My last two posts resulted in a lot of …

Posted on May 11, 2015 by Robert Ringer Comments (9)


My last two posts resulted in a lot of feedback from readers, including a question that I should have covered in my May 7 piece.

The question: “You say you should not only ignore people who are rude, negative, irrational, abrasive, arrogant, etc., but keep them completely out of your life. But what if you need someone who displays one or more of these traits for a big deal you’re working on?”

Good question, one which I used many times early in my career to justify getting in bed with problem people. What I finally learned was that believing you need a specific person to make a business deal work is probably the WORST possible reason for becoming involved with a miscreant.

Why? Because the last thing in the world you should want is to get in bed financially with someone whom you already know is trouble. In every case where I made this mistake — without a single exception! — problems quickly ensued and I regretted becoming involved with the person.

Anytime you believe that you need a specific person for a deal you are working on, it’s a signal to yourself that you’ve done something wrong. The truth is that you don’t need any one person or any one deal to succeed, so you should either adjust your thinking or, if necessary, go back and start over.

If you haven’t already learned it through experience, trust me: ANYTHING is better than dealing with a problem person when money is involved.

Robert Ringer

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9 responses to “My last two posts resulted in a lot of …”

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