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Posted on January 18, 2021 by Robert Ringer


Game of Chicken: Trump versus the Republican Establishment

There’s been a lot of talk about Donald Trump forming a third party once he’s out of office, and given that an overwhelming majority of Republicans still support him, it would seem to make sense.

Some Republican talking heads, however, say it would be a big mistake, because Trump could never win the presidency without the votes of Republicans who want to see him banished.  They also point out that a Trump political party would lack the time and organization to run a serious slate of House and Senate candidates, thus even if he were elected he would get zero cooperation from Congress.

Even so, there’s an overriding reason why Trump should form a third party.  In a game of chicken, once the polls showed that a Republican establishment candidate would be lucky to get 20 percent of the vote in a three-way general election, the GOP would be faced with a simple choice:  No matter how many hissy fits jellyfish Republicans threw, anti-Trump Republicans would have to either offer Trump the party’s 2024 nomination or face extinction.  Literally.

Given that the country will be in a guaranteed state of massive chaos and decline in 2024 as a result of disastrous Democrat policies, Trump might just be able to win even without anti-Trump Republican votes.  As a bonus, if the Republican Party of McConnell, Graham, Romney, et al were to become extinct, it would be a huge step forward for those who believe in liberty.


The Ruse of “the People’s House”

The feigned indignation over the invasion of the capitol building, intended to intimidate American serfs, has featured the timeworn phrase “the people’s house.”  Of course, any serious person realizes that by no stretch of the imagination does the Capitol Building have anything to do with “the people.”

What actually goes on inside the Capitol Building is the passing of laws to help improve the lives of citizens of other countries while making the average U.S. taxpayer poorer and less free.  The swamp rats who occupy the Capitol Building could care less about their constituents, because they themselves are shielded from the kind of problems everyday Americans have to deal with on a daily basis.

The reality is that the Capitol Building is home to 535 political criminals who ignore the Constitution and routinely violate the rights of Americans day in and day out.  So, please, media hacks, spare us the “the people’s house” gibberish.


The Upcoming Joe Biden Impeachment

Newbie Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene intends to file articles of impeachment against Joe Biden the day after his inauguration.  In a legitimate Congress, Biden would be impeached and convicted for his quid pro quo demand to Ukraine, his part in the Russia-collusion hoax, and his family’s sleazy business dealings in China, Ukraine, and Russia.  But it’s not a legitimate Congress, so, of course, he’ll be allowed to skate.

It will be interesting to see how many Republicans will have the courage to stand with Congresswoman Greene.  It will also be interesting to see how many Republicans will go to the other extreme and instead speak out against her.

Speaking of impeachment, it seems to me that the ten Republicans who voted to impeach President Trump should also be calling for the impeachment of Kamala Harris for repeatedly encouraging last summer’s riots — something they actually voted to impeach Trump for, even though they were well aware that he called for “peaceful” and “patriotic” protests.


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