As you may know, Arizona state Sen. Kelli Ward …

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As you may know, Arizona state Sen. Kelli Ward announced that she’s going to challenge the enemy from within, Mush McCain, for his Senate seat. I don’t know much about Ward, except that she has to be better than McCain.

I guess I’m a bit naïve, but I’m still amazed that this ultra-liberal old buzzard somehow managed to get reelected for a fifth term in 2010. It must be something in Arizona’s drinking water.

Caution to all those who smell Hillary’s hard drive in the water: Even if Republicans succeed in getting a tough, action-oriented guy like Trump, Cruz, or Carson elected president, major changes will never be possible until Democratic-enabling Republicans like McCain, Mitch McConnell (whom I also can’t believe got reelected), and Orrin Hatch (ditto) are given the boot.

The House finally got rid of the Benedict Arnold of our time, John Boehner (through retirement), as well as his RINO sidekick, Eric Cantor (credit voters for throwing him out), but scores of bad apples remain, so there’s a lot of work to be done in that body as well.

The tragedy of our time would be if the right guy captures the White House, but is stifled by his own party, because the Dirty Dems would scream to the rooftops that America’s continued decline is the fault of Republicans. And they’d be right.

Robert Ringer

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