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Posted on March 25, 2020 by Robert Ringer


America’s Greatest Long-term Threat

The coronavirus has once again reminded us of the fragility of the human condition.  It’s a fragility that has been repeatedly exposed over the centuries not only by pandemics, but hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters, not to mention manmade disasters like 9/11.

These catastrophic events should prompt politicians to think about what would happen to the United States in the event of an EMP, solar flare (which experts tell us is likely to hit the earth in the next hundred years), or nuclear attack — or even an asteroid collision from one of the thousands of suspected nearby-but-hidden asteroids that scientists tell us they have not yet been able to identify.

The most obvious problem the United States would face when such an event occurs is the loss of its power grid, and the fallout from that would make the upheaval we’re experiencing from the coronavirus look like a minor inconvenience.  A long-term loss of electricity would mean no less than a complete shutdown of modern civilization — e.g., no heat, no air conditioning, no refrigeration, no banking, no computers, no cellphones, and very little food or drinking water.  For obvious reasons, guns and ammo would be at a premium.

Keeping all this in mind, once the coronavirus is brought under control, the government, working hand in hand with private industry, should make the building of an impenetrable, state-of-the-art power grid that can withstand both natural and manmade disasters its number-one priority.  But don’t hold your breath.  There’s virtually no chance it will happen, because politicians are too busy focusing on such urgent matters as racial and gender diversity, non-existent manmade climate change, and improving the lives of felons, illegal immigrants, and transgenders.

As Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) said yesterday, “This country was founded by geniuses, but is being run by a bunch of idiots.”  All too true, but still an understatement.


Thinking the Unthinkable: A Democrat Controlled Government

If you’re the kind who likes roller coasters and gory movies, you might enjoy thinking about what would happen to the United States in the age of COVID-19 if Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, or Horrible Hillary occupied the White House and Democrats controlled the House and Senate.  To borrow one of Nancy Pelosi’s favorite hyperbolic lines, it would be the end of civilization as we know it.  Literally.

Aside from their general incompetence, virtually every decision Democrats make is based on how well it will serve them politically.  Concern about the safety of everyday Americans is not even a blip on their radar screen.  Evil Nancy once again underscored that reality when she tried to use the coronavirus stimulus bill as a vehicle for implementing the Radical Left agenda that Democrats know a majority of Americans do not want.

If Democrats controlled the White House and both branches of Congress during a crisis like the coronavirus, rest assured they would nationalize entire industries and implement as many of their socialist policies as possible.  As House Majority Whip James Clyburn reportedly said on a conference call with Democrats last week, “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”

In these perilous times, imagine Democrats exponentially compounding the country’s problems by throwing open our borders to millions of low-skilled, uneducated people, providing them and their families with free healthcare, banning fossil fuels and fracking and throwing hundreds of thousands of workers out of jobs in the process, spending trillions of dollars on fighting non-existent “manmade climate change,” taking away private citizens’ means of self-protection, and conducting endless impeachment investigations … to name but a few items on their socialist wish list.

Hopefully, this thought has occurred to enough so-called independents to ensure that the Democrats will be overwhelmed at the polls come this November.  If not, people will get the government they deserve.  The problem is, you and I will get it too.

Robert Ringer

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