A Malaysian airliner disappears …

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A Malaysian airliner disappears into thin air … the Supreme Court rules it’s legal for the government to force people to buy a product … 9/11 kills 3,000 civilians … the U.S. fights two wars that are both longer than World War II … cell phones do things that computers could not do fifteen years ago … marijuana is legalized in many states … gay marriage is now a fact of life … there’s no end to the list.

At a rapidly accelerating pace, we are reminded that the one thing in life you can absolutely count on is that circumstances will continually change. No one can predict with 100 percent accuracy what those changes will be or when they will occur. But you can predict with 100 percent accuracy that rapidly accelerating changes will, indeed, occur.

Knowing this to be the case, it’s dangerous to base your decisions on the assumption that everything is going to continue on as it now is. It won’t. The wise person therefore does not become addicted to fun and games. He keeps one part of his brain focused on change and remains flexible and alert at all times.

Robert Ringer

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