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Posted on May 2, 2020 by Robert Ringer


The Huffing and Puffing of Lindsey Graham

I’ve learned to like Lindsey Graham over the years.  Sure, he’s corrupt, just like everyone else in Congress, but he’s a cute little guy with a charming personality.  He also makes for an entertaining interview.

My only problem with Lazy Lindsey is that he likes to blow off steam for the cameras, but, in the end, he can always be counted on to do absolutely nothing.  How well I remember feeling hopeful a year ago when Lindsey huffed and puffed and angrily told the world that he was going to get to the bottom of how the Russia hoax got started.  You could just picture Brennan, Comey & Co. shaking in their boots in anticipation of their criminal operation being exposed.

They soon realized, however, that Lindsey had gone into hibernation.  As is always the case with the little senator from South Carolina, he apparently thought it was best to let the professionals (Barr and Durham) handle things.

So, when Graham recently told Sean Hannity that the case of former national security adviser Michael Flynn “reeks of criminal misconduct” and that there was “a lot more coming in the case and in related criminal investigations,” it was almost enough to make me yawn.  Don’t get me wrong.  I still think he’s a cute little guy with a charming personality.  It’s just that he’s worthless.


Do As I Say, Not As I Do.

You’ve got to love the chutzpah of the Dirty Dems.  Last week, Mad Mamma Obama gave a public service announcement aimed at D.C. residents, urging them to “stay home except if you need essential healthcare, essential food or supplies, or to go to your essential job.”

Sounds nice, except for the fact that the next day hubby Barry was out playing golf.  (No mask, of course.)  The message was clear: “Do as I say, not as I do.”

This is nothing new, of course.  It’s the way Democrats have always played the game, and a little inconvenient virus hasn’t changed their way of thinking.  Democrats not only believe they should have the power to decide which activities and services are and are not “essential,” they also believe that because they are endowed with superior judgment, they should be the ones to decide who should be exempt from their proclamations.

It’s just another reminder that, contrary what politicians and the corrupt media would like us to believe, we are not “all in this together.”  When Barack invites the proletariat to his private club for a round of golf, and Fancy Nancy invites them over for a scoop of designer ice cream, I’ll believe it.  Until then, I stand firm on my long-held belief that the Democrat Party is the number-one threat to America.


Calling Bernie:  This Is Your Chance – Again.

If Uncle Bernie was not a wimp, he would take this moment in time to swoop in on Sleepy Joe and take the nomination away from him.  After all, Biden is reeling from a serious mental decline, sexual assault allegations (including a woman who says he commented on her breasts when she was only 14 years old!), and investigations into the tens of millions of dollars his son, brother, and other members of his family have made as a result of his influence as both a senator and vice president.

Sadly, however, Bernie has proven to be one of those huffers and puffers who doesn’t have the stomach to move in for the kill when his prey is reeling.  When he played warm and fuzzy with Horrible Hillary and astonished his supporters with those now infamous words, “The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails,” you knew he had a jellyfish spine.

This time around, when Bernie suspended his campaign because the weakest Democratic candidate in memory had edged past him in delegates, his true believing Radical Left supporters were understandably furious.  And now that they see Biden disintegrating in front of the whole world, they want blood.  It’s obvious to them that Bernie could quickly knock the props out from under Biden if he could just muster up the courage to play hardball.

If he once again wimps out, I guess it’s time to admit that he’s just another commie coward who will have to be satisfied with being a footnote to history.  Very sad.

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