In our modern Age of Envy, one of the great tragedies …

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In our modern Age of Envy, one of the great tragedies is that the entrepreneur is used as an excuse to cover up for government’s destruction of our currency, our economy, and our way of life. If most people were not devoid of intellect, information, or both, they would cheer for the success of those who start and operate businesses.

The entrepreneur understands the basic principle that the best way to get what he wants is to give others what they want. The successful entrepreneur knows that if he does not give you the best products and services at the lowest possible prices, his competitors will be more than happy to do so in an effort to win your patronage.

Even though this process is driven by pure self-interest, it’s nice to know that as a byproduct of his efforts to succeed, the entrepreneur also creates jobs and stimulates the economy. Which means that he unwittingly helps the underprivileged more than any politician or government program could ever hope to do.

And that, in turn, raises the question, why in the world would anyone want to interfere with such a marvelous system unless he has malevolent intentions — or an IQ of less than forty?

It’s best to ignore what low-information cousin Billy Bob has to say, and embrace the reality that the entrepreneur is not your enemy but your ally — provided, of course, that you also embrace the concept of working for a living.

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