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Posted on December 1, 2020 by Robert Ringer


Frank Luntz to the Rescue

While Frank Luntz’s hundred-pound weight loss undoubtedly was good for his heart, it clearly did not improve his brain.  There’s no delicate way to put it:  Luntz is still a paragon of stupidity.  But he’s predictable.  If you listen carefully to what he says, you can take it to the bank that reality is almost always 180 degrees in the other direction.  The man has made a living out of being wrong.

That said, the good news is that Luntz has warned that President Trump’s election disputes could have “severe consequences” for the two Senate races in Georgia.  Which almost certainly means that Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue should win both open Senate seats — unless either of them makes the mistake of believing Luntz’s gibberish, in which case they will pay the price on January 5.

Any House or Senate Republicans who are dumb enough to believe Trump is a liability rather the very reason Republicans overwhelmed Democrats in the 2020 down-ballot races will live to regret it in 2022, at which time they are sure to get primaried by Trump supporters.  Mitt Romney, course, gets a pass until 2024, when he is 100 percent guaranteed to be successfully primaried by a Trump-endorsed Republican.

RINOs would be wise to start looking over their shoulders before buying into the media-created myth that the Red Wave in the House and Senate was in spite of Trump.  On the contrary, the Red Wave is de facto proof that Trump won big.  A down-ballot wave is virtually impossible with a losing presidential candidate, especially an incumbent.

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