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Posted on April 10, 2020 by Robert Ringer


The Democratic Challenge: Hiding Sleepy Until November

Well, well … the cowardly old communist is now officially out, less than two months after establishment Democrats were seemingly resigned to his becoming their nominee.  So, what happened?  Oversimplified, Uncle Bernie didn’t have the guts to fight back after another powerful and corrupt Democrat, South Carolina’s Jim Clyburn, threw his weight behind Sleepy Joe.

The whole thing was an accident of history, because Democrats never really believed they would have to settle for Biden.  After all, they knew they had a long line of great wannabes ready to step up to the plate.

Unfortunately, those wannabes all turned out to be embarrassing frauds who could not convince Democratic voters they should be taken seriously.  From Willie Brown’s concubine to Sweety Petey, from Spartacus to Little Fidel, from Pocahontas to Butthead Beto, the wannabes tried to outdo each other with nonstop hysterical statements, starting with such childish intros as:

“On my first day in office, I will file criminal charges against Donald J. Trump.”

“On my first day in office, I will introduce legislation to nullify every piece of legislation passed during Donald Trump’s illegitimate presidency.”

“On my first day in office, I will subpoena Donald Trump’s diaries for the past 200 years.”

Not exactly serious campaign strategies.

Other than this, they all promised to outdo Bernie with endless free stuff.  The wacko left loved it, but, to their credit, a majority of Democratic voters realized it was a bunch of nonsense.  And, in the end, when it was too late to do anything about it, the last man standing was a dementia-wracked old crook who had run for president two other times without managing to win a single primary!

Understandably, Dirty Dem panic began to set in.  There was talk of Horrible Hillary, Big Momma Obama, and maybe even New York’s head goodfella, Mario, coming to the rescue.  But, alas, it was too late.  The dye had been cast, and the Dirty Dems found themselves in an impossible situation.  They knew they could never win with Joe Biden, but they had no back-up plan.

As you know, I’ve said from day one, and continued to say throughout the Democratic Clown Shows, that Sleepy Joe was not a serious candidate.  Nevertheless, through a strange quirk of fate, he is, at least for now, the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Worse, Sleepy may soon be saddled with a 250-pound weight around his neck in the form of a severely delusional Stacy Abrams.  And if that happens, his odds of losing to Trump would go from 99 percent to infinity.  The only question is how many Democrats would simply not vote if Biden’s running mate is someone who has been even less successful than him at winning elections?

I still believe that had COVID-19 not intervened, Biden would have been forced to drop out of the race before the Democratic Convention in Milwaukee.  What the virus did was make it possible for him to avoid head-to-head combat with Trump, which would have ended in tears and the waving of Dirty Dem surrender flags.

Now, all Sleepy Joe has to do is stay hidden in his Delaware mansion and occasionally read from a teleprompter in his basement.  So long as he doesn’t have to go head to head with Orangeman, anything is possible — provided he doesn’t fall asleep while the camera is pointed at him.

Of course, Bernie’s Bolshevik Brigade could still create big problems for Sleepy Joe, but it probably won’t happen.  Why?  Because Biden’s handlers, in their haste to avoid a bloody fight on national television, will agree to include most, if not all, of Bernie’s demands in the Democratic platform.  After all, Bernie says he proved Americans really do want socialism.

Hmm … not sure about that one, Bernie.  If a majority of Democratic voters didn’t buy into socialism in their own primaries, why would they embrace it in the general election?  And if they don’t buy in, why in the world would independents vote for socialism?  Amazing that the Democratic establishment is stupid enough — and desperate enough —  to include a lot of Bernie’s socialist crap in its platform.

In any event, Democratic bigwigs already know that unless they can keep Biden hidden from sight, he has zero chance of winning.  Can you imagine anything more entertaining than watching them frantically trying to hide Sleepy Joe from the public?

Robert Ringer

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