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Forget the thousands of email felonies Hilla the Hun has committed. Forget her vicious war on Bubba’s victims (“bimbo eruptions”). Forget the endless unanswered questions about Benghazi. Forget her incredibly stupid mistake of allowing her groping husband to jump into the middle of her already crumbling campaign.

Granted, all these items — and more — have contributed to the disappearance of her “inevitable” coronation. But what is most responsible for her poll numbers dropping like a rock is her witch-like cackle, her stumbling and fumbling through one lie after another, her forced smiles — her very existence!

That’s right, just being Hillary, coupled with her inability to fake otherwise, is her biggest problem.

It feel compelled to add that it wasn’t her fault. She just happened to be born with a breathtakingly obnoxious personality that only a Paul Begala, Carl Bernstein, or Tashfeen Malik could love. If Hillary had the vision to see the enemy, she would be shocked to find that the enemy is her!

The clincher to her failed campaign came with the online video of her soft-pitch appearance on “Ellen” Monday. It was so downright embarrassing that I actually felt sorry for her. “Doesn’t she know she’s making a complete ass of herself?” I wondered.

But not to worry, Democrats. Giant statesmen like Butthead Biden, Gigolo Kerry, and Al Bore are already being prepped by the Dirty Dem propagandists and preparing to step in either when Hillary gets indicted or when it becomes clear to even her most diehard supporters that she has zero chance of winning the general election even if she somehow gets past Uncle Bernie.

So today my heart is heavy with sadness. I’m going to miss the Clinton Criminal Comedy that has become a symbol of modern-day America over the past 25 years. Ah, well … it was great while it lasted.

Robert Ringer

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  1. Reality Seeker says:

    "I actually felt sorry for her."

    Me, too.

    What I feel most sorry about is that she really might not get to be the first woman president. That's too bad, because whoever becomes the next president is going to experience so much fun as America becomes greater than it's ever been. Times are going to be so good in America that they'll be throwing one party right after another at the White House.

    You know, President Hussein Obama has done such a great job making America great again that #45 is going to reap all of the benefits from Hussein's excellent work. Somehow that doesn't seem right. And I sure hope Hussein gets at least some of the credit. After all, it's only fair. Right?

    Yeah, it's such a shame that Hillary isn't doing so well.. And I really hope nothing bad happens to Bill, you know, like somebody accusing him of being a white Bill Cosby. And heaven forbid anybody accusing Hillary of any kind of sexual depravity….. She would never, never do anything immoral.

  2. Robby Bonfire says:

    On the positive side, when Hillary visited my neck of the woods upstate New York, a few years ago, she stopped off at the Mercer's (locally produced) ice cream store in Boonville, sampled it and loved it! I do too, Mercer's red wine ice cream is a fabulous treat. So I knew I was "on board" with Hillary, right there.

    Ever since then I have truly loved Hillary, and really not bothered about the vindictiveness in the media against her campaign. For me, Hillary is RIGHT for America, and her time is NOW!

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  4. Rose Donaldson says:

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