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In George Orwell’s “1984” …

Posted on March 24, 2014 by Robert Ringer No Comments

In George Orwell’s “1984”, Big Brother’s slogan was: War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, Ignorance Is Strength. Orwell’s point was that people can be made to believe just about anything if they hear it often enough. […]

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In our instant-gratification society …

Posted on March 23, 2014 by Robert Ringer No Comments

In our instant-gratification society, I am concerned that young people do not understand that consistently making decisions geared toward long-term happiness does not preclude them from being happy in the short term as well. What it does mean is that if they constantly opt for instant gratification without regard to the long-term consequences of their […]

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A Malaysian airliner disappears …

Posted on March 22, 2014 by Robert Ringer No Comments

A Malaysian airliner disappears into thin air … the Supreme Court rules it’s legal for the government to force people to buy a product … 9/11 kills 3,000 civilians … the U.S. fights two wars that are both longer than World War II … cell phones do things that computers could not do fifteen years […]

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Freedom is not about …

Posted on March 21, 2014 by Robert Ringer Comments (1)

Freedom is not about government-enforced security and equality. On the contrary, freedom is about insecurity and inequality. The price of freedom is not only eternal vigilance, but also self-responsibility. And an integral part of self-responsibility is that no one has a right to anything other than what others are willing to pay him, without government […]

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Rather than banning the word …

Posted on March 17, 2014 by Robert Ringer No Comments

Rather than banning the word “bossy,” why don’t we just ban people who actually are bossy, starting with those who want to tell others how they should live their lives. It’s the height of arrogance to tell others what is right and wrong for them, yet politicians and self-anointed moralists are obsessed with doing just […]

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Beware of overconfidence …

Posted on March 14, 2014 by Robert Ringer No Comments

Beware of overconfidence. Always keep in mind that fate sits on the other side of the table of life plotting future problems and obstacles for you. It’s not a question of whether you will experience adversity (You will!), but how you handle it when it makes its appearance — as well as what you learn […]

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In offering their opinions …

Posted on March 12, 2014 by Robert Ringer No Comments

In offering their opinions on just about every issue imaginable, all media pundits — repeat, ALL — totally ignore the F Factor: FORCE. Mao had it right about the underlying source of all political power — the barrel of a gun — but the normalcy bias lulls naïve Americans into believing it could never happen […]

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Don’t Cry Out Loud

Posted on August 23, 2013 by Robert Ringer Comments (4)


The big question I have about this song is whether the lyricists were being literal about a circus coming to town and “Baby” becoming involved with a real circus clown, or did they mean it to be one big metaphor? If it’s the latter, it’s an extremely clever metaphor. The singer seems to be giving advice to a younger friend or sibling (“Baby”), advising her to be strong and hide her true feelings…

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I Dreamed A Dream

Posted on August 16, 2013 by Robert Ringer Comments (12)


Last week I featured Josh Groban’s version of “You’re Still You,” and mentioned that when he sang that song on the sitcom Ally McBeal, it was probably one of the two most surprising and spectacular musical debuts in television history. The other, to which I am obliged to accord number-one status, is Susan Boyle’s performance of “I Dreamed A Dream” on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009…

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The Thorn Birds — 1983

Posted on August 9, 2013 by Robert Ringer Comments (3)


“But when we … when we press the thorn to our breast, we know … we understand … and still we do it.” People have often asked me what my all-time favorite movie is, and when they do, I don’t have to stop and think about it. Hands down, it’s The Thorn Birds, which was […]

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