Could the Odd Couple Actually Join Hands?

Posted on April 6, 2016 by Robert Ringer Comments (47)


I didn’t watch so much as a minute of the election returns last night, because it was a foregone conclusion that Crud Cruz was going to win Wisconsin and I simply didn’t want to hear about it. Even worse would have been subjecting myself to watching him give a victory speech, fraught with those meticulously placed Academy Award pauses between sentences.

Ever since Cruz sold his soul to the establishment, I’ve had him on my No-Watch List and Mute List, which includes such indigestible characters as John (reach across the aisle) Kasich, Glenn Beck, Megyn the Malevolent, Greta, Juan Williams, Kirsten Powers, et al. Adhering to these lists is a matter of dignity. I simply won’t lower myself to watch or listen to fools, charlatans, mean-spirited characters, or narcissistic numbskulls.

Trump is not on either list as yet, because he’s usually been fun to watch. But I’ve been giving serious thought to add him ever since he went crazy on me and pivoted toward a suicide mission. Maybe he’ll make a comeback, but right now I don’t take him seriously. On the other hand, I take Melania VERY seriously — but that’s another story altogether.

Having said this, a friend of mine came up with a hilariously creative idea today: Since it’s almost a certainty that the Republican power boys will succeed in screwing Trump out of the nomination, and since Uncle Bernie has already been screwed out of the nomination by the Dirty Dems, why don’t the two of them join forces and form a third party?

Just imagine, a capitalist and a socialist working together in a brand-new party. It sounds laughable until you consider one thing: Between them, they would have more votes than the eventual nominee in either wing of the Demopublican Party.

Whether the new Capocratic Party would choose Trump or Sanders as its nominee is a minor detail that would have to be worked out. Or maybe they would come up with their own compromise candidate. But regardless of the details, they could put both wings of the Demopublican Party out of business in just one election.

It sounds farfetched, to be sure, but everything about this campaign season has been farfetched. The only thing of which we can be certain is that if Trump (with or without Sanders) doesn’t form a third party, and if the Demopublicans come up with a fraudulent presidential race that looks anything like Twit Mitt vs Butthead Biden (again, Hillary probably will be forced to drop out), everyday citizens will be openly carrying pitchforks.

And the nice thing about it is that there’s no permit required for pitchforks — either open or concealed carry. Actually, it sounds like it might be fun.


Robert Ringer

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47 responses to “Could the Odd Couple Actually Join Hands?”

  1. Lana says:

    I'm still hoping that Americans will realize Trump is our last, best chance to rid this country of the BS growing in the dark in Washington, D.C. It was nice to see a woman of class that would make an excellent First Lady, speak about her husband. I read a magazine interview she gave…..she's is very intelligent and beautiful to boot. Something else this country has been lacking. A third party??? Well maybe that's what it will take to return our country to all it can be.

  2. Lee says:

    Now this does sound like fun! Sounds perfectly plausible in light of the absurdity of the realities we facing.

  3. Mark Kranich says:

    Now THAT would be wild. Doubt that Bernie would do it, though.

    I was leaning Trump until he came further off the rails recently. Very strange time.

  4. larajf says:

    I still think Trump, despite his foibles, is the best candidate because he understands how to run a business. We've been run like a parental ATM for far too long. It's time to elect someone responsible who will turn off the tap to all the porkbarrel and special interest groups and nations that take our money & hate us. We need to focus on filling potholes, getting more jobs, improving education and bringing back prosperity to Americans.

  5. Diane Young says:

    I think a third party formed by Trump and Sanders is just what our country needs and let the chips fall where they

  6. It is a sad day in America when you look at what is going on in our political system. The smell of corruption in both political parties is starting to eat the glass on my IPads and television sets, which doesn't matter because I'm about ready to throw a shoe at my TV every time I see Ted or Hillary come on. The blow back from this election season is going to make Ferguson look like a Sunday school disagreement.

  7. Joe Lang says:

    I could not disagree more. I think that Trump is finally getting what he deserves, and look forward to voting for Ted Cruz, the only real conservative left in the race. He has not, and never will sell out. The choice between Trump and Hillary would be like a choice between arsenic and cyanide.

    • Translimits says:

      Oh Joe, are you mislead by media memes.

      Give me Liberty from Establishment Tyranny. Give me Donald Trump!

      Ted has a sordid past with a penchant for the ladies, files of which the SCOTUS is holding back….Showing he really Is the new Fair Haired Boy of the Establishment! AND speaking of Establishment—-it's suppressed that wife Heidi (she runs around like an immature little girl befitting the name, as witnessed during his Wisconsin victory speech) is on sabbatical from Goldman Sachs, when Lyin' Ted took out a loan ad accidentally forgot to disclose that when filing to run for Prez. AND he really shouldn't be allowed to run, having been born in Canada but that rule has also been squashed. SO….He is being used as the Establishment puppet and is their Trojan Horse. TRUMP is right. Watch Cruz' phony waves to the public, more like an Emperor than a eave of the wrist. And listen to his phony speeches, awaiting being paid homage by his troops—NO- Sorry. Give me a real man. A real American. Someone that tells it like it is and is loyal and patriotic. Give me Liberty from Establishment Tyranny. Give me Donald Trump!

    • BDouglas says:

      Just another useful idiot!

  8. Reality Seeker says:

    "Crud Cruz" …… lol.

    I warned everybody not to be too disappointed when Rafael Edward Cruz didn't live up to expectations — or when some seriously ugly skeletons fell out of the closet.

    Rafael is a politician. He got his start with the collectivist Bushes. What did people expect? I openly wrote how Rafael Cruz is not half the man Richard Nixon was…..

    I'm still going to vote for Rafael, if he beats Trump. Not that Rafael could ever beat Trump, because only Trump can beat Trump. And right now Trump is doing a damn good job at beating himself into a hole. It's never boring to watch a guy like Trump kick his own ass…..

    Let's see if Trump can turn things around on his home turf.

    Finally, if you really support Ted, and you're not full of bullshit, then you might want to get off of your butt and protest at the RNC this July. Make sure that Cruz gets the nomination and not Mitt or some other duplicitous, manipulative, corrupt insider.

    I know baseball season is starting soon. And I know how much more important baseball (or some other asinine, kid's game) is to most of the fools out there in La La Land. But this year is different. This year is the first year I can remember that there's a 50/50 chance of electing an outsider ( Trump) or a partial outsider ( Cruz). So it might be worth your time to get involved…… If you're too old or feint hearted to protest in what might turn into a brawl, that's understandable. Consider sponsoring a pinch hitter or a group. In a way, it would be like donating to the NRA…..

    Support your guy! Let's beat the establishment!

  9. Tom Justin says:

    I don't think it's unreasonable to think that the November Elections will have candidates from both major parties who are not now running.

  10. Jack J Man says:

    This republican primary season reminds me of the movie "Caddy Shack". There's all these establishment big shots who've had the club all to themselves forever and then this obnoxious outsider shows up in the form of Rodney Dangerfield, cracking off-color jokes, insulting the big-shots and throwing a boatload of cash around (and he's a real estate developer to boot!). Just some food for thought.

  11. Jurgy says:

    Robert I said it here the other day and I'll keep saying it – the fix is in – her thighness already has the White House sewn up … if she was going to be indicted it would have happened already, and at this point omaba will not allow his DOJ to indict her – she even said it herself lately, that there is no way any wrong-doing on her behalf will be be found in the FBI investigation (but I wouldn't put it past her that some of her former staff will be thrown under the bus) …

  12. Nasdaq7 says:

    Saunders has a few interesting ideas which are more sensible than many others. What a tragedy that Trump isn't more consistent and doesn't get a huge temporary and permanent team of advisers and volunteers to help him. People want more than just leadership and independence, they have real needs too. When I heard he was going to eliminate $19 trillion in debt within 8 years, I knew he was just doing this for maximum popularity and awareness. I agree that the partying and corruption in the US has to stop. McCain was on the finish line and people started to think that he was very interested in partying and networking more than the serious needs of people.

  13. Nasdaq7 says:

    I copied one of Robert J Ringer's Melania quotes in one forum and it received the 4rth highest votes of 1500 comments.

    Click Hot Threads

  14. The guy with the weird name, Rinoceros something? Head of the GOP,
    said on TV that the Republican candidate WOULD BE one of those now running? What about that? Not necessarily so?

  15. Nasdaq7 says:

    One thing Sanders ( socialists ) and Trump ( capitalists ) agree: renegotiate NAFTA and the Central American FTA (CAFTA), bills:

  16. Nasdaq7 says:

    One thing Sanders and Trump agree on – renegotiate NAFTA and the Central American FTA (CAFTA), bills:

  17. Jana says:

    I'm with you on election coverage. We watched (or rather had the TV on as we went about our business) women's soccer and a rerun of a baseball game.

    I too love that mute button. Been muting Juan Williams for years. About Ms. Kelly, what's with that hideous, most recent makeover?

  18. John Abbott says:

    Hey Robert,
    I THOUGHT the "odd couple" was Trump and Cruz and that u were gonna suggest they get together. YOUR Odd Couple is much funnier. In actuality, the numbers ARE there. But Donald and Bernie are WORLDS apart. It just would be hard to get them together it seems. BUT, if BOTH parties try to stick it to them, they MAY end up on the same 3rd Party ticket. And I WOULD vote for them!

  19. JohhnyTwoSheds says:

    Robert, this idea has merit, and is perfectly logical, provided Mr. Trump is President and Mr. Sanders is Vice President. It is a mathematical certainty that, during Obama's reign of terror, the only difference between left-wing loonies and establishment RINOs is the spelling of those two descriptors. RINOs gave Obama and the democrats everything they wanted (and then some!), while dumping on their own base. This is not even debatable.

    The recalcitrance of the establishment weenies to even acknowledge their treachery clearly indicates that they are hell-bent on maintaining "business as usual" (read: the destruction and collapse of our country!), voters be damned. Ergo, an establishment RINO President will not only refuse to undo the damage caused by the Obama dictatorship (with the RINOs aiding and abetting his twisted "plans"), but there is every indication that they will help the Democrats finish the task of "transforming" the USA into a certifiable hell-hole.

    WIith this in mind, no insiders of either party are worth wiping my dog's rear-end with; only the names will be different…the results will be that typical everyday Americans who actually work hard and support themselves will continue to get the shaft, regardless of whether we have President Clinton or President "RINO" in office beginning in 2017.

    Statistically, what's behind "door number one" and "door number two" (Hilary or a RINO) lead to misery and destruction; neither choice is satisfactory (or sane); but if there is a "door number three" with even a remote chance of escape and prosperity, why not take it? a 1% chance of escape is still better than a 0% chance of escape. If the only way to get "The Donald" in office is to have Bernie tag along, the USA still has a chance. It may not be a Royal Flush of a hand, but it sure beats a stacked deck anytime.

    QED, baby!

  20. Scott theczech says:

    In the very beginning of this republic the one with the most votes became president and the runner-up, vice-president. We abandoned that idea fairly early on though.

  21. Scott theczech says:

    I propose that it is time for the president to be not one person, but three. How about a committee of three? They could be out and about at different times and different places, make all important decisions by consensus and vote, if required, hold separate press conferences, attend more security briefings and still keep a tee-time etc. Gridlock you say? And that's a bad thing?

    • Paul Anthony says:

      Government by committee? Thanks, I had forgotten that things could be worse. LOL
      But I have often thought there should be two co-presidents – one in charge of foreign affairs and the other for domestic policy. We have never had a President that was good at both.

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      Eternal gridlock is what we need – and what I want.

  22. Captain Ahab says:

    Hillary is a thinly-veiled Socialist. Sanders is a Communist portraying himself as a Socialist. Both are anti-Semitic in their policies, and anti-American in their actions. "Lying Ted" is no better. Trump, whatever his faults, is better and more honorable than that terrible trio.

  23. Jim Hallett says:

    This Third Party could just call themselves the Rebels, and it sure would make the goings on in the District of Criminals more entertaining. Since their agendas are so dissimilar, it might guarantee absolute gridlock, which is the BEST thing for all of us, as it means the criminals cannot further encroach on us with their campaign of theft & coercion. However, Robert, I think it more likely that each will form his own Third/Fourth Party if denied (and Bernie has NO chance of getting the Dumbocrat nomination, even with Hildabeast in jail) by the establishment in both wings of the Demopublican Party. A Romney vs. Biden election would be an absolute joke, so it means it has a good chance of occurring. That way, Ovomit, could still keep his hand on the rudder, while he pursues lobbying in DC after his reign of terror is over in Jan. 2017.

  24. James says:

    I love these Trump related articles.. Please keep em coming! It's so obvious at this point if Trump is serious he will have to either start a new party or run as independent, etc. GOP is no friend of Trump. The sooner he burns the pledge the better. If Trump isn't nominee,GOP guaranteed to lose. I for one would vote for a Trump Sanders ticket.

  25. James says:

    Here's a better idea.. Robert Ringer 2016!

    Thumbs up if you agree 👍

  26. Ragnar says:

    Why vote at all – no matter who wins you will be disappointed. The state will march on doing what it does best – stealing your property. No man is qualified to rule another – I will never give them permission to rule and coerce me.
    However it is fun to watch Trump stick them in the eye with a sharp stick.

  27. Sheila says:

    I finally realize why I get these e-mails late. Because for the past 2 months they have showing up in my junk folder. This strange phenomenon began right around the time RR relinquished his writing career and began his present career as Cruz Basher while defending the Bombastic Brooklyn Billionaire Blowhard. Maybe that's why the e-mails suddenly are appearing in the junk folder? Hmm…not just a coincidence…

    Joe Lang you are right on target and right again! The Trumpster belongs in the Dumpster He has lately been showing up unhinged – this time he couldn't even graciously move on from Wisconsin. No…instead his campaign entered the next stage of psychosis trashing Sen. Cruz again. I couldn't care less about Dumpster's business or his money. He has a BIG FAT MOUTH. And Dumpster Trumpster should never get the nomination.

    Reality Seeker: Please change your handle. It's timeworn and well, unrealistic.

    RR, you wrote:

    "I simply won’t lower myself to watch or listen to fools, charlatans, mean-spirited characters, or narcissistic numbskulls."

    If that's true, then I suppose you've stopped listening to yourself.

    I'm just curious…where you the bully who sat in the back of my third grade class pulling the girls hair and ganging up on younger boys, beating them up in the schoolyard? Sure sounds like it.

    • Nasdaq7 says:

      Trump has been making headlines recently, people are merely discussing the headlines he is making, it doesn't mean people will automatically people will vote for him in the election. It's an election battle by all candidates, everyone is involved.

  28. Seth Dubois says:

    Very smooth article piece. I surely appreciate this site . Thanks!

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