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I happened to catch some comments today about global warming from a retired atmospheric scientist who called in to the Chris Plante radio show. He said that the one thing — the most important thing — that no one ever discusses when the subject of global warming (often referred to as “climate change” when it’s more convenient to do so) comes up is the “carbon cycle.”

The details are a bit complex for a layman, but the sum and substance of the carbon cycle is that only about 8 gigatons of carbon is injected into the atmosphere by man, while 210 gigatons of CO2 comes from natural sources like the oceans and land plants.

So, notwithstanding all the mandmade hysteria, in the end, man contributes only about 4 percent to “the problem.” Except that it’s not really a problem at all. It’s simply a delusion harbored in the dead brain cells of factless global-warming true believers.

In fact, as I understand it, it’s a natural change in the earth’s temperature that changes the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere rather than the other way around. Got that? Higher temperatures cause an increase in carbon in the atmosphere; an increase in carbon doesn’t cause higher temperatures.

Sorry about that, but I have a suspicion it’s that little ball of fire we refer to as the “sun” that controls the earth’s thermostat. So maybe we should call global warmies “sun deniers.” That has a nice ring to it.

It’s beyond me how anyone could read fifty pro-global-warming articles and fifty anti-global-warming articles (which I have) and not agree with Al Bore: The debate is over! Except not in the way Fat Al would like us to believe. On the contrary, the evidence overwhelmingly shows that manmade global warming is nothing more than a gigantic scam whose real purpose is to give government and its elite intellectual supporters ever more control over people’s lives.

But actually it’s not necessary to get into the science in a great deal of detail. A good dose of common sense is all one needs. For example, during this spate of horrific weather the U.S. has been experiencing, the thought occurred to me that if man actually had the ability to control the weather, wouldn’t it make sense to start with something much smaller — like preventing tornadoes?

Once the climate preachers solve that modest little problem, I’d be willing to take their global-warming arguments more seriously. But until then, the debate is over — and the global warmies lose.

Robert Ringer

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10 responses to “I happened to catch some comments …”

  1. Robby Bonfire says:

    The question/debate is not whether the earth's temperatures are warming up – they are. The issue is whether the temperature increase is "man made" or cyclical? The answer there, whatever it is, we should all be open to.

    I did the research, a few years back, and discovered global warming in a different way – that is to say, take any city in the U.S.A and compare the year of its high for every day of the year, with its low. You will find that the average record high temperature is approximately three years closer to our present year, than is the average record low temperature. So that, if the record high for this date was registered in 1975, the best guess is that the record low for this date will be 1972.

    So that while some of these Global Warming people may well have an agenda connected with more regulation, more taxes, and more control of our lives, they are not Rush Limbaugh "environmentalist wacko" as the other side is trying to sell us.

  2. Scruffy Rubric says:

    Of course it's about control, taxes, and using any excuse to bring the world together in a untied one world govt. It's about Communism, plain and simple. The final world govt will be Communist, so get used to it. It already happened in Nov 2009 if you keep up with such stuff. And they already have chosen the leader – guess who?

  3. TN Ray says:

    Al Gwhore simply used "Global Warming" as his gravy train to wealth. Basically a snake oil salesman. Of course, most politicians are in politics for their own enrichment, not for the good of mankind as they would have us believe. Last I heard about 10 years ago, Big Al's net worth was about $ 100 million (compared to $ 1 million when he became VP. Don't know what the real numbers are, but those numbers were before he sold his media investment to Al Jazerra. Anyway, liberals like to lament how Florida stole the presidency from Big Al. They don't mention that if he had won his "'home" state of Tennessee he would have been President. Luckily, Tennesseans knew him well and their "common sense" prevailed to spare us that indignity.

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  6. Proton says:

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