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Posted on April 21, 2020 by Robert Ringer


Get Ready for the Democrats’ De Facto Presidential Nominee: Barack Hussein Obama

Sound the trumpets:  The Chosen One has arrived on the campaign scene and proclaimed to the world, “Choosing Joe to be my vice president was one of the best decisions I ever made, and he became a close friend.  And I believe Joe has all the qualities we need in a president right now.”

Talk about not passing the giggle test.  Obviously, Biden has none of the qualities we need in a president right now, and the only reason Obama said choosing him to be his vice president was one of the best decisions he ever made was because Biden was an ass-kissing moron who excelled at the one thing that Obama demanded of him:  Stay out of the way!

Obama knew that all he needed to do to humor Biden was let him occasionally fondle female staff members, look the other way while he made millions selling his office to foreign interests, and ignore the many racist remarks he’s made during his decades in Washington.

The reason Obama resisted endorsing Biden during the primaries was because he is purportedly obsessed with protecting his legacy.  Which begs the question, what legacy is he talking about — the shameful Iran deal that gave the mullahs the greenlight to develop nuclear weapons, lying about the murder of four Americans in the Benghazi embassy, the disastrous results of Obamacare, or spying on the Trump campaign and engaging in an elaborate plot to overthrow his presidency?

It must have been an especially painful decision for Obama to finally endorse Biden, because by doing so he backed himself into a corner.  He is now gambling that he and the Democratic puppet masters can keep Biden hidden for more than six months, during which time Obama would become the face of the campaign.  Which would be great news for Republicans, because nothing would mobilize independents and fence-sitting members of the GOP more than seeing Obama’s snarky kisser on their television screens day in and day out.

Of course, if Democrats are not able to keep Biden out of the public eye, he is sure to implode in front of millions of viewers.  And that’s when Obama and the Dirty Dems will bring in a replacement candidate of their liking.  The question is, who might that be?  After all, their own voters have already rejected 24 Radical Left Democratic candidates!

Delusional Democratic cheerleaders, who gushingly see Michelle Obama as the second coming of Lena Horne rather than the Ray Lewis lookalike that she is, keep bringing up her name as the savior of their dying party.  It would be a dream come true for Donald Trump if she ran, because she’s one of the nastiest, ill-informed, unaccomplished woman in Washington.

Unfortunately, it’s not likely to happen.  Even though the perennially angry Mrs. Obama has the intellect of a cactus, I don’t think she’s dumb enough to get into the ring with Donald Trump.  She has a nice, cushy, fake life right now — one that the media will always protect — and she’s not likely to ruin it by having her mask pulled off by the angry Orange Man.

In any event, whether it’s Biden or a handpicked replacement, protect your sanity by mentally preparing yourself for an overdose of the de facto Democratic nominee over the next six-and-a-half months — Barack Hussein Obama.  And whenever you find yourself feeing nauseous about what a sham the whole thing is, just think about how good you’re going to feel on election night come November.

Robert Ringer

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