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Posted on January 17, 2017 by Robert Ringer Comments (3)


Brian_StelterAngry CNN nut job Brian Stelter, in complaining about the possibility that Donald Trump might open up press briefings to more reporters, was quoted as saying, “If the Trump administration’s gonna try to bring in more friendly voices to these briefings, try to stack the room with really clearly pro-Trump journalists, as opposed to objective journalists like people here at CNN — then that could be troubling.”

An amazing comment coming from a guy who plays a major role in making CNN a cauldron of fake news that consistently reflects badly on Republicans while extolling the virtues of the corrupt, scandal-ridden Dirty Dems. It’s guys like Stelter who make me favor waterboarding.

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3 responses to “Hilarious Comment of the Day”

  1. Reality Seeker says:

    CNN has become nothing much more than a public relations firm that does promotional stories for Washington insiders…. CNN is run by elite control-freaks who want to force the masses to accept a progressive command and control system of finance, education, economy and government. Everything they do at CNN ( including the opinion polls) is designed to not inform but influence the masses to support collectivism.

    Main stream news ( including Fox) is not going to inform the public about how collectivists are ruining the world because they themselves are collectivists. In fact, the MSM won't even use accurate verbiage so the ingenuous public can become truly educated. How many times do you actually hear or read from the MSM anything close to real accuracy?

    When Tucker Carlson appeared on the Alex Jones Show, we could get something out if his mouth that was close to reality, not perfect, but close enough. Now that Fox has got him his own show, you can be sure that the truth shall be watered down at best; and at worst there shall be little or no truth whatsoever. Not withstanding the fact that I actually like Carlson because he want to tell the truth, but it remains to be seen whether or not Fox ruins his buding integrity.

  2. Jose Jackson says:

    The CNN nut brigade and their ilk/followers might be causing a tin foil shortage for the next few years. May have to use our B52 airplanes as scrap metal tin foil for the loony leftists. Their petulance is a better show than the so called TV shows they put on the air. Such ass clowns.

  3. TN Ray says:

    CNN is mostly fake news with a few real stories mixed in. Fox News has a lot of truth with a few nut jobs allowed to participate in sharing their ignorance. Wiki leaks is pure factual reporting. This is what the liberal fear most…the pure factual truth. Trump should totally ban CNN…the most dishonest news organization (not counting the NY Times, Washington comPost and NBC of course). Reality Seeker's great analysis of CNN was excellent.

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