scales. Ignorance scales. Orwellian government scales. All of the preceding scales up or down with ease. So "small" doesn't necessarily mean that it's "easier" to prevent "poisonous" activities. Especially when the central planners are the very ones dispensing the most deadly of poisons. For example, I just received an email from a friend of mine who's a Kiwi. He congratulated me for predicting how New Zealand would become a cashless society long before amerika. In case you didn't know, a cashless society is a poisoned society. Just like a country without an well armed citizenry is a poisoned country. A country that's allowing record emigration ( i.e. NZ) in order to expand its Keynesian, credit-based economy is doomed. New Zealand was poisoned a long time ago. And it's just a matter of time before New Zealand's velvet authoritarianism turns that "small" country inside-out.

    Have you been to NZ, lately? Don't try and make change— especially with a large bill. Even the roadside fruit stands have debit card readers. So smaller isn't always better. Not in the long run. Small can also make it easier for Big Brother to look over everybody's shoulder– less people, less shoulders. Just try do something as simple as remodel a house. Then see how the Kafkaesque bureaucracy nails your ass to the wall. Small makes it easier for a well oiled propaganda machine to influence a less diverse population, e.g., Japan. Like NZ, the Japanese have traded many freedoms for temporary security, productivity and tradition. It won't end well. Even the places where one used to be able to shelter their money ( e.g., Singapore, Taiwan, Switzerland, and most of the Caribbean islands) are now spying for Washington. Capital inflow is what made those countries prosper in large part. And capitol outflow is what shall change the economic and political dynamics. Moreover, the Dollar is still God, and the ultimate weapon. So the fate of small has become the whim of the large, viz., Washington.

    I do agree that amerika shall attempt to splinter. And Jerome Corsi provides a step-by-step hypothesis regarding how, when and why amerika splinters. Personally, I doubt that Washington shall allow it without first starting a nuclear war. Lincoln started the most bloody war in American history in order to prevent a division, so what do you think the elites shall do this time around? Washington shall start a nuclear war before it relinquishes control over America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America, the Pacific and other parts of the globe currently under its control. Furthermore, Washington is advancing its hegemony into close proximity of Russia and China. And there's no indication whatsoever that Washington's aggression shall be curtailed. Did you watch the debate last night? The GOP hopefuls are falling all over themselves as they try to be the most aggressive against ISIS. Yet not one of them knows how to solve the problem. I doubt that one of the candidates could explain how America fought its first war against Islam during the Jefferson administration. And how Jefferson sent Adams to negotiate a settlement without becoming entangled in a losing war.

    America's first war was against Islam; however, America had competent leadership at the time. So that war was no big deal. Not so today. Today, we have leaders who cannot wait to entangle everybody into war(s) costing trillions.

    Islam has always been a religion of violence clocked in peace. When Islam invaded Africa, 60 million died. Millions of Ukrainians (slavs) were taken as slaves by Islamists. Islam was ( and is) the political-belief system of some of the most dangerous pirates in history. Terrorists find a good home in Islam.

    What shall the next American president do about Islam? Will the next president be as wise as Jefferson?

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