Judge, and Prepare to Be Judged

Posted on November 17, 2015 by Robert Ringer


The infantile behavior and entitlement mentality of rioting college students at the University of Missouri, Ithaca College, and Smith College, while something of a yawner in our age of lie-laced victimization protests, is part of a much broader problem.

The broader problem I’m referring to is the complete disintegration of Western civilization — i.e., the disappearance of the longstanding certitudes, values, and self-responsibility that made America the strongest and most civilized nation in world history. While anarchy, in theory, is the only path to pure freedom, the reality is that it does not work for people who have no interest in interfering in the lives of others and want only to be left alone.

The reason it doesn’t work for people of goodwill is because there will always be those who believe they have a right to force others to live by their moral standards. These people are, in effect, psychopathic in that they believe that aggression against others is justified by their noble aims.

Thus, knowledge-challenged college students are simply caught up in a game of “monkey see, monkey do;” i.e., they are merely mimicking adults — especially those on the radical left whose millions of adherents believe that those who disagree with their anything-goes way of life must, at the very least, be silenced. Better yet, they would like to see them punished.

Fascist “progressives” recognize no laws, especially when it comes to free speech. They believe that both lying and the use of violence are morally justified to achieve their noble ends. This presumptuous, arrogant, immoral view of life goes all the way back to Vladimir Lenin and, before him, the man who organized it into a “philosophy” and put it all down on paper, Karl Marx.

Today, I constantly hear people lament the fact that there are no rules anymore and no generally accepted code of conduct. They do not understand how everything that was once considered good, moral, and admirable is now looked upon as bad, immoral, and contemptible. They do not understand why the rights of American citizens are now inferior to the rights of people living in their country illegally.

The problem is that Americans have become so weak and fearful of backlash from the radical left that they dare not hurt anyone’s feelings. As a result, nothing is off limits, not only in America, but in all Western countries. Virtually everything is acceptable, no matter how vulgar, immoral, or anti-freedom it may be, because we no longer judge. Judging anyone’s beliefs, actions, or morality is verboten.

The results?

  • Spreading knowingly false narratives like “Hands up, don’t shoot” is okay, because we don’t judge.
  • Out-of-wedlock childbirth is okay, because we don’t judge.
  • Infanticide is okay, because we don’t judge.
  • Allowing criminals to live in the United States without documentation is okay, because we don’t judge.
  • Releasing five top terrorist leaders from custody in exchange for a military deserter is okay, because we don’t judge.
  • Allowing people to attain high office without thoroughly checking their backgrounds is okay, because we don’t judge.
  • Apologizing to those who threaten to kill us is okay, because we don’t judge.
  • Bringing thousands of undocumented people from the Middle East into the United States is okay, because we don’t judge.
  • And on … and on … and on it goes.

Worst of all, the minority now rules the majority, and they do so through loud, hateful, threatening rhetoric that is intended to intimidate those who stubbornly cling to Western values. For example, less than 4 percent of the population that identified itself as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender in a recent Gallup Daily tracking poll now has the power to close down a business if the owner refuses to violate his religious beliefs and cater to its wishes. But, of course, we dare not judge them.

Ayn Rand had a diametrically opposed view of all this when she said, “The precept: ‘Judge not, that ye be not judged’ . . . is an abdication of moral responsibility: It is a moral blank check one gives to others in exchange for a moral blank check one expects for oneself.”

Rand went on to say, “There is no escape from the fact that men have to make choices; so long as men have to make choices, there is no escape from moral values; so long as moral values are at stake, no moral neutrality is possible. To abstain from condemning a torturer is to become an accessory to the torture and murder of his victims.”

Translation: Judge, and prepare to be judged.

There’s no question that history is filled with injustices. Torture, murder, and slavery are an integral part of human history. But today something different is happening. One senses a growing frustration and hopelessness among a majority of the population. People feel powerless, and with good reason: They are — or are rapidly becoming so.

Whether it’s Occupy Wall Street, Ferguson, college campuses, Baltimore, or Paris, chaos and lawlessness are rapidly replacing peace, prosperity, and Western values. As I recently wrote on Facebook, when a society abandons its certitudes, when radical ideologues are allowed to impose their beliefs on others, it loses its will, its moral fiber, and the consensus needed to defend itself against those who would destroy it.

When a nation’s generally accepted code of conduct is replaced by an anything-goes mentality, when its people become nonjudgmental toward those who are a threat to their civilized culture, when they allow students to riot and quash free speech, when they apologize to criminals and glorify them as victims, it’s an open invitation for barbarians to walk in the front gate and plunder, torture, and murder at will.

What’s the endgame of all this for those with evil intentions? It’s on display now in Paris, where authorities have begun issuing decrees that are the first steps toward a police state. As terrorist attacks continue in Western countries, you can be certain that frightened people will become increasingly willing to give up their liberty in exchange for safety.

If you’re one of my longtime readers, you know that I’ve been warning about this possibility for four decades. And it’s all made possible by a population that becomes so apathetic, so submissive, and so guilt ridden that it abandons its certitudes.

The hippies of the sixties made it all sound so wonderful. There were no absolutes; everything was relative. Drugs, free love, and destruction of “the man’s” institutions were the wave of the future.

Well, the future has arrived, and it doesn’t look all that great anymore. What it looks from my vantage point is nonstop misery and hatred.

It’s time for civilized people to wake up and start judging — and prepare to be judged.

Robert Ringer

+Robert Ringer is an American icon whose unique insights into life have helped millions of readers worldwide. He is also the author of two New York Times #1 bestselling books, both of which have been listed by The New York Times among the 15 best-selling motivational books of all time.

54 responses to “Judge, and Prepare to Be Judged”

  1. Jonathan Gluckman says:

    Sums up our current state of national rot pretty nicely.

    • Truth Seeker says:

      Look to our colleges and the communist professors that are molding the minds of our young people. Look to the traitorous 5th column news media (so desperately in need of annihilation) that molds public opinion by deliberately failing to report or covering up for those who would harm us. Look at how they lie every time the
      police are forced to shoot some thug who due to a severe lack of parenting, doesn't know how to act civilly when confronted by authority.

  2. Too bad the people who need to read this, won't.

  3. Felix says:

    Great article. This just makes a lot of sense. Wish more people could realize this.

  4. Russ says:

    Spot on as usual, Robert. You put into words how my friends and neighbours and myself are feeling.

  5. Felix says:

    @Steven Lidkea: Can’t agree more on that

  6. Incal Tom says:

    You called it, Robert! This is definitely one for further distribution.

  7. rcp says:

    Jesus, in the Bible , in Matthew 7:1 said, "Judge not, that you be not judged". Then again in John 7:24 He said, "…judge righteous judgment". He wasn't contradicting himself. In the first statement he is talking about judging others in the wrong way with an air of superiority and in the second statement he is talking about making obvious judgments when wicked people clearly display their wickedness and destruction, although cloaked in false self righteousness. Ayn Rand, an atheist, didn't understand that so she cast a bad light on the Holy Scriptures. But I'm a great fan of Ayn Rand's beliefs about how to have a free and prosperous and productive economy and country. Good article Robert. I've been a fan of yours since "Restoring the American Dream".

    • Scott theczech says:

      I'm glad you pointed this out rcp as I was about to. You stated this perfectly.

    • Common Sense says:

      Jesus, I believe, meant judge not the moral disposition of a person, because we can't know his heart or mind,
      i.e. we aren't omniscient. We MUST judge actions, because as Ayn Rand pointed out, we have to make choices in our lives.

    • Ydemoc says:

      Hi rcp,

      You wrote: "Jesus, in the Bible , in Matthew 7:1 said, 'Judge not, that you be not judged'. Then again in John 7:24 He said,'…judge righteous judgment". He wasn't contradicting himself. In the first statement he is talking about judging others in the wrong way with an air of superiority."

      Can you please tell me precisely where in your storybook that it says and/or explains this verse refers to Jesus "talking about judging others in the wrong way with an air of superiority"? Chapter and verse, please.

      But you're right: Rand was definitely an atheist. She rejected Christianity (and all other forms mysticism) based on the fact that consciousness (ANY consciousness) does not hold primacy over existence, but that existence has primacy. This is what's known as the primacy of existence.

      But, paraphrasing what you wrote in your post: maybe you just don't understand this, so you cast a bad light on the facts of reality.


      • timbushong says:


        It's the context that determines the meaning–the very next words out of Jesus' mouth are:

        "2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. 3 "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye."

        It's about judging hypocritically. "Pot calling the kettle black" and all.

        • Jean says:

          To put the words into vernacular, the statement means that if you go around telling others where to get off, then you'd best be getting off at the same place. So, the "nonjudgmental" and self-labelled tolerant leftists who consider passing judgment their birthright are in fact violating the same standards they impose on everyone else whom they label as "racist – sexist – homophobic – xenophobic" etc.

  8. Charles Cohen says:

    Ok Robert….. I am an American, who happens to be Black. Not “African-American.” Not my choice, but it is my “label.” Your article grabbed my attention because I am thinking; “You are really putting yourself out there this time. Why pick on these young poor black college students?”
    But, I read your entire article, because I know those “only” words that are coming out of you, it is not what’s in you. I feel your passion and agree with your assessment.
    But from a place of peace, I ask: “To Judge or Not be Judge,” is that the question, or the cover-up.
    What are we afraid of when people ask to be heard, or share the pain in their life? I take no personal responsibility for it because I know that everyone creates their own reality. Or, they are the victims of someone else’s reality.
    Yet, no one wants to feel ignored, oppressed, disrespected, or devalued. We are all “humans” in this “race.” God Bless!

    • Robert Ringer RJR says:

      It sounds like we're pretty much in agreement. I think people have a right to be heard, but they defeat their purpose when they become unruly, loud, and are unable to coherently verbalize their grievances. BTW, I wasn't even thinking in terms of black or white students – just students. Believe me, I've seen many out-of-control white students in my time – more so now than ever before.

    • FRANK CARMEN, L.r.c. says:


      So you are choosing to be another "supporter of what Ringer" wrote." who still does NOTHING?

      I don't know about Ringer, but I DO ACT!
      to the same Progressive-Nuts that he just wrote about!

      And 90% of the responses of "the Everyday American People" around me
      {like Today, in a "Ralph's" Supermarket}
      when I Do Resist & Repel the 'Obama-Progressive-Liberal- Nut Cases' is
      Immediate Vocal & Emotional Support!

      A side benefit I did not anticipate {I'm presently Single}, is the
      high number of Single & Divorced Women {ages 45-65} who want to Bed Me
      {and I let them get their way}!

      So Guys, Let's MAN UP and PUT THE {Weak} Leftwing Traitors DOWN!
      I DO!

  9. Reality Seeker says:

    This is an excellently written piece of well-thought-out work; however, it will only appeal to a small minority, i.e., a soon-to-be-in-the-grave minority— And therein lies the reason why amerika (sic) is doomed to the very fate "you've been warning about for four decades". Because only a small minority has both the wherewithal and mental frame of reference to comprehend your circa 1950s values. Moreover, if the ignorant, rudderless masses didn't listen to Ayn Rand in the 50s and 60s, they won't listen to you. Even to the small pool of bright youth, you are incapable of reaching because your generation is unable to speak their language.

    The American culture of pre-1960 is gone forever. It ain't coming back. Ever. And no matter how politely you point out how great was the American culture, you won't shake-up the public with an erudite voice of reason. I can reach and shake up more of the youth with a profane rant, than I can with Randian reason. The only way you can reach millions of people with a Randian voice of reason is if you deliver it on a modern Stefan-Molyneux platter of profanity. Fighting fire with water is best, but sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. That means you have to call the mother f*&$ing collectivists out. And even that is a losing battle.

    Sorry, but I think we have to except the fact that "history rhymes". And great nations come and go. Great cultures rise and fall. Great economies fly high and crash and burn. Modern America is going to suffer like the American Indians suffered being overrun. And like the American Indians' culture was overrun by the Anglo-Saxons and the Anglo culture, so, too, the third-world culture and the third-world masses shall overrun the traditions, Constitutional milestones and freedoms which made America into the greatest country in history. And the collectivist mother humpers will be there to lead the way.

    • Reality Seeker says:

      * "except the fact" should be "accept the fact".

    • Phil says:

      Spot on. I would note that while that American culture that you reference is indeed gone for good, while living in Australia I did get a small hint of it. Just a bit more innocence, happiness perhaps – hard to pinpoint exactly. But as they import more of our culture, they suffer a correlative decrease in that quality of life. There is one intriguing possibility here in the U.S. Maybe, if the SHTF, certain states will serve as "outposts" for people who still find western civilization worth fighting for. Still, even here in Dallas the immigration of Californians, and other immigrants from socialist cultures (i.e., New York, Mexico) is beginning to take a toll.

    • FRANK CARMEN, L.r.c. says:

      TO "REALITY"

      GREAT 'reply,' but DO YOU DO ANYTHING about it?

      What Ringer wrote IS Absolutely True!

      And if WE AMERICAN MEN don't start Shouting-Down
      {or Slapping Down, if necessary} those WEAK, TREASONOUS
      Nut-Case-Intellectual-Minorities — Then it IS WE
      who will be responsible for the FINAL Destruction Of AMERICA!

      Two years ago, I started to Publicly Confront & Put-Down the Left-Wing Traitors
      that Ringer wrote about!
      And I always get {about a} 90% Public Support, when I do so!

      SO, it's time to QUIT Agreeing With Ringer, and to start Fighting Them!

      And guess what? — The {un-attached} Women who see what I do,
      end up wanting to Bed me {and I 'let them' have their way}.
      Something I absolutely did not anticipate!

  10. Jim Hallett says:

    The key thing that most of the current "progressive" activists and the like miss is that freedom (which they think they espouse with their attitudes, though in reality only freedom if you adopt their misguided agenda) also requires responsibility – a dirty word that none of them wish to exercise. They do not understand property rights, and of course with the WH occupied by a Marxist, and a media full of deceivers, it is no wonder that we have continual destruction of all the values that allowed the West to be a model for the world. Now, it is a "grabfest", where demagogues seek to take all they can from others, tell them how to think and act, and demand the entitlements they desire. Yes, Robert, you have been warning about this for decades, and when the s**t really hits the fan in the U.S., we will see full-scale misery with only a relatively small amount of our neighbors that we could feel secure in relying upon. If you want real intolerance and hatred, consult the playbook of the radical left, so-called "progressives" – as they are the disease that has been and is killing the soul of America – soon to be, if not already, amerika!

  11. Smucko says:

    When I hired into a Top 50 company in the seventies, I was given some "fatherly advice" by the HR Director to refrain from discussing religion or politics in the lunchroom, shop floor, meetings, etc. The reason given was that the company had had to terminate someone who had become a "destructive force" in his workgroup with his discussions of those topics. Being 24 years old, agnostic, and apolitical, I figured "No problem".
    It was only when I started reading your books that it occurred to me that if there are two topics that we should be discussing civilly, it is those two. But alas, the audience just wasn't there, for all of the reasons that you give above. Incidentally, about 2003 the HR Dept told us to mind what we said in our offices and in hallways because if someone passing by was offended by something that you said to another person, you could be accused of creating a hostile workplace.
    . The bottom line is that very few Americans today believe that they should base their moral life on God's commandments in the Bible, and their civil life on the Constitution of the United States. They may end their speeches and prayers with "May God bless America", but they do not truly care enough to fight for the country that they inherited. My question for them is "WHY should God bless America?".

  12. Ellis Baxter says:

    What is required is for good people to take action !! The democrat party a pagan cult, must be ejected from political office in this country. Once that is accomplished the same people must then eject the 85% of the GOP that is nothing more than go along to get along … interested in campaign cash, and free stuff from Lobbyists. A new approach to finance is required. Rejection of the 45% of the national debt that is nothing but buffer accounts and a slush fund for corrupt congressmen … this alone would help realign the issues. Require no adjustments to national number on employment or inflation we have to know what the real numbers are … a tax reform that will end the Gestapo style IRS which has been used by the democrat party as a hammer against citizens. These are easy to accomplish if the people will make sure that the reprobates in congress understand that it is over for them to do as they wish … they [congress] must take orders from the people … !

  13. Scott theczech says:

    Ronald Reagan worried about western civilization being plunged into a 1,000 year dark age if the barbarians were allowed to have sway. It appears to me that the Judeo-Christian ethic – perhaps the most civilized legal and social contract ever devised – is on its' way out.

  14. Neal says:

    Another way of saying it is that the tail is wagging the dog. The societal minority has found a way of leveraging media and exposure to create disproportionate results of negative momentum. And few are speaking out about it. I'm glad you are. And on the Scriptural reference, context is paramount and, as mentioned, apparently Ayn Rand didn't do enough homework there. The context is a group of self-righteous , self-proclamed elites who incorrectly felt they had to right to sit in judgment on everyone else. It was that hypocritical stance that elicited the rebuke stop judging or they would be held to the same standard they were using to oppress everyone else. Otherwise Ayn rocks.

    • Liz says:

      You've made my point. I agree with everything Robert cites here except the reference to Matt 7:1 which advises against hypocrisy not judgment, per se. If you do something yourself, best not persecute someone else for doing it — a phenomenon that we see played out in the public arena so often that you'd think everybody would know better by now!

  15. Stephan F says:

    “The broader problem I’m referring to is the complete disintegration of Western civilization — i.e., the disappearance of the longstanding certitudes, values, and self-responsibility…”

    A major key piece which seems to be missing from Robert’s analysis — which is outstanding btw — and which is definitely a part of this confounding dilemma we find ourselves in, is the “something for nothing” mentality; which, unfortunately, infects almost all humanoids today. This human trait (defect) is, in fact, what I believe to be the root cause of all evil that has befallen mankind since day one. Yet most people of goodwill seem to overlook this rather relevant, yet obvious (to me) malignant factor. In the case of the Univ of Mizzou, it doesn’t get any more basic than that. These people want, and demand, free sh*t. Free college tuition, loan forgiveness, and what have you.

    Now, you may not agree that this (the something for nothing mentality) is as important as the general theme Robert has stated above. Or, you may feel that society’s general moral decay — lack of morals, values, honesty, and what have you — results in the propagation of the “something for nothing” attitude.

    This brings up the question of which came first, the chicken or the egg. Does the “something for nothing” mentality result in the moral decay of society (which I would argue), or is it the other way around — is it the moral decay of society which leads to the “something for nothing mentality?”

    As I have previously stated, I believe it is the former which leads to the latter. But, no matter. Whichever it is, you cannot have an intelligent, rational discussion without considering & acknowledging both issues in order to get real answers to these perplexing questions. Just sayin.

    • Phil says:

      Robert's books emphasize that you cannot get something for nothing – price paying is part and parcel of a decently lived life. Amen brother. You might want to read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, by Heinlein. TANSTAFL.

  16. Mike Miller says:

    The most important books that have helped me over the years understand what has happened to our culture are the following:

    1982: Megatrends – John Naisbitt
    1983: How You Can Find Happiness During the Collapse of Western Civilization – Robert Ringer
    1987: The Closing of the American Mind – Allan Bloom
    1996: Slouching Towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline – Robert Bork

    There are others, of course, but these informed me long ago of what globalism and liberalism were doing to our country. Robert's books, as well as this article, are right on. But I don't think we should give up.

  17. 1voluntaryist says:

    "People feel powerless…they are, or are rapidly becoming so." No, they have been, politically, wherever self governance is abdicated and self-enslavement by a ruling elite is accepted. That is worldwide. It is uncivilized. No people can call themselves civilized and live under the brute force which is govt. Govt. is the greatest danger to life, liberty, property, happiness. It does not represent or protect the populace on which it depends for sustenance. That makes for an unsustainable society/culture. And that is why we will collapse, unless the self-enslaved wake up and reject being ruled. A sovereign individual is the enemy of a sovereign govt. (elite). People must chose to be a sovereign or a subject. Both are not possible.

    • Reality Seeker says:

      "And that is why we will collapse, unless the self-enslaved wake up and reject being ruled".

      That'll be the day.

      The collectivists shall continue to really believe they are highly civilized. And the concepts you set forth above are even more foreign to the dimwitted amerikans as simple common sense. They are uncivilized dumb shits. Yes. And they breed like Mexicans, Muslims and rabbits. And they are proud of it. The gene pool has not as yet evolved far enough to produce enough rationally self-governing individuals to allow for a non-aggressive civilization to flourish. amerikans are ever going to live by Natural Law, because they are breed for Nature's Law, i.e., the Law of the Jungle.

      Some Americans were only somewhat civilized at best, but, as you say, only uncivilized people are governed by anybody other than themselves. This concept is way, way beyond the uncivilized, ignorant masses who aggressively reject and bite the hand of polite men of good will, e.g., Ron Paul.

      The ignorant, uncivilized, immoral masses cannot ever be anything but amerikan dumb-shits.

      • Reality Seeker says:

        * ever going to live by Natural Law. NEVER going to live by Natural Law.

        I wish the administrator would offer an editing tool.

        • Snuffed Rubric says:

          The best sites online offer editing and delete options. But it is rare, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why it is so rare. I personally would not put up a site without either one. Can someone please explain why they will not allow editing and deletion options on their sites? Sounds pretty straight forward to me that these options should be standard on superior sites with bloggers who care about their sites. But that is just me, I always do everything in the best manner possible and always offer a superior product to my customers. It is part of being the best at what you do…

  18. Phil says:

    So timely, as usual. One of the biggest challenges I have ever faced in life is teaching our daughter that one must judge, in order to survive, if nothing else. She had picked up this "do not be judgmental" attitude, and started excusing improper behavior on occasion – her own, and her friends' behavior. So we would point out at every "teachable moment" how a person's failure to judge caused harm to self and others. As grueling as the experience has been, the rewards are no evident. Like so much in life. No pain, no gain. But what about the millions of kids in broken families who have no concerned parents willing to go through so much trouble and effort? I mean, what the heck is this nation going to look like? Ayn Rand, by the way, wrote extensively on the issue of judgment, and found it to be an absolute requisite for living amoral life. In the old days, one would just have said "duh".

    Thomas Sowell today recommended considering Australia and New Zealand as possible expat locales, especially for the young. There are options. But what is coming is going to hit all of Western "Civilization" hard. So tough calls.

    • Paul Herring says:

      My comments in this forum have hopefully expressed the Bible's viewpoint on the matters raised. Disappointingly, the churches have brought the Bible into disrepute because of: a) its clergy not adhering to the Bible's standards on morality; b) by their appalling record of child abuse in church-sponsored care centres; c) their persecution of anyone who didn't agree with their rigid view of worship – the fiendish Inquisition for example; and d) by their teachings which often put Biblical truth in a bad light – example: their saying that the world was created in seven literal 24 hour days. That just isn't correct.

      What's all of this got to do with the subject in hand? Well, the Bible has stated that 'in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here' (2 Tim. 3:1). That same book also recalled that 'men have dominated [other] men to their harm' (Eccl 8:9). We've seen that for a long time. Some erudite comments above give reasons for our world's ills, but offer no solutions. There really aren't any from a human perspective.
      The Bible clearly states that God will intervene in man's system and bring it to a close, replacing it with government by God called theocracy. No form of human government has brought lasting benefits to mankind. Theocracy will, because it means rule by the God of the Bible.

  19. Albert says:

    Robert, you hit the nail on the head! It is digusting what's going on in the world. People are chopping heads off and our answer is to just show love – are you kidding me?! There are no Western values anymore, but rather everything is tolerated, but Western values. It all starts in the schools, and the schools have never been more internationalist than they are now. Western children are taught to respect every culture, but their own. Take away their values, and you take away the future of the Western world, and the free and democratic society it is…a sad state of affairs indeed…

  20. ClaudeA says:

    The missing key here is that the underlying Deception that is destroying America is not political or religious, it's greed. Greed from those who usurp every election by eliminating any runner who is not one of their puppets. This group started it determined pathway to world domination in the 18th century. It is referred to by lay people as the "Bilderberg Group." It meets just before major elections in America and pulls runners and checks the allegiance of those it leaves.

    Every high political and major corporate business exec is a member on pain of calamity. B-Gates, Steve Jobs, J. Besoz, and other prominent property traders are under its thumb. B-Gates bragged about his "charity" group unilaterally chemically castrating men in third world nations – for their best interests."

    These financial behemoths bought and controlled the German businesses producing materials used in exterminating unwanted peoples. In America, they reduce health to a death formula that holds an iron grip on those who practice medicine and are trained in med schools owned and run by the same pharmaceutical enterprises that produced the death potions for eliminating undesirable individuals. The death rate of cancer patients from the lethal poisons these murderers use is 97%. That is opposed to the 90%+ reversal of cancer by natural nutrition.

    America has 4% of Earth's population, twice the complete, combined total of all the rest of the world's prisoners, and uses 80%+ of known resources, which all makes America an enemy of those whose greed demands full dictatorial rights to ALL property for their sordid means.

    In 1973 my mother sent me a book. "Non Dare Call It Conspiracy" is available online – just search for it – free. It follows the Dollar used for the Bolshevik Revolution – right into the banks of the world's leading American banksters.

  21. Richard Lee VDV says:

    The intellectual quality of those who respond here to Mr. Ringer's writings is really, truly admirable! Maybe all is not lost considering that there are still people who THINK. Hopefully quality will outlive quantity, will overcome stupid mass consciousness. Nostradamus spoke of WWIII, and I believe it has begun. He also spoke of the destruction of NYC. That which comes AFTER the twin towers of 9/11. The way things are going, I am happy that as a 1950s geezer I had the opportunity to live during better times. Not easy times, but better times. People's children become adults, and we are seeing now that too many have not been brought up well. And that is why we are where we are now in a non-thinking America. But, the fact remains, we grow by meeting and overcoming our challenges well. And there will never not be challenges to overcome.

  22. Don says:

    The left and their minions in college, won't bother to read it because it doesn't fit their agenda. The simple truth is that we've had generation after generation of raised to be even bigger children instead of adults still looking for parents to take care of them. If you want it, work for it isn't in their vocabulary.

  23. rcp says:

    ydemoc, please see the comments by common sense, timbushong and neal.. They explained it better than I did and I completely agree with them. I just didn't want to get into a long, drawn out explanation.

  24. gabriel76 says:

    I enjoyed your insights and the context of the social justice warriors on campus. It was my experience that the very vocal and aggressive students get their courage for disruption from a well-organized group of the Left. These groups select a more articulate member who has demonstrated admiration for the group leaders and a blindness to their ideology. These students are eager to reveal a hidden criminal intent with acts of negligence or accident, often times turning a personal misfortune to serve a political agenda that makes the group's leader very pleased. Highlighting a crime where none exists is the Left's forte. Doing so contradicts the image of the university as hallowed ground. The university must uphold this sacred conception or else all the excitement of an acceptance letter, going away to college, pursuing one's potential, and becoming something will all be for naught. As long as these kids rely on the flash-in-pan morality of Alinsky, discard what they know as a traditional morality–respect the property of others– and stop converting the shame and guilt of personal family grievances as political platforms, they will continue to surrender wealth, a bigger network of productive friends, and more opportunities. But when they're caught mouthing to the world that things aren't fair it only reveals how dumb they they've allowed themselves to become. There is no virtue in complaining about that to an impersonal regency or college president. So, yes, speaking freely might be encouraged, but one must know his audience to be effective with his speech. Speech is never free. There is always a cost.

  25. rcp says:

    Good comment Liz. Just now noticed it. Should have included yours above along with common sense, Timbushong and Neal's.

  26. emmaliza says:

    Study the history of communism and you will learn that several institutions in the US were created to destroy us by class warfare. I wondered for years why the NAACP wasn't helping the inner city people instead of preaching hatred for others not of their skin color. The NAACP was created by Bolsheviks to foment revolution in the US, as they wanted cannon fodder for their evil plans. The same group killed tens of millions of Christians in Russia, but no one ever discusses that. Why not?

    • Charles Cohen says:

      Who knew?

    • Guest says:

      "The NAACP was created by Bolsheviks"

      Give evidence, please.

    • Jean says:

      I don't know that the NAACP was started by the Bolsheviks, but the organization was certainly infiltrated by them, given funding by the Communist Party of the US in the 1920s and 30s and used – as many institutions have been – to spread Communist propaganda. The current incarnation of the NAACP is 100% leftist, even trying to paint Martin Luther King as an avowed Communist when his spoken words and writings prove otherwise.

  27. ladylifegrows says:

    I used to believe in "Democracy." Then I found out the ignorance of most people's votes and how they're manipulated.
    I spoke with an acquaintance at the time of the Elian Gonzalez kidnapping and assault. She said the Gonzalez family should have followed the law. They did. It was the government that broke the law, using terrifying violence to seize the child and getting a "warrant" the next day–from the INS, not a judge. That woman and too many others are slaves who cannot be freed.
    Libertarians who truly respect others are INTJ in the psych profiles = about 2% of the population. They have neither the ability nor the right to force their lifestyle on others. The question is how can those few who truly deserve freedom obtain it in a world full of slaves?
    You wrote a book about that decades ago called "Winning Through Intimidation." It is not about violating others, but about protecting yourself from human predators by having all your ducks in a row and legal protections in place, etc.

  28. Kyla says:

    One out of three. I'm still waiting for the free love and drugs :)

  29. Simon Smith says:

    Thanks so much for your articulate article. There is certainly a culture war in effect in America. These are days of darkness when men and women of character and principle need to work to develop ways to stand against the madness we are seeing. It is getting crazier and crazier out there.

  30. Paul Herring says:

    An emotive subject for sure, Robert. An earlier commentator here said about moving to Australia or NZ. Both are good places to live, true. But like the US, they're not without problems and challenges. Mostly man-made, of course.__My comments in this forum have hopefully expressed the Bible's viewpoint on the matters raised. Why the Bible's viewpoint? Because it's the book which God authored even though actually put to paper by about 40 different writers. As such, it is infallible because they were 'inspired' by God's holy spirit (2 Timothy 3:16). __Where the Bible comments on any subject it is always accurate. Disappointingly, the churches have brought the Bible into disrepute because of: a) its clergy not adhering to the Bible's standards on morality

    • Jean says:

      And clergy persons, hoping to maintain the level of their current flock or possibly grow a megachurch, don't want to "offend" their audiences by being "judgmental" and preaching all of that right and wrong stuff!

  31. JOSEPH says:

    "As I recently wrote on Facebook, when a society abandons its certitudes, when radical ideologues are allowed to impose their beliefs on others, it loses its will, its moral fiber, and the consensus needed to defend itself against those who would destroy it."

    Robert, I agree 100% with the above statement that made here and on Facebook. And, there is no doubt that if we are to start improving our world we must begin to discover and identify our values once again, and start making the appropriate judgements where they need to be made. Ayn Rand's article, How Does One Live A Rational Life in an Irrational Society written in her book The Virtue of Selfishness in which your are quoting her from is RIGHT ON. In short, people have learned that to be non-judgmental is the way to live which is obviously wrong, and as you state is causing the west to disintegrate. I agree.

    Now, correct me if I'm wrong, on Facebook you said that this is also the underlying cause of terrorism but I don't agree with you on that. There is no doubt that a nonjudgmental attitude towards everything including terrorism PAVES the way for terrorist acts and for the terrorists to become bigger. no doubt about that. But, the question is where did terrorism come from in the first place, what is it's cause? Well, to be very precise about this it comes from their bible the KORAN. Now, we all know that Most Muslims Do Not follow the ideas of holy war and killing people that are infidels so that they can go to heaven. As you probably know, these types of Muslims that do practice this are called Radical Islamic Extremists and what I am saying is that even if we stand up for ourselves and defend our western values as we should, these Radical Islamic Extremists would continue to hate the west and want to do harm to us and that is a product of their religious vales. As I've said, we must make a judgement and DENOUNCE these Radical Islamic Extremists and defend ourselves and stand up for our values PROUDLY. But, my point is, the cause of terrorism comes from what they have learned in their holy book.

  32. Robby Bonfire says:

    My 28-point, twice daily affirmations I recite while looking into the mirror. Why? Because this list I drew up directly addresses the heart of the problem, so that, while not being judgmental can be assailed as a "bad thing," putting it in the context of all else that more severely plagues and corrupts the human race and all of society, for me, has enormous value and benefit, understanding, as I do, that it is the unchecked proliferation and impact of people's BAGGAGE, which has pulled our world into the spiritual abyss where it now reposes….

    Twice Daily Affirmations

    2. I have no fear – of anyone or anything.
    3. I carry no negative emotions.
    4. I have no enemies.
    5. I feel no resentment towards anyone.

    6. I feel no anger nor rage.
    7. I have no regrets nor remorse.
    8. I have no revenge nor vindictiveness motivation against anyone.
    9. I abuse no one and no one abuses me, self-respecting as I am.
    10. I do not worry about outcomes over which I have no control.

    11. I feel no guilt nor shame as regards anything I have said or done in my lifetime.
    12. I do not apologize for anything to anyone. My intentions are always honorable towards others and myself.
    13. I am not domineering nor controlling of anyone.
    14. I am not hostile, nor confrontational towards anyone.
    15. I am not judgmental as regards other people's values and behavior.

    16. I am not vain, I am not an ego-maniac.
    17. I do not gossip about, nor slander anyone.
    18. I do not insult nor ridicule anyone, I respect everyone.
    19. My opinion is mine alone. I speak for no one else and no one has to agree with me.
    20. I have no envy nor jealousy of anyone.

    21. I do not go through life whining about how "life is not fair." In fact, the unfairness of life is my greatest opportunity for seeking and finding unlimited success and happiness.

    22. My aura is radiant and attracts everything I need and desire into my life as people respond positively to my bright, magnetic, powerful, and pure energy field.

    23. I have never had a negative experience. Everything I have experienced, every decision I have made, and every step I have taken in my lifetime has led me to where I am right now – in exactly the right place at the right time to attract teh right conditions, the right circumstances, and the right people into my life as I walk the high road where it all comes together.

    24. I continue to evolve daily to living life on a higher and higher plane of existence. via vaporizing the former baggage I carried which held up my life, my happiness, my business dealings and success, my financial fortune, and my social relationships, and which debilitated my health.

    25. By shedding the baggage of a lifetime, I have opened my spirit to receiving the fullness and the best of everything life has to offer.

    26. I am in perfect timing, harmony, and rhythm with my Creator, the cosmos, and this earthly plane upon which I live.

    27. Everything is negotiable.

    28. I don't care about the weather, it is always, sunny and beautiful in my heart, my mind, and my soul.

    ~ So be it! ~