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A friend of mine, one of the most honest people I know, was recently lamenting the fact that so many liars are held in high esteem by others. And he was right. As we have all witnessed, liars are often among the most popular people in society (e.g., many politicians), which is both nauseating and frustrating.

Even worse, telling the truth can often make you the object of scorn and ridicule. In extreme cases, it has even cost people their lives. Bruno (burned at the stake as a heretic) and Socrates (forced to drink poison after being accused of corrupting youth by questioning tradition) are two well-known examples of this.

I’m not suggesting that anyone push truth in the faces of those who are inclined to commit violence against him. Government has a monopoly on the legalized use of force, so it’s always best to go out of your way to avoid dealing with the state other than when it’s required by law.

When it comes to your business and personal life, the solution is even easier. Don’t lament; exterminate. That’s right, don’t try to convert a liar into a truthful person. Simply bar him from your life. If you try to change him, you will fail and he’ll end up loathing you, to boot.

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