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Million Dollar Habits starts with a premise that I couldn’t agree more with–every person has the capacity for success. It does an excellent job pointing out the changes that we can make in ourselves to unleash opportunity throughout our lives. As a young sales professional 20 years ago, I found it a great read and immensely helpful.

Tim Scott
United States Senator (SC)

Robert Ringer is in a class by himself when it comes to combining wit, wisdom, and integrity. His Million Dollar Habits holds the answers for anyone — rich or poor — who wants to find out how to unlock his or her true potential. I wish I had read this book when I was just beginning my career.

Dr. Jerry Buss
Owner, Los Angeles Lakers

Much of my success – both in building Keller Williams Realty and in my personal life — is based on Robert Ringer’s teachings. His philosophical understanding of what it takes to build a successful life and business are foundational concepts anyone can follow — and everyone should.

Gary Keller
Founder and Chairman of the Board
Keller Williams Realty International

There are a million reasons to read Million Dollar Habits. Robert Ringer has never been afraid to put on paper what’s on his mind, and his book will be a valuable tool for success in the 90s and beyond.

Harvey Mackay
Author of Swim with the Sharks without Being Eaten Alive

Winning through Intimidation — great. Looking Out for #1 — outstanding. Million Dollar Habits — the very best….(Robert Ringer) has a gift for uncluttered writing, very intelligent, along with loads of business acumen. Besides that, a fabulous sense of humor.

Mel Manishen
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I felt a part of an audience delighting in your performance, and heard you loud and clear….Million Dollar Habits feels right to me. It offers wisdom and personal challenge. It reads with pace, encourages multiple reads, has many conceptual levels, and triggers the mind to think….Having experienced Million Dollar Habits one week ago, I can tell you that the impact is still with me (and) I still provocatively recommend it to friends and employees.

Daniel Warner
Chicago, Illinois

I am ¾ finished with your Million Dollar Habits. I had to jump up and write you; I could no longer contain my excitement….This book is a joy.

Susan Harmeling
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Just finished your latest masterpiece (Million Dollar Habits)! It’s truly your best work!…Please keep your works coming, as the lowest point in my life is the period of time between your books!

Guy Webster
Gainesville, Florida

I just finished your book, Million Dollar Habits, and wish to thank you for saving my life! I plan to buy copies for my friends.

Don Lewis
Fremont, California

Just a note to let you know that your book (Million Dollar Habits) is more than outstanding….I am really astounded by the insights in your book….Thanks again for all that has gone into your truly inspiring book.

Reverend John R. Chappell III
Los Angeles, California

I bought your book, Million Dollar Habits….When I got home I read it from cover to cover, finishing at 3:00 in the morning….I can tell you that for the past two weeks your four rules about reality have changed my attitude 100%….I am so impressed by your work that I would like to pass on this material to my three children for them to use as manuals in the conduct of their lives.

Mark Farinha
Grafton, Ontario, Canada

Thank you for your book, Million Dollar Habits….I read it over and over each day for about two hours in the morning. Your style of writing is clear and easy to understand.

Jo Helen Crouse
Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

Just finished reading your superb Million Dollar Habits book. It’s great….I truly couldn’t put it down…I love your humor.

Jackie Laurin

I purchased your book Million Dollar Habits on my way home from work on Saturday afternoon, and it’s marvelous!…I have already completed (it) once, and restarted to note down essential principles, ideas and points. The book is practical and superbly written….Million Dollar Habits has changed my life!

M.A. Rafik
Bombay, India

For a number of years now I have been an avid reader of anything you have published. I started with Looking Out for #1, which I still read periodically. I considered this to be the most rational approach to developing a philosophy of life that I have ever come across….You may be interested to know that you are the only author whose books I am prepared to buy immediately on sight as a matter of principle.

Robert Belbin
Hamilton, New Zealand

I will always cherish your intellect….Thank you very much for making life more understandable and enjoyable! You are the greatest!

James E. Rogers II
Portland, Oregon

I have just finished reading Million Dollar Habits — it was excellent! Your five books have made a profound difference in the quality of my life.

J. Grant Cree
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Your book, Million Dollar Habits, has helped me through what I used to perceive as a great personal and marital crisis….Facing this ‘crisis’ with the help of your book has opened my eyes to a whole new fun and exciting reality. Thanks.

Robert J. DePew
Beaverton, Oregon

I loved your book Million Dollar Habits….Once I started reading the book, I couldn’t put it down….Your book made me feel good.

Dave McCawley
Phoenix, Arizona

I just finished reading your book Million Dollar Habits. I thought it was great! I learned a lot from you, and share your sense of humor.

Andy Semotiuk
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I have had the pleasure to read all three of your great works. Your philosophy on life has been a big help and inspiration to me….you are a great writer.

Terry L. Perry
Shelbyville, Kentucky

After reading through a spectrum of self-help and business-advice books, I’ve come to the conclusion that your books (Winning through Intimidation and Million Dollar Habits) are by far the most pragmatic works that I’ve read to date. More importantly, they have both played major roles in helping me to apply the principles outlined in your writings in my own life.

Rick Harmon
Brea, California

It’s been a real pleasure to read your book, Million Dollar Habits. This book contains a tremendous energy, and a wisdom that will defy time, I think.

Mark Fisher
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Million Dollar Habits

“Much of my success – both in building Keller Williams Realty and in my personal life – is based on Robert Ringer’s teachings in Million Dollar Habits. His philosophical understanding of what it takes to build a successful life and business are foundational concepts anyone can follow — and everyone should.”
Gary Keller
Co-founder and Chairman of the Board
Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

Whether you read it on your Kindle, Nook, mobile device, or computer, one thing is certain: This book will change your life forever, as it has done for millions of people worldwide.

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