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Posted on March 10, 2020 by Robert Ringer


The Illusion of a Sleepy Joe Comeback

The media has been telling us that Sleepy Joe’s reemergence as the frontrunner in the Democratic primaries is an “unprecedented comeback.”  Sounds exciting, but the truth is that it’s not a comeback at all.  Biden never was a serious candidate, nor is he now.

That Sleepy Joe is currently viewed to be the Democratic frontrunner only highlights the fact that Democrats are panicking because they have no legitimate candidate.  I repeat what I first said over a year ago, namely, that Democrats are in danger of forfeiting the general election.  Joe Biden was, at best, never much more than a placeholder for the inevitable coronation of Horrible Hillary, Malevolent Michelle, or perhaps some fresh new transgender clown from Democratic Hell.

Once Democrats were forced to face up to the reality that their presidential hopes might lie with a 78-year-old, Fidel-loving Marxist, the establishment puppet masters realized they had to move fast, and the quickest option for them was to start dusting the cobwebs off Joe Biden and find a way to slip his decrepit old carcass by voters.

The potential payoff for establishment Dems is power.  To be sure, Sleepy Joe is damaged goods, but he also offers a great opportunity because he can be easily and totally manipulated.  Give him some warm milk and crackers, wheel him out to the Rose Garden, and establishment bureaucrats can get on with the business of running the government without having to worry about pushback from some brash, unqualified outsider like Donald Trump.

It’s a clever plan, but I doubt it can work.  There’s no question that Biden would behave and do what he’s told, but trying to push to center stage a man who is clearly experiencing rapid onset dementia of one stripe or another is likely to result in his total psychological collapse, probably right on the debate stage.  It would likely end in tears — literally — and swing voters would run for the hills.

If you’re old enough to remember the brutal bloodbath to which Muhammed Ali subjected Floyd Patterson, you can imagine what an angry Donald Trump would do to Sleepy Joe when he offers another gem like “We hold these truths to be self-evident, all men and women created by — you know, you know, the thing.”  Oy vey!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  First, establishment Dems have to finish the job of shafting Uncle Bernie once more.  And even if they accomplish that, they have to find a way to get angry, vicious Bernie Sanders supporters to return to the Democratic establishment plantation.

The good news for Donald Trump is that neither of these old white guys is a serious contender, so in the end it probably won’t matter who steps in the ring and plays the role of Floyd Patterson.  Either way, it will be a bloodbath.

The Efficacy of Making Pharmaceutical Companies Tax Exempt

Now that it’s official that China has no qualms about killing U.S. citizens en masse if that’s what it takes to get us to cooperate with its devious agenda, it’s time to face up to the fact that Bill Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama and a majority of politicians for years sold Americans down the Yangtze River.  I guess it’s too late to put them in jail for their near-treasonous acts, but not too late to save America.

China is now in a position to weaponize pharmaceuticals, because it is the main source for everything from painkillers to antibiotics to blood-pressure medicines to blood thinners to penicillin.  In other words, China can kill Americans by simply cutting off drug supplies or, just as bad, corrupting the drugs they ship to us.

That said, I once again find my libertarian streak yielding to reality.  So-called free trade sounds nice and all that, but not when you’re at war — which we are.  We’re at war with China, at war with North Korea, at war with Iran, and certainly at war with the Democratic Party right here in our own country.  What they all have in common is that they want to destroy America.

Which is why it’s time to put aside rules and niceties and recognize the fact that this is a state of emergency, and what matters most in a state of emergency is survival.  It’s time to bring most manufacturing back to the United States, especially pharmaceuticals.  The idea of saving on drug costs by having one of our most dangerous enemies manufacture them is suicide.

The way things now stand, when pharmaceutical companies manufacture in the United States, they pay taxes on their profits, which means more money going to politicians.  And since money going to politicians is always a bad idea, the solution is to eliminate the government’s cut by making pharmaceutical profits tax free in exchange for drastically lowering drug prices.  In other words, consumers get the savings rather than criminal politicians, which is always a good idea.

Robert Ringer

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