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Posted on February 24, 2020 by Robert Ringer


The Republican Party’s Best Weapon:  Barack Obama

In our make-believe world, fake-news media hacks have convinced millions of sleepwalking Americans that Barack Obama has both a brilliant mind and soaring oratorical skills.  In reality, of course, he has neither.  The demonstrable truth is that he’s a fumbling, stumbling ex-community organizer, with almost no job experience, who failed in his quest to collapse the U.S. economy because of his lack of knowledge and skills, not to mention his penchant for avoiding work.

Nevertheless, whenever Barack Obama opens his mouth, it’s a good day for Republicans.  Remember when he assured voters that Hillary was the most qualified person ever to run for president — even more qualified than (Gasp!) him?

Ditto many other candidates Obama has endorsed — including Andrew Gillum in his loss to Ron DeSantis for the governorship of Florida, incumbent Senator Bill Nelson in his loss to Rick Scott for the open Senate seat in Florida, and “Governor” Stacey Abrams in her loss to Brian Kemp in the Georgia gubernatorial race.

Another one of my favorites is when Obama, in his trademark snarky fashion, chided Mitt Romney in a 2012 presidential debate, “The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because the Cold War’s been over for 20 years.”  Sounded impressive at the time, but it now raises the question of why Democrats, for the past four years, have insisted that Russia is America’s biggest foreign threat.

Speaking of Russia, let us also not forget the Enlightened One’s derisive remarks in October 2016 when he said, “There is no serious person out there who would suggest that you could even rig America’s elections, in part because they are so decentralized.  There is no evidence that that has happened in the past or that there are instances that that could happen this time.”  Hmm … then why do the Dirty Dems still insist that the Russians helped elect Donald Trump in 2016 — and that they are trying to do it again in 2020?

Finally, how about Obama’s famous assurances that manufacturing jobs “are just not going to come back.”  Now, with more than 500,000 new manufacturing jobs added by Trump, Obama suddenly wants to take credit for the booming economy.  Too funny.

Let’s face it, Barack Obama has an uncanny ability to say things that make him look like a buffoon while raising the stock of Donald Trump and Republicans.  Which is why it’s preposterous that pundits never tire of talking about how important it is to him to preserve his legacy.

What legacy?  Oh, yeah — the legacy of a fumbling, stumbling ex-community organizer, with almost no job experience, who failed in his quest to collapse the U.S. economy because of his lack of knowledge and skills, not to mention his penchant for avoiding work.

The Elephant in Saint Pete’s Room

Dirty Dems have been hysterical over Rush Limbaugh’s recent comment that he doubted people would vote for a homosexual who kisses his husband on the debate stage.  It’s a doubt I’m sure millions of people have, but it’s politically incorrect to actually express it.

Personally, unless there’s an attempt to shove it down my throat, I don’t think about someone’s “sexual preference.”  I can’t even relate to the subject, so why clutter my mind?

St. Pete, however, demands that you pay tribute to his homosexuality.  In fact, he wears it on his sleeve because he wears everything he would like you to notice about him on his sleeve — his religion, his elite education, his military service, and his moral superiority.

Unlike St. Pete, Richard Grenell, whom President Trump appointed as acting Director of National Intelligence, is a very impressive guy.  The fact that he is openly gay has not been a factor in his career, because he chooses not to make it a factor.  By contrast, a homosexual who kisses his husband on the stage is choosing to make his sexual orientation a factor.

As a side note, one of the endless lies Democrats and their media allies try to spread about Donald Trump is that he’s a homophobe, which is one of the reasons they hate Richard Grenell so much.  Grenell has said of Trump, “After 30 years in American politics, it [the Trump administration] has been by far the most welcoming administration in my lifetime.  President Trump is a strong supporter of equality for LGBT people.  I know this personally.”

That said, Saint Pete’s homosexuality is most definitely the elephant in his room, because whether one agrees or disagrees with today’s electorate realities, Rush is right in pointing out a political fact of life —that in the year 2020, America is not ready for a homosexual president.  Down the road, maybe, but not today.  What’s the big deal?

Long Live Democratic Socialism

With Uncle Bernie coming off another huge win in Nevada, establishment Democrats are getting very nervous.  They know that a candidate standing on a socialist platform not only cannot beat Donald Trump, he’s likely to cause a red wave of House and Senate seats to flip.  I think that’s something that is going to happen regardless of who the Democratic candidate is, but a Bernie Sanders candidacy would make it even worse.

The aim of socialism is to banish the concept of private property and bring about “social ownership” (public property), and adding the word “democratic” to it does not change that fact.  The truth is that it’s nothing more than window dressing.  It reminds me of how Hitler used the name National Socialist German Workers’ Party as a way of projecting a more positive image for the Nazi Party.

In Adolf Hitler’s case, however, he wanted to hide his plans to elevate the status of so-called Aryans and rid the country of non-Aryans.  In Bernie’s case, he wants to camouflage his plans to implement socialism in America and rid the country of capitalism.

Any halfway knowledgeable person realizes that calling socialism “democratic socialism” is an absurdity, because, by definition, democracy is not possible under socialism.  Scary, though, because the term halfway knowledgeable eliminates a majority of young voters passing through the portals of our most elite institutions of higher education.

If Bernie should be able to overcome the establishment’s ongoing attempts to steal the Democratic nomination from him once again, the problem he would have against Trump is that he would be forced to answer specific questions about his agenda that would lay out the socialist truth for all to see.  It would be nonstop dessert for the Orangeman, and rest assured he would take a lot more than just two scoops of ice cream with Bernie at the table.

Robert Ringer

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